Jamie Sersea

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    Nickname: Jamie

    Full Name: Jameson Sersea

    Species: Hare

    Age: 23 human years

    Description: Jamie is a handsome young officer of the Long Patrol. Tall, with a build born of a lifetime of military training, the hare is easy on the eyes. With playful sea-green eyes and a fetching smile, he can charm birds from their trees. He is covered in light grey fur with the exception of a soft tuft of white just below his neck that runs down his chest.

    Most of the time he can be found in his regimental tunic, blue or green, never letting anyone forget his station in life. Should one run into him during his daily run or workout routine, he might be in something more casual and usually a little more flattering to his form.

    Possessions: Only his saber and clothing on any given day. May be carrying minimal first aid materials as required in the Long Patrol.


    • High level of skill with his saber, also an effective boxer.
    • Social and for the most part gets along with others.
    • Passionate leader. He likes his underlings to become as skilled as possible and will do anything in his power to better them.
    • Quick thinker. Basically, he's an officer in the Long Patrol for a reason.


    • Arrogance overall. Thinks highly of himself and uses his looks and charm to his advantage.
    • Can be condescending, specifically to those who refer to themselves as "pacifists."
    • Long-range fighting. Hand him a bow and arrow and he's bound to be a bit confused. He does much better in the thick of things.
    • Seeks inappropriate vices when very angry or depressed (i.e.; alcohol… females...)
    • Prejudiced. He is clearly colder and more cautious around creatures who normally make up the "vermin" population, regardless of their true nature.

    To say the Long Patrol is in Jamie's blood is an understatement. As far as Salamandastron residents go, Jamie is about as "old-blood" as one could possibly get. He could directly tie his lineage back to the exodus of hares to Salamandastron from the northern mountains during Lord Brocktree's succession.

    He was born to a distinguished Long Patrol officer and a cheery young musical instructor. However, his father died in battle before Jamie could even remember and spent the vast majority of his childhood with just his mother. When Jamie was twelve, his mother remarried, and before long he had a little half-sister. Despite the loss of his birth father at a young age, Jamie grew up in a very stable - one could even say privileged - lifestyle.

    From a very young age, Jamie was certain he wanted to be a soldier. He started boxing and technique staff-training before the age of ten. By thirteen, he'd been enlisted in the Long Patrol as a running scout, a job he wasn't terribly fond of, but did out of necessity. He wanted to swordfight. At some point, he'd gotten his paws on his father's old saber and began training on it, taking surreptitious lessons from anyone he could convince, including his stepfather. By the age of sixteen, Jamie could take on any two of his peers. His Long Long Patrol career took off from there.

    Now, at twenty-three, Jamie is a Lieutenant in the Long Patrol, the youngest to hold the title in a long time. Having run the gamut of positions in his teens, he is well-traveled among Mossflower Country, and uses his knowledge of the lands, and his fighting prowess in his every day lessons with his own batch of recruits.

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