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    IC:  The sinewy figure of Maleficus Tyro slipped through the shadows, searching for a place of solitude.  Upon sight of the old church of St. Ninian's, the tattooed stoat slunk into it, looking about at the abandoned building.  For some reason, he felt his shattered mind come to a place of ease, though its blackness within still writhed furiously within.  A paw reached out, feeling the old wood of a pew until the claws reached a hymn book, wiping the dust curiously, as if its structure was something of complete mystery to its holder.  After gazing upon the book, the stoat simply set it back down on the pew, walking amongst the very building where Cluny the Scourge had once held camp with his many, many vermin. 
    The place was so mysterious.  He walked over to the pulpit in front of all the pews, getting to his knees and touching the wood.  He scratched a little with a claw, feeling the wood give a little.  A peaceful feeling seemed to fall over him, if but for this short little while it may be, as he began to scratch out a small scene on the pulpit: one of three stoats (one a sinewy male, another a female, and the last a young jill) and a small cottage.  Even as he scratched this memory into the decaying wood, the stoat felt for the first time in so long a tear slowly trail down his cheek.
    "My dear Lillium….my sweet Accacia...." he said, his whispered voice echoing ever so softly in the empty church.

  • Saron was still very new to Redwall, and many of the abbey beasts encouraged him to explore the immediate area around Redwall. And what better to check out then the old church? The place was somewhat old and torn on the outside, and he wondered if anyone even lived at the place anymore. Upon entering Saron noticed a single stoat. He was staring at a picture, and he heard stoat whisper something at the picture.

    What was Saron supposed to do? He had no sword anymore, and the abbey didn't exactly encourage anyone to carry a weapon in the abbey, so if the stoat was insane, evil, or any combination of the two, he had no way to defend himself. But Saron thought this stoat was somewhat different. At least the stoat appeared to have feelings. So many enemies of Saron's were heartless fools. He didn't know, maybe this one was different?
    "Hello?" Was was Saron said to gain the stoats attention.

  • Maleficus' ear turned at the sound of the hedgehog's voice.  He slowly stood, not even turning his head towards the hedgehog as his eyes seemed to flash back to his original state of mind.

    "Have you come for me?  Brought your armies to finally stop me?  Or are you here alone; the worst choice you can make?" said the stoat in his deep, gravely voice, "If you know anything of me, you should know that sneaking up on me is never the solution."

  • "Does it look like I have a great army?" Saron glanced from side to side in a joking matter to make sure there wasn't anyone with him. "Well, I didn't mean to sneak up on you. And, I don't believe I even know who you are." Saron really wished he had his sword now, this stoat seemed really crazy.

  • Voices? Are we not alone anymore, Mummy?

    The fox straightened a little and sat up as the sounds of talking reached his ears. Ripper had thought himself to be alone in Saint Ninnian's, but there were voices.  The voices were not his, either. This piqued his interest quite fully. Climbing to his hindpaws, the fox crept quietly through the darker shadows along a side wall.

    What have we here? A hedgepig and… What is that?

    Crouching low, the fox crept foreward, his belly scraping against the stones of the floor.  Saron had drawn his interest, both by being here and by being a woodlander instead of vermin.  He was no doubt visible to the weasel as he crept, but Ripper did not even consider him hostile. "Sneaky sneak-sneak," he finally said after crawling from under one of the pews. "Mummy said only naughty beasts sneak around everywhere." He popped up to his knees with a childish grin. "And I see two great armies, hedgepig. They're in your sleevies."

  • The dark stoat's eyes never left the hedgehog, but his nose was certainly onto something other than a hedgehog's scent.  His insane mind shifted, working into his dark intellect as he worked things out.

    Surrounded.  Perhaps by companions who have worked towards finding him to destroy him.  The stoat couldn't help but chuckle as he suspicions were confirmed (at least in his mind) that they were indeed after him when the fox spoke.

    "I must admit, hedgehog, you may not have an army, but having your fox friend sneak up on me was indeed a valid plan…had it not been he seems a tad childish for revealing his location.  Now...dear spies...which of you wishes to die first, and how slowly?"

  • "Fox friend?" Saron turned to see the fax slowly crawling closer.  Who was it that told me to come here anyway? He glanced around for anything. A sword, dagger, even a rock might do. So much for a vermin that hasn't lost his sanity. Saron was silent. However something caught his eye. A rusty dagger was sticking into a wall next to him. Carefully he took a few more steps, and with the dagger in the wall inches away, he was at least, partially ready for something to happen.

  • Fox… Sneaking..?

    "No, Mummy! I wasn't sneaking about!" he suddenly interjected halfway through the stoat's words. Almost falling over his own hindpaws, Ripper hurredly backed several paces. "Only nasty beasts sneak!" His voice mixxed abject fear and protest; he wore a look of horrer. He dropped to his knees. "Please, Mummy," he pleaded, "I didn't take it. I swear!"

