Aral Vale

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    Basic Info

    Name: Aral Vale
    Age: 36 seasons
    Gender: male
    Species: Otter
    Position: assassin

    Physical Info

    Pelt: He is black as night without a single other trace of color on him
    Eyes: His eyes are mostly black with chips of gray that seem to float around.
    Build/Fitness: His body doesn't have an ounce of fat on it from being trained in an army for as long as he can remember, He is somewhat muscular but, not to muscular for someone with his past.
    Body: He is medium sized and sinewy
    Marks/Scars/Tattoos: The top of his right ear is missing from what was supposed to be a killing blow from the last person he assassinated, he lost his ear but the weasel lost his head. He has a many tiny tattoos on his neck of many different vermin heads from the vermin he has assassinated in his life
    Clothes: He wears a black robe an old mouse gave him; the robe is made out of a silky material. It makes no noise when he moves, so if he is in the shadows you will never see him. He has a belt studded with many different bottles, some powder and some liquids; all poisons


    Good Traits: . He is incredibly skilled with the two twin daggers. He is a fairly good leader in squad sizes, for an Assassin he is fairly outgoing, but he keeps secrets to himself.
    Bad Traits: Doesn’t trust, except his life long friend, Fishy. He is also a bad leader in big groups preferring to stay out of the way.
    Likes: He doesn’t care for much. He enjoys working in small squads
    Dislikes: He hates most captains and big groups.
    Goals: To get rid of ALL vermin

    Past Info

    Family: Can’t come up with names (No, really, I can’t)

    He was born in a small town, not long after he was born a vermin army took over. That army then took all the young dibbuns and left the town to fend for itself. The journey for Aral was very tough as they were whipped and beaten. The journey took many days, when they finally go there it was a military training place and that was it, there were dummies to practice on hardened muscular vermin. The place reeked of running sewage and death. Aral instantly knew what it was, it was the famous camp of Recktor, Recktor was a place where many animals of all speices were trained to fight in a huge evil army run by vermin. As Aral went through the line to be given wooden weapons and his barracks a lean ferret pulled him out of the line and half dragged half marched Aral behind him. A few minutes later they arrived at a securely kept area of the camp. The ferret showed one of the guards his insignia and went through the gate. For the next few years Aral trained in this camp not seeing the outside world. He was one of 100 to come into it but two years after he came he was one of ten left. He was being trained in assassination and a few variations of martial arts. You were trained and given missions to kill other people in the camp, in order to live you had to stay alert and be able to kill. Twenty seasons after Aral had gone in he was released from that camp and let back into the normal camp to be trained to become proficient in other weapons and how to protect himself in mass battle. It took him 2 seasons to get out of the camp with his natural skill with weapons helping him a lot. He joined the at the age of 24 seasons and was immediately promoted to sergeant. After ½ a season in the army he escaped after assassinating his Captain. The army is still looking for him, as they know he is a dangerous enemy. He stumbled through the desert that is northeast of Otter’s fort and collapsed across the river. (will be picked up on river board under “


    [Family]Quite some time ago, he was taken from them, he does not remember them.

    [Friends/Crewmates]  Fishrudder, Stealth and Linx


    [Enemies] those who despise good

    [Subordinates]No one

    Well, there's the original history… So long ago...

    Rewriting his history, making it his ACTUAL history, his journey through the ROC sniff It's been so long, when I retire, I'll miss this character

    Hm, just realized I messed up Sharkrudder's age, I shouldn't have copied and pasted from word, Sharkrudder should be 40 seasons old

    Fishrudder's history:

    Fishrudder's young life started out at Redwall Abbey, in only the 8th season of DAB. His parents decided on a different life style for their holt of two families, Fishrudder's family, and the Vale's. They headed out to the River Moss and found a cave along the bank, they spent much of their time playing in the river, as Fishrudder, Sharkrudder, and Aral Vale got older, they learned fighting techniques from Rankin. Once Fishrudder, Sharkrudder, and Aral were 16, 20, and 14 seasons old, respectively, they were set upon by a band of cowardly vermin at night. All four of the parents were killed, and Aral and Fishrudder ran away, thankfully together, however, Sharkrudder, in anger, went hunting. Fishrudder and Aral wandered around Mossflower for two seasons, until they stumbled upon a fort in horrible disarray. They approached the fort carefully, with the wariness they had learned on their own. With only a sling among the two of them, they entered the fort, quietly skulking around, looking for food. They spent the night in a room at the fort. When the awoke in the morning, they heard a noise from the courtyard, when they arrived at the keep entrance the looked out to see an array of veteran warriors, several mice, otters and a family of hares.

    As time passed they learned under this group of warriors, Fishrudder apprenticed under a warrior mouse from the North named Raiden Silversword. And Aral, well, Aral learned his own trade, leaving Fishrudder for awhile, he came back with the profession of assassination. He never said were he learned his trait, but, he was certainly good at it, and it saved Fishrudder's life several times, so he didn't question it.

    Once the two of them became skilled warriors they left the group, which had been called "Guardians of Mossflower", They headed towards the coast, befriending a group of hares, and another otter, named Stealth. The hares took the trio of otters to Salamandastron, where, they stayed for a season. Before they left, the current Badger Lord outfitted them with weapons, and armor.

    They headed north up the coast, eventually landing at, yet again, another fort. This one named, aptly, Otter's Fort. Surprisingly, it was lead by an otter with the name of Finnerator Rudderbow, one of the otter's that had been with the "Guardians of Mossflower". Fishrudder took control of the group of Land Warriors not long after he had been at the fort. He appointed Aral and a mouse named Linx as his lieutenants. They spent many many seasons there, roughly 13 seasons before Finnerator decided to retire, during this time, Stealth died at the age of 39 seasons. She, having become close friends with Fishrudder, left him in control of the Fort. Within 4 seasons he lost three of his four closest friends, Linx, Stealth and Finnerator. Both Linx and Finnerator left, to spend their last seasons roaming the land, and Stealth, as stated, died. He appointed Aral in his former position, and, appointed a young otter by the name of Terg Broadsword as his second-in-command. He was only in charge for 2 seasons before the fort was disbanded, simply because the land had been at peace for so long.

    Both Fishrudder and Aral left and headed back into Mossflower Woods. They were superbly armed with many seasons of experience under their belt. Yet, they were starting to get old. They were to spend their last seasons making friends, and hunting for vermin. Fishrudder, to this day, wishes he could find his brother, who, by now, would be quite old.

    I just copied and pasted it.

    Aral's whole life has been spent following Fishrudder, except, when he learned his 'trade'. He folllows Fishrudder to a fault, as, Fishrudder has a more dominant personality.

    If Aral ends up with a dominant personality here, sorry, that's just my personality...

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