Home… At Last

  • Fishrudder walked along the river bank, he was close to his first home, Redwall. His holt's cave, was farther to the east, close to the big lake. His thoughts strayed to his young days with DAB, always getting a slap on the paw for doing something mischievous.

    The scarred otter wore a simple tunic, and a cowl over his head. His eyes were scanning the ground as he thought of going to Redwall to see if any of his old playmates were still running around, he highly doubted it though. His twin long swords bumped his back with every long stride. The swords, which once shone brilliantly in the sun, needed to be repaired and the hilt needed to  be rewrapped.

    He finally got to the bend of the River Moss that was closest to Redwall Abbey, he sat down. The black otter was either to head there now, or go back to camp and meet with Aral.

    After a minute of thinking this over, he stood and trudged towards the path. His head down. After several minutes of walking, he arrived at the massive gate of the famous Redwall Abbey. He drew  an old dagger and pounded it on the gate, hoping to get someone's attention.

  • It was a bright day and Tessa and Jessie were out on the law, nibbling on some cheese they had manage to get from the kitchen. Spread out on the grass was maps of the surrounding land, and they were arguing over what direction they should take.
    "No, that would be wrong, it means we have to back track threw the woods and then turn left, to much time." Jessie said.
    Tessa looked at her, "No it won't, I mean really if we too-" She stopped as she heard pounding on the gate.

    "I wonder who that can be…" Tessa muttered. Jessie hopped up, "Lets go and find out, eh?" she sprinted off.
    Tessa followed her sister. They sprinted to the door and skidded to a stop.  Jessie scampered up the steps and looked down over the wall, "Hey ho! Look is a jolly otter! Hold on sir, you'll  be inside in a few."

    She called down to Tessa. "Tessa open up! Its an otter!"

    Tessa pulled the door open, and looked up at the otter, "Hey ya. Welcome to Redwall Abby. I'm Lieutenant Tessa Streamlilly." she bowed low, "From Salamandastron."

    Jessie jumped down, "And I'm her good'ol sis, Map Maker Jessie Streamlily, from Salamadastron."

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    IC: A roguish grin crossed his face as the gate opened to his old home. The Abbey grounds were sprawled out in front of him, and right in front of him were two squirrels. He stopped looking through the arched gateway, grinned at the two squirrels and said "Nice to meet ya' I'm Fishrudder. Any chance I can get some vittles?"

    The grin was fixated on his face as he stepped through the gate and into the grounds, his eyes roamed the large gardens, the grassy playland for the Dibbuns. Finally, his eyes alighted upon the large sandstone building, memories of his youngest life swept back in a hurry.

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    Tessa and Jessie looked at each other and then back at him,
    "Well met Fishrudder, you're just in time for afternoon tea. I'm starving, hope you are too."
    Both headed to the kitchens, Tessa looked back at him,  "So where do you come from?" she was keeping the air light while Jessie scampered up ahead, back to where they were working at. Looking down she carefully rolled up all the maps, making sure that the ink was dry so they didn't smudge.

    Humming to herself, as she retrieved the cases for the maps. Sliding them in the long wooden cases and screwing it on the top. Setting them aside, she then closed the ink and and wiped the ink of the quills. Looking around she frowned, "Where did she put the pack?" Muttering to herself she then remember it was on her back! Laughing quietly to herself of her silliness she took off the pack, and stored the ink and quills in it.

    She threw the back gently over her shoulders and then picked up the 2 cases. Slinging it up on her back, she scampered after Tessa and Fishrudder. "Wait! I don't want to be last in the line!" she caught up with them and walked next to Tessa. The sun felt warm that morning on her black fur, ruffled up from excitement. Looking up at the sky she spun around in a circle, "I like these days the best! No clouds, not to hot or not to cold, just perfect. Don't ya agree?" Then she started to talk to herself over random stuff and of what she will get today to eat.

    "I hope they have some scones…those just melt in my mouth...no wait,  the breads, those are so soft and delicious, I could eat all of them, but then that would be really rude, since I'm just a guest, BUT I'm raised by hares and not on the bad side, so I think its ok....Oh look! There is a fish jumping in the pond, who would want to eat fish...yuck. I wonder if they have some berries, especially some strawberries, those are  amazing..."  she kept muttering to herself. Her ear twitched as she chatted to herself.