  • Maleficus looked at the hedgehog is a very displeased manner as he saw him take a couple of steps towards something jutting out from the wall.  The stoat removed his cloak, revealing the twin scimitars on his waist.
    "You are all alike.  Every beast.  Every single one fighting that urge to kill, denying your very purpose.  I bet you're from that abbey, too.  Even more denial of the true nature of us all; to be surrounded by the justifyable nature of chaos.  Some 'example' you are."
    He smiled.  A dark smile.  A smile that shows all sorts of wicked thoughts carreening through waves of sheer intelligent maddness.  The lithe body of the stoat shifts into the darkness about the place, secretly making his way to the shadows.

  • Even more dangerous than I thought. "Really, I can just leave." He grabbed the knife out of the wall and started backpedaling out of St.Ninnians. "Really I didn't mean harm…" Saron was ready for an all out sprint towards the abbey, he would have to ignore the pain in his leg from the scar, that is, if the stoat chased him.

  • Surprisingly, the stoat doesn't chase his prey.  At least not this time.  He's sure he'll run into him again.  Walking casually over to the pulpit again where he had carved his family on it, he crouched down, stroking the drawing gently.

  • The hedgepig had run away. Ripper could neither see nor smell him on the air as strongly. The stoat was back at the pulpit, however.

    Shaking his head, as if to clear it of something, the fox rose. The manner in which he moved and carried himself had changed. The tone of his voice, more mature, suggested a completely different person from the young child earlier demonstrated.  Clearing his throat, he spoke, "Excuse me, Sir, but Ripper would like to know… Who are you?"

  • The stoat's eye never left the pulpit where he had etched his family as he answered, "The single creature who understands just how this world operates.  I am the one that understands that what doesn't kill you simply makes your vision more vivid.  The one that understands that every beast is under complete control of the chaos that governs this place.  Oh, and by the way, I wouldn't take one more step closer.  You'll lose a footpaw."
    If the fox were to look at his feet, he would realize that the stoat had placed a nasty trap just behind where he was.  The sort with terrible teeth that clamp down on the victim's ankle, sometimes even severing footpaws.

  • Saron walked away slowly. He didn't want to be a part of this anymore. Though, he knew he should report his findings to the Abbey, and sticking around might be a good idea. "I can't believe I'm doing this." He turned around, and watched.

  • He slowly stood up, turning his head to where he was watching the fox with one eye as he spoke, "Does it frighten you?  The fact that you're in a building, all by your lonesome, with a cold-blooded killer?  Seeing how alone you really are?"

  • Ripper stopped quite quickly at the mention of the trap, quietly looking down at it. Wordlessly, the fox stepped around the trap and checked behind him for more. Finding none, he turned to look back at the stoat.

    "The one…" he repeated softly, musing over what it meant. The new question caught his attention, however. "No, er... One... Ripper is not afraid to be alone. Not as so much. He has been alone since hapenstance of birth."

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  • Maleficus' eyes gazed upon the fox as he listened to what he said.  The stoat wordlessly walked over to the pulpit, getting behind it as if he were some dark, terrible minister.  He spoke as he placed his paws on the pulpit, feeling the old wood, "Then, no doubt, you know that it's right.  That chaos truly owns the world.  Not the so-called law and order that these diluted woodlanders say.  If you indeed believe that that is so, then tell me…I'm most curious...why do you reside with those of Redwall?"

  • Ripper watched Maleficus stride back to the pulpit. He canted his head slightly, curiously. The fox stepped quietly to sit in one of the undamaged pews, desiring to rest his paws a moment; not that he had been on them much. The talk of chaos was somewhat confusing, but he never had been a beast with a great intellect.

    "Live with them?" he repeated, a tone of question in his voice. Looking around for a moment, he thought. "Ripper thinks you must be mistaken," he started, attention returning to the stoat. "He does not live in Redwall," the fox stated. "He scrounges for what he needs to survive and has only just recently found himself in this area."

  • The stoat couldn't help but bring a sinister grin on his half-tattooed face, "So, you do understand the path of chaos and how useless it is to turn away from it?"

  • Oh, the fox knew chaos more personally that the stoat could have probably guessed. Ripper thought for a moment before he grabbed at his head, shaking it almost violently. Dropping to his knees, the fox uttered and cried out as though he were fighting with himself. After a moment, he fell silent; an almost psychotic grin spread across his muzzle.

    "Neat and tidy! Neat and tidy!" he shouted, "Mummy says neat and tidy is how things have to be, not this chaos stuff!" Eyes wide with wonder and lunacy, he giggled. He dropped his voice to only loud enough to carry through the room to the stoat. "But, Mummy doesn't see what I see. Mummy doesn't know what I know. Would you like to hear a secret?"

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