• Willowsong padded through mossflower woods. Her sweet voice drifted through mossflower and between the trees. She finished the song, dragging out the last few notes.

    Nightingale, Nightingale, how do you sing?
    Return to me, and i'll be waiting.

    The squirrelmaid froze as she heard pawsteps in the bushes behind her. She whriled around, ears perked up, tail totally errect with fear.
    Suddenly a stone thudded into the side pf her head, and she swooned gracefully.
    "Eh, got the li'el' warbler!"
    "Ah, finish de job an shut her' up."
    "Nah, i'd apprecate some fun with er' first, yeah? See how likes a bath in the river–weighted down by stones."
    "Harharrharr, you wuz alas a cold one, Filthsnout. Drowning a little beauty like this."
    "No beats put a paw to the maid-- Killclaw will decide what do with her."
    There were a few mutinous muremers about this, but no beats opening challenged the officer.
    Therefore, gagged and bound, Willow was dragged off, deep into the dark part of mossflower...

  • They arrived at camp, two of the troops went to report. Willow was coming around, though firmly bound. "Stay still. If you move you'll make things worse." A fox was crouched in front of her, "And how'd this band get ahold o' ye?" This fox looked slightly different from the rest. He slipped out a dagger and swiftly cut her gag."

  • Willow's wide, frightened eyes stared at the fox, she asnwered slowly.
    "I was walking, and then i felt something hitme.." she touched the side of her head gingerly, tears brimemd in her eyes. "I woke up here." She began crying, tears flowed freely down her cheeks and dripped off her whiskers.

  • The fox was an ashen color, clothed with a black tunic and a black cloak, mingled with gold. A golden colored snakeskin belt was around his waist, an amethyst hung from his neck. As he was crouched, his cloak folded open, revealing a strange hilted black sword, shiny as silver, yet black as coal, along with five well crafted daggers. No one else was seemingly paying attention. He gave his name, grinning as he watched the captive's face. "You seem reasonable, so remember this name: Ashton Bloodwrath of Marl!" He lept forward, covering the mouth of the captive. "Yes, yes. I'm extinct, no makin' news about it, ye hear?" The fox released his grip, sitting back in his original position, munching on an apple he invisibly stole from one of the other vermin. "Ya know what? I like you. You can be my captive instead. Well slip off at night. How you like the sound of that?" The proposition was tempting, but to go with a fox, especially a Marlfox? Unheard of. Foxes had the reputation for being the most ruthless, cruel, and sly, not to mention subtle beasts around, and this not in vain.

  • Willow looked at the fox, there was bloodthirst in his eyes, but at a glance at the filthy vermin by the fireside, she tok her chances. Who knows, she thoguth, perhaps i can slip off unnoticed in the night….
    Willow held her breath, when her answer came it was so quiet that Ashton Bloodwrath had to lean in close to hear the words.
    "I will."
    Triumph crept onto his features, and Willow allowed a single tear to travel down her cheek and balance precariously on her whisker. With a faint plop, it was gone.

  • Ashton's eyes were a bright golden color, his grin leaving an evil smile on his features, coming together to form a devious sight. "Good, good. We'll start at midnight, get some rest." "OI! What are you doin' near the captive?" A rat came up. "Whatever I please, simpleton. Leave me." Ashton waved his paw in a dismissing manor. The rat got mad. "An' by what right do ye be doin' this, yer majesty?" The rat bowed low, mocking the fox.  A black sword flashed out of Ashton's scabbard with a swift swing, but it didn't seem to do anything, the rat still stood, but his eyes clouded over, after which, his top half slid clean off of his bottom half in a diagonal slide. "No one messes with this seer an' lives to tell the tale." Ashton wiped his sword off on some grass. His sword was black as night, yet reflected light in a way that it seemed to have a golden glow about it, the hilt was strange, well crafted, and evil-looking. The rest that had witnessed the killing disregarded it, out of fear of provoking the same fate. Ashton turned to the squirrelmaid, "Night is soon, be ready."

