• I'm getting kind of annoyed there isn't much in the forums right now.At least things I'm interested in. 😛 So I'm posting this.

    Does anyone remember the Laterose?I mean THE Laterose.Brought to the Abbey.I'm not saying where it came from. 😶 The rose in the Abbey grounds that blooms a little later than normal.I noticed it's only mentioned in a few of the earlier books.I just want to know what happened to it.

    And milk.
    While I was rereading Mossflower I noticed milk came up often.I don't remember any cows walking around.That would be creepy.  😮 Or goats.

    Even if it was a mistake Brian Jacques made in one book,there's other problems too.How do they bake things like bread or pastries without milk?Unless there's a substitute you can use.

  • Last I recall reading (don't recall where), they use a substance known as 'milksap', which is a plant-based milk substitute.

  • Hmmm…I really have no idea... I think you are right though CyberStorm, I thought I read that too...

  • I read that they use Milksap, apparently it works just as well as regular milk. 😛

    And I don't know about the rose…maybe it got trampled on in "Loamhedge"?

  • I figured out the milk problem!In the book Redwall,Brian wrote that there are cows!

    And goats!

    Yeah,I'm just kidding. 🙂 But you guys are right about the milksap.I think it was in Triss.I also noticed in Redwall,he wrote a brief sentence about a dog.That talked.Then,technically he mentioned it again in Salamandastron when there was a stoat named…Doghead.

    I don't see why he didn't keep the dog.I mean,if there can be cats can't there be dogs too? 
    I also have another point to make that I found while reading Salamandastron.

    Where's Nameday?!
    They chose a name for each season,but when was the last time there was a celebration,with a feast and games?And when was the last time Brian even mentioned the name of the season.I just can't remember them in the later books.

    To conclude,I guess the name of this topic is now:

  • P.S.Milksap is in Salamandastron too.Just finished it this morning. 🙂

  • He probably left out animals larger than a badger, for size reasons. Badgers are about the size of a raccoon or small cat. A dog could easily walk over Redwall's Walls. A horse would be like Godzilla.

  • Yeah, I suppose large animals would mess up everything. 😕 But it would be cool if there was a book with a "giant" dog or something.

  • Hears a story for you.

    This morning I opened up Taggurung and started drawing the 3rd book's picture.

    I'm the kind of artist who can't come up with their own stuff right on the spot(at least anything good),so I copy other things.                    …..

    Anyways,when I was almost done I took a break.I start to look at the pic I was drawing and compare it to the front cover,thinking about how they're always so different,when I realized something.

    The Tagg on the front had whiskers,but the one I was doing didn't!Then I think and look back on the other chapter pictures and realize that they didn't have any either!

    Moral:The artists for Redwall need to coordinate with each other better.

    Of course I gave Deyna whiskers. 🙂

    I guess I'll just use this place to point out the funny things I find in Redwall and just it add to the title.


    Anyone else?

  • Truly, I consider Redwall to be the aberration to the world. Jacques had yet to set all the details, and I don't consider the outliers present to be a factor.

  • @SledDogin:


    NO I'M NOT! 🙂
    Well that was his first book,and he hasn't used horses since.I'm sure he regrets it.

    But I did question the size of the plant life a while ago.From how he describes the Redwall world,it seems like ,the trees for example,are also sized down for them.I mean for the smaller animals.Imagine 2 rats cutting down a 50 year old oak.

    Jacques did the size range between the animals  correct,but a cat could crush those trees without meaning to.

    And the bigger the animal,the smaller the sword of Martin would be for them,correct?
    Originally,it was made for a mouse,so it would be like a dagger to the hare in Doomwyte.

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