Avec the Wanderer

  • Name: Avec the Wanderer

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: About 21 human years.

    Weapons: Two trusty daggers kept in his belt.

    Favorite Possession: Just the simple blue cap he was given by a small,friendly group of hedgehogs.

    Description: He's a normal looking deep red squirrel with a svelte body.There is a long,ragged scar on the back of his head,starting from the left ear diagonally to his neck.

    Strengths: Is quite strong and knowledgeable.He has developed keen ears and sense of smell and is an excellent tracker.Definitely the squirrel to go to when lost in Mossflower.

    Weaknesses: Occasionally can forget for a few minutes what he was doing,where he was going,or what he was going to say or think.Very quiet and on rare occasions,shy.

    Story: Avec barely knows any of his past.He knows that he had parents.That they had lived a comfortable life in some some far off land.That the earliest thing he can remember is a vermin band killing his parents when he was young and the scar on the back of his head was not made by accident.

    He wandered into Mossflower somehow,and stayed there ever since.Moving from tree to tree all over Mossflower with his few possessions,Avec enjoys a simple,loner life.He knows the woods like the back of his paw,and can fend for himself well.

    One day he came across Redwall,the Gatekeeper letting him in.The Redwallers have always been good allies of Avec,but he never joined there peaceful life.Avec was too accustomed to a life alone.He would drop by now and again for a few provisions ,the latest news, give some information they might need to know,or attend a feast or celebration.Sometimes he visits the small groups and families living in Mossflower to say hello and is well known by everybeast.

    Avec often dreams of exploring the area outside of Mossflower,but doesn't know what to expect.He knows the land is different,and the woodlands and the ones in it is the only thing he knows.But he plans to find the biggest tree in the heart of Mossflower,go to the top,and finally get a lay of the land.

    I used one of my spelling words in this one.Can anyone guess what it is?  😄

  • Svelte.

  • I know what it means, surprisingly to lesser mortals.

  • @Tycho:


    Huh,that was quick.

    So we have a winner!You get…well,nothing.  😄

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