Arya Krown

  • Nickname: Arya

    Full Name: Arya Krown

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: Equivalent of 24 years

    Description: Arya has pitch black eyes that seem to glow in the darkest of nights. Her fur is the same tint of black, maybe even darker, than that of her eyes. She has a scar that lays across her right eye starting from her forward going down to her cheekbone. She usually wears a black eye patch to cover up her half-blind eye that seems to get worse as she ages. She has a muscular build that is slightly unusual for a female squirrel her age. She likes to wear red and gold tunic/dresses that have more of a male's style to them.

    Possessions: A long sword, a dagger from her brother, a medallion that has markings that she nor no one she has met knows how to read, and her pride.

    -sword fighting
    -leading others
    -giving advice
    -fear of water
    -the use of far ranged weapons like bows
    -terrible at cooking
    -half blindness in her right eye that causes a  lack in depth perception.

    Just a couple years before Arya's arrival at Redwall she had lived in a peaceful tree home with her older brother, mother, and father. Arya has never really known where she was born and where her childhood home was located. As a child she remembers playing on a ship in a river nearby with her family and practicing  her swordsmanship with her brother. One night when she was little her brother woke her up completely deranged and scared. Her house had been set on fire by vermins that had owned the ship that her family would play on. As she ran out of the house a vermin caught her by the tail and before she was able to unsheathe her sword the vermin sliced across her face leaving her with a scar that she would have for the rest of her life. Despite Arya's bleeding from the cut she showed no fear and took down the vermin before he could get another jab at her. Her brother and her managed to escape the house alive but as they were running in the woods Arya tripped and smashed her head on a rock, she was out cold until morning. When Arya awoke she couldn't remember anything that had happened and she couldn't find any traces of her brother, mom, or dad. She was alone for the first time in her life.

    For days after the accident Arya had nightmares of her family being tortured by the vermin that had attacked her. She could no longer sleep without waking up screaming in the middle of the night covered in sweat. She knew that she had to find help. She was injured very badly from the fall and the cut to her face and she needed to find someone to take care of her. She walked day and night until she found an abbey but by the time she reached the gates she passed out from blood loss. And here is where her story begins.

  • I don't think. I beleive that this is a really good character!
    I can't wait to see her on the RPGS!

    Well done.

  • Have you ever heard of being a "Tom Boy"?

  • Ugh. Sled. Your name wouldn't have had any charges on it in the first place if you didn't ask. You don't have to ask.
    Seriously. It doesn't matter.

  • @SledDogin:

    i am sorry but i kinda do the worlds smartest people are men the worlds strongest people are men but i definitely am not sexist

    I think you did more to sound sexist in that post than in anything you said before it.

  • @Mortgrim:


    i am sorry but i kinda do the worlds smartest people are men the worlds strongest people are men but i definitely am not sexist

    I think you did more to sound sexist in that post than in anything you said before it.

    Yeah. that sentence basically defines sexism.

  • I believe you! We need to delete most of these posts, this is supposed to be a character profile, not the "Are you a lesbian or a sexist?" board!!!

  • That's a good idea.No one will know except for me,you Saron,Sled,and Arya. ^_^
    I've never been with more people at the same time here.

  • Ok, should each of us delete our posts? Sorry, I just really felt like what I said needed saying.

  • One suggestion to make her a bit less Sue-ish…

    The scar across the eye... Have it actually affect her in some way, rather than being an 'iron-on tattoo' to remind her of her family's death. Taking a sword, knife, whatever across the eye with any degree of significant force will usually result in some form of visual disability. You say she doesn't like ranged weapons... maybe she's blind in that eye, and lacks depth perception. Maybe the hit fractured the orbital bone and shifted her eye out of place, making her see the world from an odd angle and occasionally causing terrible (like, migraine and beyond) headaches. This could be exacerbated by the head trauma (amnesia is also -extremely- cliche, but you seem to be working past it with the dream bit, so it's not as glaring).

  • I modified a few things.

  • applause

    Much better. Noticeable scars that actually affect the character make them much more relatable, as opposed to magic temporary tattoos that just make them look cool.

  • Yeah, I most definitely agree. It was late at night when I was making this character so my imagination wasn't at its highest level; for that I do apologize.

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