Da Ja Vo

  • OOC- He isn't a dibbun. He is a little older than one but with the same type of imagination. And I thought that this was supposed to be out of Oakroot. How would he be able to help in a place that he doesn't know? If you can't fix it, then I will go back and change my past post. Just putting stuff out.

    IC- Absently he rubbed his wrists where the chains had just been. As he looked into the wildcat's eyes, a small amount of trust flickered in his own. He didn't try to mask it. "You're right that I am far from home, but I don't know where. If I could help you, I would, but this is all new wood to me." He  motioned with his right paw to his surroundings. "You prob'ly know it better than I do."
      He paused for a moment. "How many live there? Why do you want to know?"

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  • Hon decided he should set out for Bardly.  "I'm ready to go!" He said to himself and started out to the woods.  Where in the world was Bardly?

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    Oh, and we will find you. Don't find us. Just have him find some tracks or something and start following them.

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  • Simba cut an apple in two and gave a slice to Bardly, also pushing a mug of water towards him.  He liked this little squirrel, he was brave for venturing out far into the forest without anyone else with him. He answered his question after finishing his part of the apple and said
      "Well me bucko, I've got some other wildcats in my crew that are very hurt, and need assistance!  We've been searching for some sort of healer for a while now, but we haven't been able to find any.  Thats why I've asked you how many beasts live there, in hopes of the higher the number perhaps a healer will be amongst them!"  He said, smiling.

    His long tail jerked violently for a moment, which only happened at points where he felt extremely guilty.  He had lied to and deceived the squirrel, but he did not wish harm upon the squirrels, unless of course they asked for it.

  • OOC- Things should move quick after this. Get ready.

    IC- Bardly looked down at his half eaten apple. His tribe was a secret that only Hon Florion and Bumble Brandyback knew about. They were both interesting cases, but everyone knew they could be trusted.
      Then again, this wasn't a normal case. He had wounded creatures and he said they needed a healer quickly. He wasn't the calmest squirrel, but he was smart. Quickly he turned his jerky gaze back to the stranger. "If you can take me out of these woods, and back into Oakroot, I can get you a healer. She is really good. I studied under her for the past few years. Didn't learn much because my mind wanders, but I might be able to help out along the way if you like. We can start out and just have someone carry them by me.

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