Looking For a Friend

  • Arya quickly sat up in bed. She had that same bloody dream that she has had every night that she can remember. She reached over and grabbed a rag to wipe the sweat off of her forehead. She slowly got out of her bed and grabbed a black tunic to throw over her underclothes, a usual style that she wore often. She buckled her belt on that had her sheathed sword attached to it. She walked out of her room and slowly made her way down the hallways into the abbey grounds where she sat on the grass for a little while just listening to the silence of the night.

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  • Saron just entered the Gate. The night gate keeper was very annoying to deal with. He took a little persuading to get to let him in. He slowly and tiredly walked across the abbey grounds. He didn't see Arya in the grounds because of here black tunic, but he did hear something. "Hmm…someone must be awake... Hello?" He stopped to listen.

  • Arya had slowly began to drift off as she sat alone in the abbey grounds. After a few minutes passed she heard a voice, "Hello?" it said from a little ways away. She quickly opened her eyes and stood up. She could see what looked like to be hedgehog not far from her. "Well hello there." She responded as she slowly walked towards the figure.

  • "Saron waited a second for his eyes to focus. In front of him was an armed squirrel in the abbey. He didn't recognize her and didn't know if she lived in the Abbey or not. Then again, it was pretty dark. He couldn't tell  who a lot of people were in such darkness. "What are you doing up so late?" Saron said in a soft voice. He didn't want to wake anyone up.

  • "I often have troubles sleeping. The real question is what is one like yourself doing up so late?" Arya replied as she made the distance decrease to only a few feet in between the both of them.

  • "Erm, would you buy it if I said I was going on a midnight swim?" He laughed. Saron was actually just wondering around and got lost, but he didn't want to say that. "I'm going to bed now though."

  • Arya chuckled. She wondered what he really was doing out this late at night. "Oh, well before you go I should introduce myself. My name is Arya Krown and I live here at the Abbey. It's my pleasure to meet you sir." Arya said with a slight smile on her face. It was hard for her to make friends these days because no one knew much about her and was quick to judge. It was nice to meet someone that actually looked her in the face without a bit of disgust.

  • " Nice to meet you. I'm Saron, Saron Twinspike. It's good to have new friends. Oh, and if you are having trouble sleeping, I'm sure there are a few leftovers left in the kitchen that could knock you out after a full belly." He grinned. The moon rose above the building behind him, and he noticed what Arya actually looked like. She had a scar down her face, but it wasn't anything he wasn't used to. He turned sideways and stared at the moon. It was almost full, and it lit up the whole abbey grounds.

  • Arya smiled. "I'll be sure to try that sometime." She replied. Arya looked up at the moon. It sure is beautiful Ayra thought to herself. She had always loved to sit and watch the stars and the moon ever since she was a child; they always seemed to amaze her.

  • "Right. Otherwise I recommend going to bed before the night guard comes to get you." He laughed and then yawned. "Oh, and I wouldn't carry that sword around in the abbey either. It creeps people out. I tried that too."

  • Arya laughed. "Alright I'll be sure not to bring my sword out here anymore." She looked up at the sky once more inspired by its beauty. "I guess I should try to get some sleep." Arya said with a small sigh. It was so difficult for her to sleep these days.

  • "Right. See you some other time then." Saron turned and started walking the other way. He was tired, and needed at least a few hours of sleep. Tomorrow he would have to explore more, and not get lost.

  • "Goodnight." Arya replied with a sigh. It was going to be a long night for her. She wasn't looking forward to it at all. "Maybe tomorrow will be a better day." She muttered under her breath as she started walking toward the barracks.

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  • OOC: We should probably just end it.

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