Clover Silverleaf

  • Name: Clover Silverleaf

    Species: Mouse

    Age: About 12 human years

    Weapons: None,but was taught how to use the bow and arrow as a pastime.

    Favorite Possession: A book of poems she was allowed to keep from the Gatehouse.

    Strengths: She's intelligent,optimistic,and very trustworthy.She's willing to learn anything.Is surprisingly quick and nimble.

    Weaknesses: Is curious and can get distracted occasionally.She tends to ask too many questions.She also has a slight problem with here left ear.Any noise pointed in the direction of it she can't hear.

    Description: Clover's eyes are small and slim,but most attention is drawn to them because of her sparkling,livid green eyes.The color stands out nicely against her dark chocolate fur.Neither plump nor thin,she's an average sized mouse.

    Story: Clover was born in Redwall and stayed there ever since.Her father died during a short plague at the Abbey,so she and her mother have to cope with the loss.

    As her name implies,she comes from a long line of healers and herbalists,but does not want to continue the tradition and follow her mother's footsteps as Infirmary Keeper.Instead,she'd much rather be the Abbey Recorder.The main reason is for her love of books.Most of the time you see her reading somewhere in the Abbey grounds.

    Clover still has a vast knowledge in herbs and loves nature.She's quiet and a bit solitary,preferring to be alone in her thoughts and likes to open up around friends.Not exactly daring but likes to help in smaller ways.Her sense of humor is great and enjoys laughing.She's considered very mature among the elders,having "more common sense" then others her age.She's even allowed to go outside the Abbey to pick herbs for her mother.

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