The League of the Strawberry Land-Pirates!

  • Astro and Rockfire were walking along in the orchards, and noted the strawberries. Astro said, "Hey, Rockfire, 'ows 'bout we go libowate dah Stwawberries?" Rockfire nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah! We can be… erm... da Stwawberry Bandits?" Astro shook his head. "Nah! 'Ow about... Dah Weague o' da Stwawberry Wand-Piwates!" Rockfire shouted, "Yeah! Ooh! Ooh! Can I be first mate?" "Sho! An' I'll be da Cap'n!" Rockfire nodded. Astro said, "Okay, to dah Stwawberry patch!"

  • Quarrel looked up from his job of picking Strawberries.
        "Oops" Was all he got to say.

  • Because he was suddenly bowled over by a horde of Dibbuns!
    "Attack!" One of the little monsters yelled, "Take wha ya can. Den back to da secwet hideout! Huwwy mates! o' i'll have ya tails for me gardens."

  • "Get out of the strawberries ya' fluffy cream-fuffs!"
        Quarrel certanly wasn't getting anywhere, but he had to save something at least. Nevertheless, the instant he got up and looked into the basket he saw his efforts were wasted. They were gone.
        When he looked at the ground he could see every inch of devistated garden the dibbuns had passed through. He moaned just thinking of what the gardener might say.

  • Astro whooped joyfully, and popped a strawberry into his mouth. "Back to da tent, everybeast! Huwwy, 'afore da elders cath on!"

  • -ooc- ??? Where IS the secret club house? I guess it's a secret to me too…

  • -OOC-It's a part of the abbey grounds, but it could be near the orchards. And also, ummm… where did all the other dibbuns come from? When the thread started, it was only Astro and Rockfire.

  • -ooc- I'm not sure. I guess they decided to join in??? Oh well…

    -ic- The secret clubhouse was just outside the kitchen windows, in a small patch of bushes. "Did we lose 'em?" One dibbun asked aloud.

  • Rockfire said, "I tink so! We got da swawbewwies!" There was a cheer from the dibbuns, but Astro said, "Shhhh!!!! Da fwiah will hear!"

  • Whoop!
        Quarrel appeared out of nowhere and snatched the basket of berries from Rockfire's paws, then, ignoring the pleas of the little dibbuns, he walked away and back to the garden for more berries.

  • "It's your fault!" One dibbun yelled pointing his his neighbor. "It was you that maded the most noise!"
    "Nu huh! It was You!"

  • "Guys! Quiet!!!! We gotsa figah out how tah get dem back!" yelled Astro. "Now lets tink of a pwan." One dibbun yelled, "Wet's put a minnow in his shirt!!!!" "What would dat do?" "We should hit 'im with a flan!" "No good, da Fwiah's still in da kitchen."

  • Billu, young squirrel piped up.  " We could go get some of da otta nets an trow dem over Quarre'." he said with a mischievious smile.

  • ooc: Love the avvie Ensis! ^_^

    bic: "Yes, yes! The net!" cried the dibbuns. Determined to retrieve thier lost berries at any and all cost, the dibbuns ran over a poor mousemaid as they charged for the fishing house. "Oh! Those dibbuns are so troublesome! They should be locked up!" she said to no one as she brushed herself off. She then marched in doors not noticing where the dibbuns were headed for… Trouble!

  • OOC: Thanks.  I edited a picture to make it.  If you want to find the picture,
    BIC:  Billu rushed into the small shack. There were nets pilled every where. " Grab a holla' buncha' netth an' tie them alla' togetta'. Data way it'ill fittove fat ol Quarre'.  Heeheheh." He rubbed his tiny paws together in antisipation.

  • Quarrel, in the meantime, was picking more berries and humming quietly. Slowly, he began to wonder where the dibbuns had gone to. They had wanted the strawberries and it didn't seem likely that they would give up so easily on getting them.
        Warily, he looked around, but saw nobody around. Still suspicious, he went back to work.

  • The dibbuns moved, as quitely as dibbuns could, towards the orchard.  Some were giggling in the back, "Shush you silly beasties, we don' t want Quarre' to see us a'commin."

  • Quarrel started humming again as he worked and failed to hear the dibbuns until they were right on top on him… literaly.

  • " Pulla down the netth so he can't get free." cried Billu as he grabbed the berry backet.  "Tieya da battum to getha so he can't come anda chase us. Good, good. come on, lets go.  DAB, DAB."

    OOC: incase you haven't read Triss, Dab means Dibbun's Against Baths.

  • Quarrel, who at this point had lost all hope of collecting to berries for the Friar, submitted to inprisonment and played along as best he could… With a catch of course:
        "Help! Help! The naughty dibbuns have me! They're gonna chop me up and stew me in the friars pot if I don't tell them were the horde of giant strawberries is!"

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