I just got every redwall episode on DvD!!!!! YAY ^,..,^

(all 3 seasons! :D)

gonna watch them naow :3

btw you've all seen them right? o.O

I saw the first season.
Stopped in the second season.

Watched them all on youtube.
I wonder why they put Ivy in there.But I like her.

I used to watch them every day on TV!

Love them..I see them occasionally.

I never really watched them, except for a couple episodes I saw by chance, from different seasons. I think there needs to be one for Mossflower.

I've the BBC animated version of Martin the Warrior, but that's it.

I never really saw them on T.V. even though I had a broadcast of it in my area. Weird.

I watched the entire series backwards as in Martin the Warrior first, then Mattimeo and then finally Redwall. I despise how they made Cluny and Badrang look, Slagar was okay though.

They were alright.

I prefer the books.


They were alright.

I prefer the books.

Same here!

The music, the character art, the way they depicted Redwall… I found it rather enjoyable. If it means anything, I saw the cartoon before getting into the books and eventually role-playing XD. Seeing it at an impressionable age, I loved the series very much.

I wonder how the up coming movie is gonna be?

That's a question that requires pondering. I think it was mentioned to me once or twice before, but I never realized they were making a movie. I'm hoping they're bent on making it a good one.

Its suppose to be ok, if its bad then i'd rather have no movie.

I think they were confirmed to be a lie.

Brian doesn't like hollywood.

He was approached by Steven spielburg himself, and turned him down on the grounds of he wanted children to read the castaway series themselves.

I really hope he doesn't go with M. Knight. HE RUINED THE AVATAR!!!!

I don't think there will ever be a Redwall movie. But I don't think a fourth, officially produced, series isn't out of the question entirely. Stranger things have happened. And as far as I know, the show was never entirely or officially cancelled. They just never got around to producing a fourth season. I guess what they need is renewed interest, or just enough investors.

I watched the show when it was on PBS in 2000 when I was a little kid, I re watched the episodes on youtube.

A group on DA is working on Mossflower as a fanmade production as we speak. They have scripts and they got people to be voice actors, the drawings are amazing.

I think It'll come out good.

Ditto with Shadow. Every Sunday sometime during the morning. I did everything in my power to keep up with the show. Those were good days. ^^

If they're really making movie, I suppose we'll find out one way or another. XD

I hope this Deviant Art group can pull this through, everything looks awesome. If they can make the 4th season of the cartoon as a fanmade piece, I'm definitely watching it

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