Mistakes and Need-to Fix things

I've noticed a few things that need fixing, such as Northlands is spelled Northands 8/ This thread is for things that need fixing.

Thanks for setting this up, Ashton. Will fix. 🙂

Submit an article page.

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That appears instead of the button

I caught another spelling error. I think Southward is supposed to be Southsward. Also these members need to be put on  probation:

Thank you Greg' there is nothing I can do, but I will get in touch with Namaste.

The child board Noonvale says its moderator is Brome the Healer but he hasn't been on since 2007.
Another child board The Gatehouse sais its moderator is Windsor, but she too has not bee on since 2007.

HE WAS ON THE LIST! (demon voice)

Gregory, major thank you for compiling that list. They have all been put on probation.

Vladek, the spelling error appears to be corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

Brome the Healer still holds that position because no one else has applied for it. 😛 We'll probably just leave it alone for now.

Cheers all!

ILoveDCups also needs to be put on Probation. Just thought to put that in, too.

Because when she was on here before, she posted some really inappropriate stuff about herself. The post was deleted, but ILOVEDCUPS was never put on Probation.

Why is Hon on probation?

I don't know. But a while ago, Cedric Skiv made a thread to remove him from probation. Some others agreed because they couldn't finish stories wihout him.

Hon is on probation because he kept stirring up social grief and was unwilling to make changes when we asked him to. His account is on permanent probation.

Another user to be on probation, DerekThing.
Also TJ is the mod for Sally and it doesn't say under the board.
Sorry, if this angers the mods. 😞

Two more:


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