Grammar help.

  • :ozzz So, okay. Many an argument has been started over grammar and its incorrect vs. correct uses. Excuses have been given. So This is going to destroy those petty arguments once and for all, clear? I will expand on many subjects as questions, comments, and things pop into my mind.

    First, for quotes. The dialog part is a prominent part in any story, so mastering this will put you wll on your way to good story-writing. For an example: "You lily-livered blockhead," said Marty (stu, as in..), "You destroyed the hideout!" notice that all quotes, although few exemptions may pass my mind, start capitalized. When the quote will continue, many times it ends with a comma, indicating continuation of speech after the inserted writing. Commas usually precede the quote if it does not star its own sentence.

    Capitalization is also a small detail that can improve the look of your writing considerably. Instead of: i have to leave, put: I have to leave. Doesn't the second make it seem a little more professional/writing grade? Also, Isn't it obvious that, before you start kindergarten, you learn that ALL sentences start with capitalized letters?

    Punctuation…sighs: this is probably the mast fudged up area of grammar. Commas, periods, question marks, and exclamation points are FRIENDS. More like servants, but they must be used correctly. End you sentences, if not conjoin them, but that's another matter. End your sentences with periods if they tell someone to do something or just state a fact. Question marks, obviously, end questions, and likewise for exclamation points to exclamations, shouts, and screams. Commas: rather useful things, aren't they?  They state things within a series of subjects as in this sentence, indicate small paused in speech, and precede quotes.

    This is all for now, but I will expand your barriers of literate knowledge before long.

  • Wish you were my English teacher.The dullest class I have.

  • In what way do you wish?

  • Uuuhhhh…..what?

  • Why do you wish it were me instead, as in.

  • My teacher.I have to spend 50 minutes with her going,"There are many different pronouns.Interrogative,subject,object,descriptive,…."

  • there are…

  • Ah, English… I love the language so, and I oft like to bend it to my ends. Good basic start, Ash.

  • Didn't want to blow some brains out at the beginning of a thread by going into too much depth.XD

  • Remember kids, English has no rules, only exceptions.

    English does get pretty annoying. I would have to say commas are my weakness though. Thanks for the refresher and update though Nothsa. (Please don't make me learn the control + keypad combination to put an accent of the "O", it's not worth it. xD)

  • Not Northsa Nóthsa. Even without accent, I respond.

  • That was bad typing. >.>

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