  • Many different places, I started out here, thirty-some seasons ago, nearly forty. He shook his head at his own observation and continued I lived with my family, and my friend's, who's back at our camp, for around ten seasons, and then I was on my own. At this point, Jessie showed back up and he continued on I learned how to fight from a group of valiant warriors, then was on to Salamandastron, and then, to Otter's Fort, and, about one season ago. I left my commanding position to spend my last days traveling.

    He turned to Jessie and said I saw you pick up some maps, what are they of?

  • Tessa whistled, "Sweet, and you started from Redwall? Lucky, I lived at Salamandastron my whole life, I help do maps and stay updated on the news." Her rowan stick tapped on the ground making a rhythmic noise as she replayed his story in her head.
    Shaking her head she said, "Why couldn't you still be a commander and still travel? What position did you get?" Tessa was acually curious about what he lead.

    Jessie looked up at his question, "Maps of the surrounding land, Mossflower Woods, Salamandastron,  Wastelands,  Flatlands, locations…just basic stuff the me and my sister use."
    She didn't tell him that they were detailed with locations of different camps and forts and trails unknown to other creatures or very little. She quite didn't trust him yet.

    They came to the kitchen and she hopped down the steps, putting the maps down she called out, "Tea time yet? I'm hungry!" Tessa laughed at her sisters actions.  "Easy Jess, of you'll give the cooks a fright, remember last time?"

    Jessie looked back, "How can I forget? Funniest thing on earth." she frowned, "But I still don't get why they didn't serve me..."

    Tessa laughed, "Well maybe because you ate half of the food before it left the kitchen? and that you kept nagging the cook since you woke for a bite to eat?"

  • He nodded and answered Well, where the River Moss goes into the Sea, there's a cliff, on top of the cliff is a fort, named Otter's Fort. I was a captain of Land Warriors there for quite a few seasons, then, the Fort Commander retired, and gave me command, she had trained me since the time I was 16 seasons old. She was one of my closest friends. We were a powerful fort, with weapons that you couldn't even imagine, I have a few back at my camp, but only for emergencies. I couldn't stay, well, because the fort was disbanded, all the vermin fled the surronding area, until the patrols were going several leagues out, and still not running into trouble. It was disbanded, a small number of warriors stayed to protect the Fort. One of which was my second-in-command, he may show up sometime.  Finished with his story of Otter's Fort he turned to Jessie and said
    Ah, I've seen a few, made a few, mind if I look at yours sometime? I know the land around the coast very well, I could probably help. And of course they won't feed you, you come from the hares. Speaking of which, how did a squirrel end up at Salamandastron

  • Jessie grinned, "Help would be greatly appreciated! Don't ya think Tessa?"
    Tessa chuckled, "Sure do. Commander of a fort, I always wondered how that would feel like. But I'm happy as lieutenant for the Long Patrol. What type of weapons did you have, I'm very curious. Was it one like mine?" she asked as she slid up the button and a blade came out of the end. It glinted in the light from the windows, deadly and sharp.

    Jessie looked at Fishrudder, "Interesting story in fact, we really never knew our parents, Tessa and me were only  4 seasons old,  when they…" she paused before continuing, "Murdered." her fist clenched around her mug.

    Tessa looked at her, "Easy Jess, I'll take if from here." she said softly. "Jessie still has a hard time accepting it. It was during midsummer I was told when the sea rats attacked our family. Suddenly and without mercy. They were with a few hares from the Long Patrol,  who were spending the night. They came up silently and before my parents and the Long Patrol knew it, they attacked."  Tessa closed her eyes and opened them as Jessie, who had calmed down, spoke.

    "The Long Patrol held them off and drove them off, but the damage was done, our parents were dead, we were orphans and The Badger Lord and Hares took us in." She looked down at her hands, "So considering it, we are part hare, part squirrel."

