• Ok, most of the friends are gone, they might be introduced if I can stay active, we'll find out

    It may be a bit of a sob story, I'm not sure, but, I know how to roleplay him, and generally, his past doesn't come up
    The whole thing with Sharkrudder was actually part of a plot that played out brilliantly, someday, it may pop up again, it's great fun for me to Roleplay

    Basic information:

    Name: Fishrudder

    Nicknames: Fishy

    Age: 36 seasons

    Species: Otter

    Gender: Male

    Marital Status: Single

    Previous Relationships: None

    Romantic Interests:

    Siblings: Sharkrudder (M,28 s),

    Parents: Rankin (m, Deceased) and Rithin (f, Deceased)

    Children: -none

    Friends: Stealth, Aral Vale, Linx, Zanntail

    Enemies: Vermin

    Physical Appearance:

    Eye Colour: Green

    Colour of Fur: Jet Black

    Height: Tall for an otter, stands a head above most Otters

    Build: Muscular without an ounce of fat on him

    Clothing: A leather breastplate with strips of tempered steel and diamond covering, and a normal pants that are died black
    Special Appearance Information: He has many scars and a missing ear, he also has a tattoo of an otter jumping out from a river on is arm
    Speech: Very Otter like (I Know I know I don’t do give me a break)
    Cleanliness: Medium
    Posture: Straight and strong like that of a soldier
    Hearing: good
    Sight: excellant
    IQ: 105
    Handicaps/phobias: Tends to think a bit to high of himself. He is ugly with all his scars and his missing ear

    Biography: When he was young about 14 his older brother, Sharkrudder, Killed his parents and badly wounded Fishrudder. His brother left and actully joined a band of vermin, killed the leader and took charge. He lived on his own for quite some time. He spent most of his time roaming and practicing his swordmanship and weapon skill. He even spent some time at salamandastron training there with the badger lord and the skilled hares of the Long Patrol. He eventully roamed to Redwall and stayed there for a season. But then the old skipper of otters came and stayed for the end of his life. When he finally died the otter crew chose Fishrudder to be the next skipper. As they roamed the country, they found Otter’s fort now most of them stay there as River and Land Fighters

    Personal Information
    Weapons: Many different weapons though his most common are his double long swords and 4 daggers, two on his belt and one in each boot, he also sometimes uses only a single longsword with a Kite shield. The weapon he uses the least is his Double sided battle axe

    Special Talents: Very strong and somewhat agile

    How does it get you out of trouble: Can use strength to move things, and cleave through shields and armor, and he can avoid some blows with his agility

    What do you like about yourself that no-one else appreciates: good with many weapons

    Self esteem/image: Very High – Looks at himself like he is a bit
    better, but never voices it as he is afraid he will hurt someone

    Are you easy to love: No

    Do you love easily: No

    How do you decide if you can trust someone: Has to know them well and at least go into a battle or fight with them a few times

    Were you ever wrong about whether someone was trustworthy: Yes, He attemped to kill Fishrudder, it was his brother .

    Have you betrayed anyone: No

    Who last betrayed you: Mentioned two questions above - Sharkrudder (m, 28 s)

    What was the impact on you: He lost everything and gained a harder mentality.

    What characteristic action or attitude always gets you into trouble:
    Trying to protect someone who shouldn’t be protected.

    Are you at home in the place where you live: Yes

    Do you fit in: Somewhat

    • Why?: He tends to boss around people to much but makes friends easily nonetheless

    Is there a right world for you or are you always an outsider: Almost never an outsider

    Secrets you have told no beast else: None

    Secrets that are not-so-secret: His brother killing his family.

    Would these secrets hurt you: No

    What do you lie about: Things that will get people in trouble

    Who does not fall for it: Those that can read facial expressions well

    Who do you tell these lies to?: Leaders to keep people out of trouble

    Do you have a quest: Yes

    • What is it: To protect smaller animals and those beneath me

    What are your greatest obstacles: Life

    What obstacles might come up that you hadn't anticipated: A friend to stop me from a suicide mission.

    Whom do you count on as an ally/friend: Linx, Zanntail, Stealth and Aral Vale

    What would happen if an ally/friend failed you: They would be forgiven
    Whom do you consider an enemy: Vermin

    If all odds were against you, and your enemy was to offer you help or advice or was your only hope, would you accept/solicit it: I would go for a suicide mission if I was captured and no I would refuse.