  • Nightingale stared fearfuly at the seer, wondering if her desicion had been the right choice…
    Night brought with it chilly air and a light mist--perfect for escaping, it seemed. Nightingale's binds were beginning to fade into a dull ache. She stared hard into the light mist, btu saw nothing,. After the seer had left he had replaced the gag on her mouth. Perhaps it was to stow any gossip, or perhaps his actions were more sinister...

  • After a little, something seemingly unnaturally cold touched the back of her neck, " Don't move." Ashton slipped out from behind, carrying  a stolen dagger, he sliced through all of the bonds, "You may well escape." he said, "But stay with me for a while, you go first." Ashton brought his sword out, following her, and checking backwards for anyone pursuing.

  • Nightingale (shes a squirrel right? soz) peered through the camp with young, sharp eyes. Suddenly, she stood stock still, her bushy tail rigid. She ducked suddenly, kicking Ashton's paws out from underneath him. A dagger whized over their heads, thudding ominously into a tree.

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    Ash quickly looked over, a little surprise in his eyes, "Thank you." He removed the dagger from the tree and ducked again, handing it to the squirrelmaid, "Take this, we must hurry out of this place."

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    Willow looked surprised at herself. She folowdd Ashton through the camp of sleeping vermin silently.

  • They were soon out of the area. Ash led Willow through the forest a ways and they came to a peculiar place. Completely illuminated by the moon, an enormous stump stood in the middle of a small clearing. "Stay quiet." whispered Ashton, "Many beasts are jealous of my abode." He slipped off and scouted the area, the approached the stump. He knelt, pressing a knot in the gnarled trunk. Suddenly the ground beside him fell into a ramp position, revealing where this fox lived. "Come, come."  They went down and Ash shut the opening.

  • Willow glanced around her and yelped in fright quietly when she saw the doors close. ail quivering, she folowed Ash down the widing tunnel. Despite her suspician, she couldn't help being awed by Ash's dwelling.

  • "Asherin treaneh kluitef thera
    tresna heulit neital meshta…" he chanted as he descended. His golden eyes glinted in the now dim light. They came to a wall with an aperture. He drew his sword and thrust it in, turning it. It was a lock! the door was very well disguised with the dirt.

  • Willow watched him opeing the door, willing him silently to hurry. She could feel claustrophobia gushing over her in a huge back wave of fear. She moved a paw forwards to tug his tail–cape--aanything, when suddenly, a paw was clasped around her mouth, and she was yanked back, a dagger at her throat.

  • "It's ok, ravage, she's with me." Ashton had said without even turning. The door opened revealing what is best described as a hall, enormous, splendorous, yet simple. They entered and shut the door.

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    Willow opened her mouth, she ran her pws against the walls, feeling the extravegant carvings beneath her fingers.
    "It's…amazing." she gasped. She turned to Ashton, "Who made this place?"

  • "I Don't know in particular. Probably some moles that got scared by the snake. Come, Ravage, she's with me. Fix up some grub." what looked like a ferret slipped of into a side room and clattering of kitchen utensils was heard. "And throw off that petty disguise."

    Ashton sat himself in a chair and motioned for Willow to do the same. "Where do you come from? Why were you in that part of the forest? You obviously couldn't have lived there. News of that band would have had to reach you."

  • "i was abducted," she told him, relaxing now; ashton didn't look as sinister as he had in the dark of the night in the middle of a vermin camp. "but i know, i shouldn't have been in that part of mossflower anyway. It's a long story–" she paused, doubtful, "you sure you want to hear it? besides, i think you have a story to tell too, friend." Her eyes roved greedily over her surroudings, sapping in every knook and cranny in awe. "the carvings," she spoke slowly, "i don't think they were carved by mole's claws. And they don't seem to be in any language i can read."

  • "No, those are mine. A meal will be ready shortly, I will let you relate your story first."


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