A Single Step

  • Muamin al-Wyuli scowled slightly as she surveyed Salamandastron and its surrounding land from atop a dune. Salamandastron, she thought, her tail curling in annoyance.You will be the first stop on a long road. She glanced over her shoulder, and lessened her scowl slightly. Forty-some beases silently waited on the sand below. We'll try this diplomatically, she further mused.
    "Sa'alim!" Muamin called back over her shoulder. Almost immediately, the wildcat was flanked by a ferret and a vixen.

    "Milady, we are here," they replied in unison. Both of them knelt on the sandy dune.

    "Neda, select four of your best swordbeasts," she commanded, voice calm and stern. "You and they shall accompany me to the mountain under the flag of parley. Sasha, you will remain here with the rest. Make camp, but keep out of sight."

    Both of the attending beasts said, simultaneously, "Thy will be done." They cast sidelong glances at each other, scowling.  Muramin knew of their fierce rivalry, and used it to push them to perform.

    "Dismissed." Both attending beasts returned to the crew below. We are coming, Lord Badger. I hope you are willing to listen, for both our sakes.

    Midday: the bright sun shone down through clear skies upon six beasts as they trudged towards the mountain fortress. Muramin headed the group, followed by a vixen and four other vermin-types. She had not ordered them to be disarmed; that would have been tantamount to suicide. However, they were careful to make no motion towards them. This was to be a peaceful encounter. As the drew ever nearer, it could have been long before someone raised alarm.

  • Hon Florion looked to the hare beside him, Hon was obviously NOT expecting to fight vermin on his visit to Salamandastron, but, he was a hare, and he actually was enjoying hiding in the dunes.  "By my Grandfather Pickory's pocketwatch!" he thought, "here comes the wildcat, let's see if the bloody old sot wants to parley….or die!"

  • Muramin al-Wyuli signaled for the group to stop, quietly sniffing at the air.  The scent of the salt water spray from further down the beachhead made it difficult to get a true feeling of the goings on around her, but she had long since expected to meed some sort of patrol.  They may have been good at stealth, but she knew better than to expect them to be that good.  Her paws slid to the curved blades she wore, the others imitating after a moment.  Finally, the feline rose to her full height.

    "I know you are at there, hares of Salamandastron!" she called out, carefully looking about her.  "Declare yourselves.  I carry a message to your Lord, and would see that it arrives in one piece."

  • Hon Florion called back, "never, tricky CAT!  MANGE!  FOOL!" he turned to the hare next to him and said, "we should charge!" the hare just looked at him and said one word, "go." Hon Florion sprang up and pointed an accusing paw at the cat and called the other hares, "GO!  YOU DIE NOW, SCUM!  EULALIAAAA!"

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  • Muramin al-Wyuli's accompaniments reacted as they had been trained, drawing their curved blades with lightning speed.  Only a barked command kept the five from charging the hare, though they remained more than ready to engage an enemy that came to meet them.  Though her paws rested on her own blades, the feline had yet to draw them.  She hoped that this hare might see reason.

    "I suppose it would be a fool that seeks to reason with her foes, thereby staving off a fruitless skirmish," the wildcat countered, gazing up at the hare pointing her way.  "If you still wish to fight, I will grant you the death of a warrior.  It would be a pity, though; I had hoped to avoid shedding blood this day."

  • "Destroy!  Get them!  EULALIAAAA!  He started to flung one vermin away, and then spotted the cat, "your mine!"

  • Muramin al-Wyuli could not help but smile at the decision, the four not thrown grouping around their comrade until he could return to his hindpaws.  They stood in a circle, blades out and held ready to fend off attacks and protect each other.  The wildcat's smile grew as she watched them use the methods she had trained them with.

    "Very well, Hare," she said, taking up her two blades.  Her expression fell back to one considerably more grim, her tail twitching behind her in agitation.  "I accept your challenge," Muramin steadied herself for battle, holding the blade in her left paw up with the one in her left pointed slightly downward.  Battle was her element, and she intended to show the hare just what a mistake it was to desire to cross blades with her.

  • 'Let us bally well begin!" he lunged at the cat, ready….

  • Muramin al-Wyuli awaited the hare's move.  And he lunged…  Acting quickly, the wildcat shifted low and brought both blades into the hare's path.  Unless something else were to change his leap, he would likely kill himself right there.

    Fighting a land war in south-east asia had just become number two on the list.

  • Florion quickly rolled to one side, avoiding the two blades, he had just narrowly escaped death….

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    Muramin al-Wyuli shifted again as the hare narrowly avoided his own demise.  However, he was still left in a vulnerable position.  Knowing better than to approach where he could kick, however, the wildcat chose to give him the time to return to his hindpaws.  Only in a massed battle could one strike a foe from another angle beyond the front.