    What was your childhood like: Death

    Food: Hot root soup
    Drink: October ale
    Colours: None
    Species: Otters
    Least Favourite Species: All vermin
    Weapon: Sword

    Character Attributes/Personality
    Curiosity: Medium
    Imagination: Low
    Ambition: High
    Education: Medium
    Prejudices: High
    Alertness: High
    Ability to Reason: normal
    Generosity: High
    Reliability: High
    Excited: Normal
    Content: Average
    Lonely: low
    Nervous: Low

    I had just learned otter speech when I left, it's totally gone, and I haven't read the book in ages, I apologize

    Rewriting his history, making it his ACTUAL history, his journey through the ROC sniff It's been so long, when I retire, I'll miss this character

    Hm, just realized I messed up Sharkrudder's age, I shouldn't have copied and pasted from word, Sharkrudder should be 40 seasons old

    Fishrudder's history:

    Fishrudder's young life started out at Redwall Abbey, in only the 8th season of DAB. His parents decided on a different life style for their holt of two families, Fishrudder's family, and the Vale's. They headed out to the River Moss and found a cave along the bank, they spent much of their time playing in the river, as Fishrudder, Sharkrudder, and Aral Vale got older, they learned fighting techniques from Rankin. Once Fishrudder, Sharkrudder, and Aral were 16, 20, and 14 seasons old, respectively, they were set upon by a band of cowardly vermin at night. All four of the parents were killed, and Aral and Fishrudder ran away, thankfully together, however, Sharkrudder, in anger, went hunting. Fishrudder and Aral wandered around Mossflower for two seasons, until they stumbled upon a fort in horrible disarray. They approached the fort carefully, with the wariness they had learned on their own. With only a sling among the two of them, they entered the fort, quietly skulking around, looking for food. They spent the night in a room at the fort. When the awoke in the morning, they heard a noise from the courtyard, when they arrived at the keep entrance the looked out to see an array of veteran warriors, several mice, otters and a family of hares.

    As time passed they learned under this group of warriors, Fishrudder apprenticed under a warrior mouse from the North named Raiden Silversword. And Aral, well, Aral learned his own trade, leaving Fishrudder for awhile, he came back with the profession of assassination. He never said were he learned his trait, but, he was certainly good at it, and it saved Fishrudder's life several times, so he didn't question it.

    Once the two of them became skilled warriors they left the group, which had been called "Guardians of Mossflower", They headed towards the coast, befriending a group of hares, and another otter, named Stealth. The hares took the trio of otters to Salamandastron, where, they stayed for a season. Before they left, the current Badger Lord outfitted them with weapons, and armor.

    They headed north up the coast, eventually landing at, yet again, another fort. This one named, aptly, Otter's Fort. Surprisingly, it was lead by an otter with the name of Finnerator Rudderbow, one of the otter's that had been with the "Guardians of Mossflower". Fishrudder took control of the group of Land Warriors not long after he had been at the fort. He appointed Aral and a mouse named Linx as his lieutenants. They spent many many seasons there, roughly 13 seasons before Finnerator decided to retire, during this time, Stealth died at the age of 39 seasons. She, having become close friends with Fishrudder, left him in control of the Fort. Within 4 seasons he lost three of his four closest friends, Linx, Stealth and Finnerator. Both Linx and Finnerator left, to spend their last seasons roaming the land, and Stealth, as stated, died. He appointed Aral in his former position, and, appointed a young otter by the name of Terg Broadsword as his second-in-command. He was only in charge for 2 seasons before the fort was disbanded, simply because the land had been at peace for so long.

    Both Fishrudder and Aral left and headed back into Mossflower Woods. They were superbly armed with many seasons of experience under their belt. Yet, they were starting to get old. They were to spend their last seasons making friends, and hunting for vermin. Fishrudder, to this day, wishes he could find his brother, who, by now, would be quite old.

    There we go, that's my entire notable history

    It kind of evolved into Fishrudder AND Aral's history, Aral will show later, but, he's a little overpowered

  • It took 3 years to get that to where it was, and it has faults and now that I reread it, I don't like it, someday, i'll update it. But… now to wait for it to be accepted

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  • That was written a few years ago, I have a few more years of English under my belt now. 😃

  • Man,you gave him an IQ! I'm impressed.

  • Hm, I did, and it's pretty average, I guess that's good. Don't want him perfect…

    And the grammar thing is because the like to keep the site neat, it's actually quite nice 😄

  • @SledDogin:

    uummm i can't but i would if it was my choice your great! (use good grammar if you know how shakes head these people can be mean!)

    We are not mean, we just want to look good. 😄

    Wow. That is great! Three years in the making, I love the IQ, gives him a real touch up style.

    You are asking who accepts it?
    Well, you have to start playing that character on a Role Playing Forum. As long as the character is active you are fine.

    Welcome to Redwalls legacy!

  • Woah, woah, woah. FISHY!!! Nice to see you man! I'm Aldar on the other site if you didn't figure it out.

  • Alright, thanks, I've never heard of a forum where you don't need the profile accepted…

    Sled, listen, the same thing happened to me, unless your non-english speaking, you should know grammar. They're just trying to help you, take their advice. I can guarantee they've been doing this for awhile. They don't mean anything mean by it.

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  • Listen to me for a sec, I've been doing this since I was 12, I'm now 16, I've undergone every kind of annoyance from ROCers. I remember, when I first started at DAB, people, especially one officer, got all over me for my elementary grammar. I think he name was Sandbar (Somebody correct me?) It was annoying, but it helped alot, and I learned alot, and now, I am what I am. Just stick with it, they're trying to help you.

    They won't do it to me, because I learned my lesson, and, I probably will get caught for bad grammar sometime. Just trust here, and stick with it, take their advice, and use it in school. You'll get better grades, and you'll be able to RP on the only active site on the ROC

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