A Feast? Not Likely.

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    BBC: It was lunch time and Saron walked slowly and without a care, into the dining hall. A few beasts were there, but many hide decided to picnic outside on the warm summer's day. Still, the few beasts that were there, made the place seem full. He continued walking into the kitchen to make something to eat. It seemed that no one had prepared anything for the whole of Redwall, but that didn't bother Saron. He enjoyed making his own food anyway. Saron opened the kitchen doors to find a few dibbuns running around. Nothing unusual. A few others noticed him when he walked in as well.

  • Arya's morning had gone as usual; the same routine every day. She was sitting at a table in the dining hall eating her lunch at a normal pace. She was, like usual, sitting alone. She cautiously looked at the others sitting in the hall as she ate her food and most seemed to be staring at her and possibly mocking her. She was, once again, alone in her life.

  • Lunch was created. Some strawberry Cordial and a nice salad was brought out into the dining hall with Saron carrying it. He didn't seem to notice anyone that he knew as he scanned the area, but he did eventually see Arya sitting alone. "Hey there!" He set his bowl and drink down across from here. "How's it going?" He grinned.

  • Arya smiled. "It hasn't been the worst." Arya replied as she took another small bite. Saron seemed like a nice fellow and she was glad to have someone in her presence. She was more than willing to make  a  friend here in her new home.

  • "So it hasn't been the best then either?" he noted while laughing. Well hey, at least your in Redwall. It's probably the best place to live ever so, heh, I'm happy here." He grinned and took a drink. So, how'd you wind up here?

  • Arya grinned. "It's a long story and I don't wish to bore you with it." Arya replied while she took the last bite of her food. She looked at Saron with a smile on her face. He was a good lad and she didn't want him to feel any sorrow for her because of her past.

  • "If it's a long story, it's a way to pass the time, and if it passes the time, I'm interested. Besides, you tell me your story, and I'll tell you mine. Deal?" Saron was very interested in this girls past.

  • "Alright, deal." Arya replied with a grin. "How shall I begin..? Well, it all started when I was a young lass. I lived with my father, mother, and older brother. We lived in a small tree home near a river. My brother and I would always sword fight with one another on an old boat that was in the river near our home. My parents would work hard on that boat because one day we wanted to be able to see the ocean." Arya stopped for a moment. She slowly looked down as a memory of her mother cleaning the floor of the deck raced across her mind. "One night…there...there was a tragedy that left me with this scar." Arya said as she pointed to her right eye that was covered with an eye patch. "I never saw my family after that night. I then when looking for medical help because I was...slowing dieing and not just physically. I then came upon this place, my new home." Arya said as she looked away from Saron's face. A tear began to form in her left eye but she held it back.

  • "So something happened and gave you a scar. Heh, me too. Though I didn't end up with an eye patch, just a bit of a limp. A nice gash down my leg and part of my back. It's annoying, but treatable. I'm sorry for you though." He really didn't want that sentence to come out wrong.

  • "Do not be sorry friend." Arya said with a small smile. "The past is something that we shall never forget but we must never let it hold us back." She said as she lightly grabbed Saron's paw. "You are strong and I know that you will do great things. Never let that scar take you over. You can overcome anything that you want to." Arya said as she slowly took her paw back.

  • Saron glanced at his paw. "Mhmm. Right. You remind me of an old otter that I met once. She always talked in riddles, but she was…supportive. The problem that I have is that battle wounds are not as much mentally defeating as physically. But, time heals all. Well, must everything that is." He looked directly at her again. Arya was, different.

  • "I do agree." Arya responded. It was nice to be able to share her past with someone rather than keep it to herself. "So, how about your past? What made you come here?" Arya asked with a small smile.

  • "Like I said, I got a scar and wound up here." He laughed. "Hey, if you don't give me the whole story, either will I. A serious injury happened to end my previous life as well.

  • "Well, I am sorry." Arya replied with a soft smile. "I was attacked by a vermin. He cut me across my face with his devil sword." Arya said with a small hint of anger in her voice. "It left me half-blind and as I struggled to escape I fell and smashed my head on a stone; when I woke I was alone."

  • "That's more. But Not the whole story. I can tell." He grinned. "My family was involved in a vermin raid. They took most of everything. I'm not sure where they are now, or even if they are alive."

  • "My house was set on fire and all my precious possessions inside of it." Arya said while she slowly rested her paws in one another. "It seems that the vermin had once owned the boat near our house and they wanted it back. It's quite disgusting to think about, all the evil and pain in our world. Even worse is the scars it leaves on people, not just the physical scars but the mental also."

  • "Understandable. Yeah, it's not exactly safe anymore in Mossflower. But Redwall has never fallen, and hey, with you on our side, it still wont fall." He smiled lightly. "Don't let the scars stop you, right?"

  • Arya smiled. "Right." She said with a small nod. "And with you by my side we shall scare away all those demons that wish to harm any of the innocent creatures inside these ancient walls." Arya said with pride in her voice. "But I suspect that both of us have not practiced our swordsmanship in quite awhile so maybe you would be willing to spare us a spar sometime, good lad?" She said with a small grin.

  • "Oh, I've practiced." He grinned. "Just not inside of Redwall's gates.
    And as soon as you carve a few practice swords, I'll spar. But not with real ones. No more scars." Saron took a few bites of his salad and another sip of his Strawberry Cordial.

  • "Are you positive? 'A real spar is fought with real swords' my dad always said. But, if you aren't up to it practice swords are always fine with me." Arya replied with a grin.

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