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  • Saron decided it was about time to get acquainted with everyone around the Abbey. The best spot was here. Saron glanced around to see if he could hop into some conversation of some sort. "Ugh, for a spring day it's pretty hot out!" He decided that he would find some new friends in the shade instead, or maybe have them come to him in the shade. After all, the people of Redwall are very friendly people right? Saron crouched down in the shade and waited for someone friendly enough to approach him.

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    Eleena leaned against the Abbey wall and began to shout. Hopefully someone would hear them. Hopefully.

  • "Hmm…whats that? Hey! Who calls?" Saron glanced from side to side but saw no one. "Where are you?" He took another look around himself, but there was nothing. Who could be calling?

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    "Hmm…whats that? Hey! Who calls?" Saron glanced from side to side but saw no one. "Where are you?" He took another look around himself, but there was nothing. Who could be calling?

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    Eleena slumped down against wall, and yelled again.

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  • "Well that doesn't help" Muttered Saron under his breath. "What is your name? Where are you!?" Saron shouted as loud as he could in hopes that he could figure out exactly where the sound was coming from, it looked like it was right behind the wall.

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  • Eleena faintly heard a yell. It sounded like "Dare is fur fame? Hare far too?"
    "What is this, a crazy house or an abbey?" she thought to herself.
    "Help us! We're outside! Get outside to help us!" She yelled loudly, hoping whoever was inside would hear her.

  • Saron acted quick, and dashed for the Abbey Gate closest to where the sound came from. It took a few words to get the gate keeper to finally open the door before he popped his head out seeing Eleena lying against the wall. "Hey! What seems to be the problem?" There didn't seem to be much danger about, and so he jogged over and calmed down a bit. "Are you OK?"

  • Raav and Eleena were slumped against. Raav had passed out, and Deevit was asleep in the cart, oblivious to it all. Eleena heard the door open, and a spiked head pop out. A hedgehog ran out and asked
    "Are you OK?"

    She nodded, and said "Help me up, please."

  • "Erm yeah sure." He held up a hand to pull Eleena. "Who are all you people, and what happened?" Saron looked around to a fairly sad scene. One person was passed out, and another was…asleep? "Oh, and welcome to Redwall." Saron figured they knew where the group was, but hospitality was important to him.

  • She smiled and grabbed his hand. Before she answered him, she whistled loudly and a loud clatter, and a large owl flew out from the Abbey. She turned to the owl and said "Cheechi, take Deevit inside." She turned back to the hedgehog, and said "My name is Eleena." She pointed to Raav, "and this is my overzealous husband. He was so anxious to get here, he insisted on running the cart. He's hurt himself, and he's passed out from running. Could you ask someone to bring him inside, please. " She ducked as Cheechi flew off with Deevit softly locked in his talons.

    She began to walk inside, and turned around and said "I don't believe I caught your name."

  • "Oh uhh…sorry. My name is Saron. Nice to meet you all. IF you would just follow me, I can get a few beasts to help." Saron took a turn into the inside buildings of the Abbey to see if there were a few beasts running about that could help out. "So what was the rush to get here? It sounded like you had a bit of a problem." Saron always had a mixed feeling about anything that is vermin. After all, he was attacked by a few. He learned to forget this eventually, with a small bit of tension anyway. HE spotted a few mice that were sitting around and told them of the situation. The immediately ran off to fetch the husband.

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    "Nice to meet you, Saron." She followed him into the abbey. She was so amazed at the marvelous craftsmanship, she almost didn't hear Saron ask her a question.
    "Hmm? Oh, nothing really. Raav was just eager to get here. He gets that way sometimes. He's more active now, then he was when he was your age, and often times he hurts himself. Seeing as I'm carrying this babe, I can hardly get up and down anymore. "

  • "Ah, well, stay as long as you like. I'm sure the Abbot wont mind to have new visitors. How long will you be staying? Or are you actually planning on living here for now on? It is pretty nice here." A light smile shown on Saron's face. He met new friends in the oddest of ways.

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    "We used to be wanderers, but Raav's getting older. He just can't around like he used to. On top of all this, we've got one child to look after, and expecting another. So we decided to settle down.    The only thing Raav's good at is taking up space, and eating. He's not very good with his hands, I'm afraid. We wouldn't last very long on our own. So, to answer your question… Yes, we're thinking of living here." She stopped and admired the abbey. She flinched slightly as a raindrop hit her square on the head.
    "Oh my, I didn't notice it was getting ready to rain." She looked up, as some storm clouds moved overhead.

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    BBC: "Hmm…it is about to rain. We best head inside. Follow me." Saron and Eleena made it indoors just in time. A downpour quickly started up as beasts made a run for indoors. "Darn, it was a beautiful day earlier. Bet you are glad your husband rushed to get here now 'eh? Well, I suppose it would be best to find a place for you all." He started wandering to find someone of a higher authority to arrive. He didn't exactly know where the new-comers could stay. "So where do you all come from?"

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    Once inside Eleena walked into the Great Hall and marveled at everything.  Without turning around, she said "Raav used to live in Rugbark Village, near the mouth of River Moss. I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of the village. It's long since been abandoned. Most of my life was living with the our clan. Really nothing special." Deevit came running down the stairs, with Cheechi hot on his trail, going as fast as he could go on land. Deevit ran around Eleena and hid behind her dress. Cheechi looked around quizzically "Oh my. I wonder where Deevit has gone." He slowly sneaked around Eleena, and grabbed the back of Deevit's shirt with his beak. He got a running start, and flew up the stairs to the second. Eleean smiled and laughed slightly.
    "Those two are going to get in some trouble here" She said.

  • "I'm sure they are no worse than the dibbuns around here. Heh, back with my old family I remember a strict ruling by my parents. It's a bit more light around here." Saron smiled as Cheechi and Deevit had swung up the stairs in a hurry. Saron joking laughed, "I just hope that don't run into the Abbot right away. You wouldn't want a bad reputation as soon as you got here would you?"  "As for Rugbark village, no, I don't believe that I have heard of it. Why was it abandoned?"

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    "I'm not exactly sure.  We just found it abandoned, when we returned." Eleena said.  "And I'm sure they won't get into too much trouble."

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    BBC:"Well that sounds like a bit of a mystery. Who knows, maybe someone around here knows what happened to your village." Saron had a puzzled look. "And if not, I'm sure a few of us around here would be willing to check it out. It sounds like a fairly nice journey to me.

  • Eleena chuckled slightly. "Oh don't worry about it. Those things happen to small wilderness villages. Our clan saw it all the time. Vermin in the area,  they just pack up and move. Often times, people get the urge to move on, and leave. Raav checked some of the houses before he left, and they were cleared out, and the doors were locked." Eleena looked around for a second and then said "Lets go see if Raav's alright."

    Raav rolled over in the infirmary bed. He yawned slightly, and slowly sat up in his infirmary bed. He looked around. It was raining outside, and daylight was fading into twilight. Raav made an attempt to get up, and he gasped as a shocking pain ran through his leg,starting in his footpaw.

    A short mousemaid rushed over to Raav. "Please don't try to get up sir. You've sprained your footpaw." Raav looked up at the mousemaid and said "Where am I? Am I at Redwall?"
    The mousemaid say "Yes. You are, you're in the infirmary." Raav slowly slumped down, just as someone knocked at the door.

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