    "On your hindpaws, Hare," she said, failing to carry the disdain she had for him.  "I won't soil my blades on a helpless foe."

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    BIC: The hare stood up, facing the cat, and kicked out viciously with his footpaws.

  • "You're either very brave or very foolish," Muramin al-Wyuli commented as she stepped back, out of range, from the hare's kicks.  She was studying the hare's movements and motions, fighting defensively for now.  There would be plenty of time for an attack when the hare had worn himself out.  "There is a fine line betwixt the two," added the feline, returning to a protective stance and preparing for the next attack.  "That you tread the line so flagrantly suggests more of the latter.  I will ask you once more to hold your hostilities; I only wish to carry your Lord a message."

    Truth be told, she was becomming quickly annoyed by the hare.  She hoped he was not typical of their stock, for she had heard tales of great warriors from the great fire mountain.  She had heard how they fought to defend those less-than-capable to fight for themselves, and such honor drew her interest and curiosity.  She still had hope for them yet, though, and reason would have to come forth eventually.

  • "A message?  Come….but no tricks!  Barabunk!  Twalin!  I need you!" two hares came over, one a male and one a female, they stood to attention, Hon Florion was giving out orders, "I want you to keep your lances at this mange's back, I will lead you all to the mountain, if one trick escapes this cat, KILL HER!  Forward, bally....march!" the four creatures started to march, towards the mountain....

    When they got inside to the entrance, the fighting was still going on outside, "this way!" shouted Florion.  They came to the badger lord's door and Florion knocked, "a message from the enemy cat, Your Eminence!"

  • (( Just curious, what fighting were you talking about? The only battle was between our characters. ))

    Muramin al-Wyuli relaxed slightly, looking back towards those she had taken with her.  "Neda," she called out, adressing the leader of those with her, "you will hold here and wait for my return.  You may use all force make end to a fight, but you are not to begin one.  Am I clear?"

    The vixen hesitated for a moment, then dropped to a 2n6ee.  "Thy will be done, Mistress," she responded, still ready to protect herself should one of the other hares dare attack at that moment.

    In the back of Muramin's mind, she had considered ordering her escort back to camp, but she decided against it at the last moment.  Better that they wait there, than lead hares back to the rest of her small force.  They could wait for her, after all, and she was not about to do something stupid enough to get her killed… At least, thats' what the wildcat hoped.

    As they drew nearer the mountain, Muramin marveled at the sight.  She could make out several positions from which archers could fire upon an attacking enemy.  She saw numerous places for well-hidden traps.  She expected any siege to use them all and hoped that it would not come to finding them out first hand.

    On the inside, she quickly took to memory the way to the entrance.  Muramin doubted that she would need to use it in haste, but did not want to take that chance.  She, likewise, kept her paws away from the hilts of her blades; niether surrendering them nor moving to draw them.  Upon reaching the badger lord, the wildcat would drop to a knee as they had seen the vixen do.

    "My Lord," she said, her voice calm in tone, "I bring a message from my Mistress, The Lady of the Wastes."

    (( Hon, we'll need a third person to play the badger lord, and we need them now. ))

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  • Sunblade the Swift was the very essence of the title badger Lord.  He was immensely strong and agile, and carried twin broadswords whose metal was that of when an asteroid struck a gold mine, binding the two elements.  These blades were hued gold and sharp as the day he made them so many seasons ago.  Bloodwrath had plagued his past and present,  being known as "the Swift" nought for his incredible agility, but his short temper and ruthlessness against his enemies.

    He sat upon his massive chair, paws gripping the hilts of his majestic weapons as he tried to control his rage upon seeing Muramin enter his domain.  Blood rushed to his eyes as he addressed the sly looking wildcat.
    "What business do you have here vermin?  You have entered my mountain under the flag of parley, but disrespect me cat and you shall soon know of why my name is Swift!"

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    BIC: "She has some jolly news for ya!  Out with it, mange!"

  • Sunblade took a drink from some ale he had in a tankard on the table

    "Aye speak cat although i have heard it all before, let me guess," Sunblade said, temper rising " You demand we surrender or meet death and destruction, do you not?  Salamandastron is not you're typical woodland encampment I must warn you.  Badgers and hares will always rule here, or die defending it!" Sunblade roared as he slammed the tankard on the table, smashing it to pieces in his rage.  Thoughts were racing through his head as he tried to control his rage Easy now badger Lord, do not show the enemy that you are a leader who is unable to control his anger, that is a sign of weakness! This cat looks unusually trustworthy…  I will have to keep a sharp eye on her, or it may mean the death of me and my hares!

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