A Legend Starts

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    Castle Marl was being attacked!  Flametail the albino fox was aptly named for her tail was red as flame, but the rest of her completely white. She rushed down to a forgotten cellar room, where a small ashen fox was waiting. An underground stream running out from the broken floor, the water had worn away here for countless generations, leaving a small, yet concealed cave. "Come, now, little one."  she beckoned to the small fox, and got into a small boat. The small one got into the boat. Flametail had taken several things from the castle for them to start afresh somewhere far away. Two swords, one with a well-crafted black hilt, one a common sword. Two cloaks, one a drab brown, another black mingled with gold, five daggers, all crafted finely and perfectly balanced. She had learned quite a bit in the art of forging weapons, so she had confidence in her choices. The small one was wearing a black garb, an amulet with an amethyst in it, and a snakeskin belt. They pushed off, and seemed to successfully get off unnoticed, exept from the pikes, who swam around the boat, hoping that their disturbance in the water would make one of the foxes fall in. They had already had a small taste of Marlfox and wouldn't complain if they had more. Yes, the little fox was a Marlfox, yet forgotten by his older brothers and sisters, so Flametail had taken him in unnoticed. Their journey was successful, they reached the shore unharmed. They walked into the woods aways and made camp.

    Miles Downtree was a squirrel, normal brown fur took well with his surroundings, not disappointing the tradition of squirrels being the best in the woods. He was an archer. Though not professional, he was familiar with the art  and so adopted it as his weapon of choice and carried it wherever he went and, apart from a dagger, was his only weapon. His brown tunic was also brown, with patches of green here and there. He spotted the duo of foxes and was immediately alert, "What would vermin be doing going into Mossflower?" he asked himself. The day was slipping away; Miles decided to follow the foxes to make sure no trouble was near..

  • OOC- Whoa, that was a quick transition from saying Castle Marl was being attacked to describing a character. Try bringing a character in, before you describe them, like say, "A fox rushed down to a cellar room and picked up a young ashen fox, pulling back her cloak hood ad she bent down." and then jump in and introduce what she looks like. It makes for a much smoother read. 😉

    IC- Mirra gave one last beat of her wings, before settling smoothly onto the same branch of the squirrel. It was good enough that she didn't have to flap nearly as a often as on a calm spring day. She was a robin born and bred, through and through. Some said though, that she was half eagle for her extraordinary eyesight. She had seen the carnage at castle marl when she had been looking for worms for her nestlings. From there, she had been flying over to the clan nests to speak to the chief, when she, too, had spotted the runaways. At almost the same instant, she had spotted her friend.
      Taking almost no time to catch a breath, she cocked her head and turned to the nut-furred squirrel. "Interested in the foxes, are ya?"

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    "Yes," Miles said, "They don't look too peaceful, but the benefit of the doubt has always been my courtesy, perhaps to a fault, but I'm just sticking around to make sure they don't cause any trouble."

    The foxes now ate a small meal, apparently intending to keep going on for a little. "Eat hastily, prince, we don't want to be caught this close to shore at night." the small one nodded and finished his crust of bread, washing it down with a little water. "Where are we going in such haste?" he asked, "I know our home is besieged, not that I care, that place was dull anyway..but back to my question, Where do we go in such a hurry? Do you know a good home for us?" "Well reasoned," said Flametail, "I do not know exactly where we are destined, but I want to get farther into this forest, Mossflower, I believe it's called. There we will find a good den as a home, or maybe something better if fate shines on us."

    The two picked up their packs and hiked farther into the woods.

    "Mirra, I do not ask you to leave what you care for for a while, but would you help me keep an eye on these two?" Miles said, turning to the robin.

  • (Hmmm… I think I'll let Avec come into the story a little later when the two foxes are deeper in Mossflower. That's where he'd most likely be. Yes... I have some plans for them...)

  • Mirra quickly preened her wings. "I need to tell someone at the nest and make sure my chicks are in good care."
    Giving a loud high-pitched tweet, she launched herself from the tree branch and ripped her wings into the air. "I will meet you in half an hour at The Willow, with supplies." and with that, she was gone.

    OOC- I didn't have any good idea for that. Just make something up for it.

  • Miles waved. Then he turned, he would head in the general direction of The Willow, a great, old, grey willow tree where they often had met, but also would be keeping a stern eye on the two unexpected arrivals. He circumnavigated a small ditch, making sure to be a safe distance from the foxes, but also heading towards his intended goal. "I hope they don't steer too far away, I could track them, but it would save a bit o' trouble." he thought to himself

    The two foxes had traveled farther into the forest, but, as if heeding Miles'  wish, they camped relatively near the old gray tree.

    (That work?)

  • "Marlyfoxes!"

