Tycho Dawnfletcher

  • Nickname: Tycho

    Full Name: Tycho Dawnfletcher

    Species: Sea Otter

    Description: A tall, broad-shouldered sea otter with blue eyes and greyish fur. He wears a green tunic and brown trousers, both of rough linen. Most of his belongings are worn in an oilcloth roll over his shoulder, under a grey oilskin cloak. He wears a green oilskin hood over it all, and normally wears it up, even when it isn't raining.

    Possessions: A plain longbow as tall as he is, a quiver hanging at his hip on a baldric over his left shoulder. Half of his arrows use orange and red fletchings, and are standard barbed broadheads. The other half are blue and red, and are flight arrows with bodkin points. He carries 24 of each at a time, but he keeps the flight arrows in a bark case wrapped up in his bedroll. His seax is sheathed at the small of his back, with the hilt to the right. A small steel buckler is hooked to his belt at his left hip.

       - Tycho is a mercenary, a professional archer. A lifetime of drawing the longbow has made him stronger than most beasts his size.
       - His travels have allowed him the opportunity (as it were) to survive in multiple climates, giving him a good base of knowledge for survival in most areas.
       - Extensive experience as a bow for hire includes the knowledge to make bows and arrows, and teach others to do the same. Most often, he is hired not to act as a surrogate defense, but to train and equip a force, as a sort of consultant.
       - Has a good eye for defense, arranging troops and supplies.

       - While deadly at range, and strong, Tycho lacks any formal schooling in the blade. The bow was a hunter's weapon, and one he took to readily, but swordplay always evaded him.  He carries a seax, and can use it to great effect, but not through skill. His best option in close combat is to attempt to drag the foebeast in close where his strength and seax are actually useful. A skilled spearbeast or a fighter with a sword and shield are somewhat beyond him.
       - As a mercenary, he has a bit of a stigma in that somebeasts feel his work is only for the pay, and therefore find him untrustworthy.
       - Never wears armor; finds it too constricting to his shooting. Even the typical bracer is scorned, Tycho having practiced to shoot without one.

      Tycho grew up in a coastal holt of sea otters who often hired out as marines aboard trade vessels for protection in pirate infested waters. While an able swimmer, like most of his kind, Tycho never much took to the open sea, and when he came of age he chose instead to take the knowledge of his clan inland.  He bears with him a scrap of parchment with a message; should he settle with another clan or holt of otters, the message from his elders beseeches his new hosts to send one of their own to his home holt, to keep the otter bloodlines clean.

    Updates may occur, and suggestions are welcome.

  • Woah….  This looks REALLY cool. I'm excited to see where this goes. ^_^ Keep me posted.

    Do you have any particular story ideas with this, or do you want to jump into the current story arc? It would be really interesting to have the King of Floret hire your chara to help deal with the vermin and see how he and Harack butt heads.

  • Finished, for now.

    Where should I begin?

  • pretty cool if you ask me! 🙂 he should be a companion of the dream character i got in my head!  😉

  • I don't think Tycho's much of a companion of anyone, but I'll keep an open mind.

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