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    IC: He nodded "Alright, help ye'll get then. It was great, I'll never forget the people and the experiences. And, sadly, the deaths that lay on my shoulders." A look of pain crossed his face, but he laughed gently at Tessa's question and responded. "That's child's play compared to what I have. But, it's only for emergency's, I prefer these" He patted the beaten blades on his back. And nodded at their story, his countenance grim. "I'm sorry for you mates" He stepped between the two and laid a scarred paw on each of their shoulders." His grin came back though, and he said" Now that we've shared our life stories, how bout some grub?"

  • Tessa frowned at her rowan stick, "Might as well go go the fort and some new weapons, what do you say?" the sadness left her face and she gave a small smile, "Now I feel helpless against an otter like you." she laughed at her own joke.

    Jessie looked at Fishrudder, "Thanks chap." she said, and then said, "Hey, I say I can smell some Hotroot Soup! Isn't that what otters like to eat?" she jumped up and scampered to the cooks, "Um, excuse me, when is grub ready?" she asked like a shy dubbin.
    A heavy set vole looked at her, "Ya again?" She grinned, all pretending  of being shy left. "Being raised up by hares makes me have a mighty hunger, wot? You shall know that by now!" She grabbed a tray full of stuff and balancing on top she had another tray, and then another! "GRUB! Lovely strawberries, and bread,, with some drinks and tea too!" she called out, as she make her way carefully up the stairs, to the great hall were they ate.

    The trays balanced and threatened to tip over as she came forward, "Whoa!" she said as she balanced it again, some tea splashed out on her head. "Ahhh..hot!" she yelped, finally coming to the table she placed them gently on the table, and slid one  tray down to the end of the table and the other two on the second table.
    "Here ya jolly fellas! Lovely food from the famous kitchen and Redwall cooks. A hares delight!"

    "Tess! Fishrudder! Hurry up before I eat it all!" she reached for some berries and then piled her plate high with food and dug in. "Oh. I forgot how yummy Redwall food can be from this morning! I'm in heaven!" Jessie had a biscuit  in one hand and some fruit in the other. She spied the strawberries, "Strawberries!" she said, putting down the fruit she ask, "Are you eating those strawberries? I'll trade ya some blueberries for some of that wonderful strawberries!" She quickly traded and looked at the strawberries, "My favorite!"

  • Saron stared. There was a beast grabbing food ravenously and shouting to another squirrel, and an otter that he hadn't recognized in the skipper's crew. He happened to be at the same table. Saron hadn't seen anything like it before. "Well someones hungry." he mentioned. "I take it…you just got here, right?" He almost started to laugh. She was in a word, "interesting" to him.

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    IC: The tall otter chuckled as Jess raced for the kitchen, he turned with Tessie, and walked up the stairs. A moment after they had arrived, Jessie came running back up the stairs balancing trays laden with food in each of her hands. As she sat down he grabbed a bowl of hotroot soup from the tray, along with a scone, and berries.

    He chuckled at the squirrel's hare like appetite and dug into the food. After eating for a moment, he looked up at the beast who had questioned him and answered "My name's Fishrudder, Fishy for short, I haven't been around here in quite a few seasons, judging by your looks,  probably about as long as you've been alive actually."

  • Jessie  was about to pick up another piece of strawberrie when she was interrupted. Glowering around at who disturbed her, and found him sitting right next to her, she looked at him and then slowly put down the food, and wiped her mouth. "My bad…" she muttered to herself and put down the food, she waited for Fishrudder to finished before launching in. "I was jolly hungry. Sorry so kindly, sah,  Ma name is, Map Maker Jessie Streamlily, from Salamadastron. Gota blikin' corrrect ya sah, my good ole' sis an' me, where 'ere for a few jolly good ole' days. "

    Her spoke the hare talk from Salamandastron as Tessa sat down across from her sister and chuckled to herself, "Easy sis. Don't go killing ya self with food. She looked down at the wonderful food  and resisted the urge to stuff her face, like hare's normal do, but took a plate and piled it with food before, taking a few bites, that all forgot as she dug in, the food. All the while listening to the beast next to Jessie.

    Soon her mind kept drifting back to her home, before Salamandastron, she wondered how it was like. Shaking her head out of the though, she took her mind off, by eating, some berries, but wondered how the rest were fairing back at Salamandastron. They were probably missed, and she wondered if SilverStripe had fixed his sword yet. Yes, the sword, mighty beautiful thing it was. A broad blade with sharp edges, and whistled with a deadly hum that brought fear to its opponents hearts.  But then it was shattered, on the dreadful day.

