Ferul Fogeyes

  • Nickname: Ferul

    Full Name: Ferul Fogeyes

    Species: Stoat

    Age: Equivalent to 21 years

    Description: Ferul's eyes are a hazy gray, hence his surname. His eyes have a glassy, impenetrable quality to them that usually casts doubt onto what he may be thinking about. He has all the usual fur coloration of one of his kind, reddish brown with a white underbelly. The top of his left ear is missing from a duel with a fellow corsair. He is rather scrawny in build and wears a dark green tunic.

    Possessions: His sabre, a pair of golden hoop earrings (one of which he can't wear due to his ear), a feathered hat to hide his left ear, and a leather belt with a silver buckle that he won in the aforementioned duel.

        - Fencing
        - Persuasion
        - Control of his temper

        - Inability to swim
        - Paranoia
        - Penchant for eavesdropping
        - Impaired hearing on the left side

    Ferul was born on the south coast in a dirty hovel that belonged to his mother. He lived there with her for most of his childhood, fencing with sticks and scarcely ever meeting any other beasts. Though they lived by the ocean, his mother was incredibly afraid that he would drown or be eaten by some creature, so she never allowed him to swim. Near the end of his childhood, during the winter, his mother became sick and died. He waited out the weather, and then left in the spring. After wandering aimlessly for some time, he came to a coastal settlement being raided by corsairs. Curious, he hid inside their ship, stealing a sabre and awaiting the end of their voyage.

    Upon reaching Sampetra, he got off the ship and began to mingle with the island's denizens, earning himself a hat and some earrings. In one particularly grog-soaked duel, he lost part of his left ear before killing his opponent. He currently enjoys the taverns and beaches of the island, and is thinking about soon joining the crew of a vessel, in search of plunder and pillaging.


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