Amelia Sinlane Furmantier

  • ((Yay,my first character! ;D))

    Name:Amelia Sinlane Furmantier


    Age:14 human years


    Description:A tannish young hare with dark brown eyes. She's of average height,but her feet,for some unknown reason are overlarge.

    Weapons:A small dagger for protection that she never really needed.

    Favorite Possession:A simple necklace that holds an odd stone she was given from her parents before she left.

    Strengths:A good boxer,especially when using her strong feet.In some situations, she can talk her way out.A quick learner,but only in things she's interested in.She's a very good runner and likes the way it feels to run,a favorite pastime of hers.

    Weaknesses:Can get too cocky or foolhardy or develop a temper which can get her in a lot of trouble.She's prone to make more mistakes then others her age.Amel prefers to stay away from water and avoids it as much as she can.

    Story:Living in Salamandastron,Amel's a runner but dreams of joining the Long Patrol.Known as a troublemaker,but pleasant to be around,everybeast is still relieved when she's out patrolling.

    Her parents sent her to be raised with relatives at Salamandastron as a baby to be looked after,not able to stand her anymore.There Amel stayed ever since being taught by her uncle and aunt and growing around cousins.Normally her uncle teaches her how to use the dagger he gave her to prepare her for the Long Patrol but she's already very strong, taught boxing from another hare at the mountain.

    When not doing anything (beside eating)Amel's usually alone practicing on the dagger she still found no use for,running a few laps for the fun of it, or boxing at imaginary foes in the air.

  • Looks pretty good, Dotti. Nothing outstanding, but no major holes either… A balanced character, I should think.

  • Thanks. 😄 I'm a very balanced person.

  • Global Moderator

    This was your first character? Can't wait to see her in action.

  • She's been pretty bored lately… 😉

  • YAY!  Finally, another hare!  Please use her!

  • Well, what do you think? 🙂

  • YES!

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