    Dubble the mole burst into Great Hall, where the Redwallers were enjoying supper.  All around the wide table everybody stopped to look up from the plates of breads, soups, puddings, salads, and fish to see what the wrinkly, chubby mole was screaming about.  Dubble went straight to the point, speaking in the queer mold language, "ee were gurt two foxes, one with ee white fur and a red tailer, and a youngish Marlyfox!  Theys were sittin' neer ee tree!  Ee gots to stoppen dem', burr aye!" everybody started gossiping amongst themselves, the only one not talking was Hon Florion, he was too immersed in a Woodland Trifle to gossip.  When he had finished his meal, he stood up and said, "by the fur and whiskers, Marlfoxes, I thought they were gone, Dubble, tell me where they are and I will find them, alone.  You bally blighters all know that I am an excellent hare of camouflage, so I can take em', if it's bally Marlfoxes that are in our woods, they are obviously not up to any flippin' kindness, Dubble, where are they!"

  • (thanks for enthusiasm, but no one really knows that foxes are even near, much less distinguishing them as Marlfox by their ashen pelt…try again)

  • OOC: Well, maybe the mole could have seen them, forgive me if I am wrong, but that is the point of stories, to twist them up sometimes.  You could have said something like, "nobody would ever see the two foxes, because they were completely hidden."

  • (forgive me, they're in a cave, I just didn't post it because I thought I had. Restarted threads do that. Just..try agin..)

  • Two savage green eyes watched the foxes as they settled in for sleep.  Who were these two strange creatures that had stolen his den for the night?  Tarkill was a odd creatures.  His parents had been slain by vermin, the Warlord who found him was hypnotized by his green eyes, and raised him as his own.  He was trained and brain washed to believing he was a Searat, being a black squirrel he blended in quite well with the other hordesbeast, even shaving off the hair of his bushy tail religiously.  The horde was destroyed in a great battle and Tarkill chose to go off on his own for the time being.  But, times were rough for a loner and he was hoping for some company of other vermin like him.

    He had never seen a white fox before,  but he knew their kind well. Sly, cunning, and deadly, he decided he'd rather be friend over foe.. for the time being.

    "Well i sees you like me home, but most of the time i ask a creature his names afore they are dozing in me bed harhar! Name's Tarkill matey"

  • Flametail sat up with a start, reaching for her sword. "We mean no intrusion,  we just need shelter for the time being." said the white fox, keeping the younger, ashen fox close. The black fox grabbed three daggers and brandished them in throwing stance

  • Tarkill responded with a laugh
    "Harhar sheath them daggers young'n, if I wanted to kill you, it would have been done already.  I come in peace, and can offer assistance and protection, for a fee of course!"

  • ((The younger ashen fox is the one with the daggers, you can modify your post, though..))

    "You would find us a lot harder to kill if you tried." remarked the small fox. "What do your services include, and to what extent?" asked Flametail

  • Tarkill smiled inwardly, mentally noting that these foxes were no fools he was dealing with. 
    " Haha aint he a cute one? I've been in these forests for many seasons,  and i can see that you are unfamiliar with the area.  I can take ye wherever ur liddle heart desires vixen, and i'm trained in the way of the assassin. Youre enemies are my enemies now buckoes!" Tarkill responded with his paw outstretched.

  • "You have forgotten a crucial part: payment. We come with little and are not to part with our possessions easily." Flametail was sizing up this possible ally.

  • "Well me matey, I notice you got plenty of blades that yon little fox was flashing around.  Ye see I am a simple beast, owning nothing except for the fur on me back.  Ah yes, a nice little dagger is all i require for me services.  Hard to hunt with no weapon eh?" Tarkill said hopefully.  He remebered he hadn't owned a weapon since the great battle, being stripped of his weapons and his dignity.  He would never forget the large mouse who had brought shame upon his head.

  • "That's really a shame, these daggers are only for his kind to wield, being five…" "Wait, Flametail, let him feel the grip of the blade at least." with a deft flick it landed beside the creature.

  • Tarkill grabbed the blade from the ground thankfully, observing its beauty and feel in his hand.  This was a truly magnificently made dagger, from the sharp double edged steel blade down to the black hilt studded with an emerald, it was perfectly balanced

    "I'm a bit rusty, but lets have a test shall we?" Tarkill said with a smile.  He grabbed an apple and tossed it high into the air.  He threw the dagger skillfully slicing the apple in two.  He leapt out and caught both pieces of the apple in one hand, and the dagger in the other.  Holding the weapon by the blade he handed the weapon and apple to the young fox.  "That's a wonderful blade matey, haven't seen one like that since me ole days! So what do ye say, do we have a deal" he said

  • "I'm sorry, these are some of my future war weapons."  said the young fox as he peered down at the blades. "I'll tell you what." said Flametail, "I'll make a blade for you as payment, for on the isle M.. where we come from, I have learned much of crafting. Is that adequate?"

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