Ripper: Where Two Minds Aren't Necessarily Better Than One

  • General Statistics
    Full Birth Name: Jack Blackpaw
    Nickname: Ripper
    Species: Fox
    Age: 21 Seasons
    Sex: Male

    Known Family:
    –--> Ellen “Mummy” Blackpaw (Mother)
    ----> Roger Blackpaw (Father)
    ----> Allison Blackpaw (Sister)
    Marital Status: Single

    Physical Statistics
    Height: 5’11” (or equivalent)
    Weight: 138 lbs (or equivalent)
    Fur Color: Orange-red base, white underbelly/throat, black ‘gloves’/‘boots’
    Eye Color: Brown

    Ripper is a thin fox showing the signs of rather horrible physical abuse. His pelt is mottled with obvious signs of painful, though not damaging, torture.  His ribs are visible beneath his pelt, showing the signs of an extended captivity with less-than-adequate nourishment.

    Loin cloth

    Ripper is, in a word, insane. The combination of innocence, ignorance, and another’s limitless quest for knowledge he lacked has torn his mind asunder. This madness manifests as a number of various personae all vying for dominance. Of the multitudes within the poor fox, there are two dominant characters.

    The first one is Ripper’s rational side. Calm, intelligent, and often quiet, it shows the majority of the fox’s cunning and control. Often speaking in the third person, it often serves as the dominant persona for extended periods of calm. Sudden changes or happenings, however, tend to upset the rational side into losing control.

    Wrought during his time under a talented knife-paw, Ripper’s second persona is his inner child from his past.  Simple-minded and living for the moment, he is seldom quiet or deep of thought. Instant gratification rules the day. Anyone with skill at directing children will have some luck in dealing with this side. His defining characteristic is the constant, and ever-changing, references to what ‘Mummy’ says.

    Ripper was one of a pair of fraternal twins born to a vixen matriarch and her chosen mate for that season.  Taking his fur pattern more from his father and being second of the two born, he was seen as a pariah by nearly everyone within the tribe. The only one who seemed to care for the young fox was his twin.

    Seasons would pass, and Ripper endured the near-daily beatings and humiliations for all manner of transgressions – both real and otherwise.  He managed to find a few other boys to play with around his age and, after a particularly harsh ‘lesson’ from his mother, decided to set out on his own. Fate, however, had other, more cruel plans. Not more than a stone’s throw from the village, Ripper’s sister caught up with him and begged him not to leave. That was just the time a neighboring mustelid village decided to raid. In the ensuing skirmish, Ripper’s sister was slain. Distraught with grief, Ripper’s mother blamed him and sought to ‘teach him what real pain was.’

    OOC Notes
    This is still VERY WIP, though any preliminary feedback/critique is welcome.

  • This is a splendid Character Profile.  I like how the name is Jack, and you call him the Ripper, like Jack the Ripper, haha

    I can close my eyes after reading it, and picture a mottled, starved, insane fox (with a handsome coat I must add, apart from it being dull and mottled) on the brink of becoming a maniac, with a split personality of a calm and rational person.  It is indeed an interesting character, I must say

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