    No longer could that hares hear the deadly hum that ecohed threw the mountian. It was silent for the first time since Tessa and Jessie had ever known.  But that was the day when they heard about SilverStripe getting bloodwrath and pulling him out of the ocean, half dead. It was a tragic, terrible day.

  • Saron was surprised that both beasts had an answer to his question. "Nice to meet you Fishrudder, and you too Jessie. I actually got here not too long ago. Maybe a few seasons…Enjoy the food anyway." He smiled. "Yes, that means you can eat like a hare does around here. However, I haven't seen anyone from Salamandastron before, I've just heard of legends.

    He paused for a moment. Salamandastron… Saron knew of a few tales in the history of the almost sacred mountain castle, with it's fearless long patrol, and a badger hero. Bloodwraith seemed the most interesting though. A beast without fear, without limits, but losing so many other important things of battle.

    "Oh, I almost forgot. My name is Saron Twinspike. I'm always glad to make new friends."

  • Fishrudder nodded at the beast, who had a dreamy look on his face after he said Salamandastron. He grinned, so many animals had such a marvelous image of Salamandstron, he'd enjoyed his stay there, however, it wasn't the place for him. He preferred wandering around. After the hedgehog was done talking he said. Nice to meet ya. So where are you from?

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    BCC:" Me? I'm from Mossflower woods. Lately however, it isn't the safest place to be. There are just too many hostile vermin for my liking." Saron grabbed a couple berries to snack on while they were chatting. "So, why are you all here?"

  • Tessa looked at him, "Well, we are just updating some maps." she said simply. "Gettin' the jolly ole' gossip here and there, makin' sure nothins out of place nor somethin' is happening that could be jumpin' on a global scale, wot." She gave a small laugh, "I say, sah, good ole' vermin 'round here?" She shook her head,  making her hoop earnings jingle, "Neither Jess nor meh, have seen 'em blasted vermin 'round these parts."
    She looked at him, "Tell me, sah, last location of these vermin?"

    Tessa was curious about them vermin, if they were coming back, that was an issue. She glanced across where Martin the Warriors tapestry was, lookng at the woven cloth around it, telling it of his tale, and then Mattias, yes, she had heard of him too. Recovering Martins Sword and getting rid of Cluney when he nearly took over Redwall. She loved that story! And if they did attack Redwall then she wanted to be in the middle of it and be a hero too! And then maybe she and Jessie would be woven in the tapestry. The corners of her mouth twitched, in amusment. She shook herself out of it, and then looked at Jessie.

    Jessie closed her eyes and sighed, "Nothin' like a jolly jumpin' good ole'  redwall lunch, for a starving squirrle."  she opened her eyes, and she glanced were she placed the maps, "Maybe it would help, if you would like a jolly good map to help, wot?" she questioned him and without waiting for a reply she scampered over and picked up the map cases, coming back over and sitting down, she hummed a small tune and glanced around at everyone, "What map do ya need, sah?"

  • "A map? Well, personally, I don't think I need a map, but none the less, I'm curious. What's the farthest place from here that you've mapped?" He grinned. "Oh, and as far as the vermin situation goes, so far nothing has attacked Redwall, but as of now, there is no Warrior defender of Redwall. It's strange actually, I suppose I'm not accustomed to why or when they choose a hero here."

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    IC: Arya had just finished up her sparring practice and decided that she should go grab something to eat. As she walked into the kitchens she noticed her friend Saron sitting with a couple of squirrels that she had seen around the Abbey before and a new, curious looking otter, she decided to go sit over by the crowd. "Hey there Saron." Arya said with a huge smile spreading across her face. "And hello there everyone else." She said with the smile remaining on her face.

  • The little mouse grumbled and fumed as he was ordered to help in the gatehouse in any manner neccesarily.

    "Stupid little…when I get my paws on that little rat, I'll..."

    He looked around as he see some unfamiliar faces.

    "H-hi...I-i'm Matti." He smiles shyly and yawns. "Stupid little rat gave me some ruddy bruises..."

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