Saron Twinspike

  • Nickname: Saron

    Full Name: Saron Twinspike

    Species: Hedgehog

    Age: Equivalent of 28 years

    Description:  Saron has dark brown eyes and a brown gray fur. A long scar goes along his back down to his right ankle from a fight when he was younger.

    Possessions: One and a half Sword, A letter from his parents, pocket lint, and his courage.

       -Sword Fighting
       -Very easy to get along with
      -Never was good at using a sling
      -Doesn't know a lot of the people in the Abbey
      -Suffers a slight limp from the wound on his leg. (Slowly healing)

      Saron used to live with the rest of his family in Mossflower woods as the family Warrior and Protector. One day however, he had left with his younger brother to practice their fighting skills. Saron had hoped that his little brother would fight along side him in battles ahead. However, during their time away, a group of vermin lead by the corsair Curse Eyes destroyed their home, and savagely killed Saron's parents. (Yes I know it's cliche, but keep reading, it gets better.) When they had arrived home, the vermin where still retrieving supplies from the home. Immediately Saron and Aldar were charged upon, at which point Saron ordered his brother to run. Saron could not manage to fight twenty vermin at once and was violently slashed along the back, and to his brothers dismay, fell to the ground. The vermin payed no more attention to him, as a few unsuccessfully tried to find Aldar and the rest finished gathering everything in the house.

    Luckily, about an hour later a few people from Redwall found him semi-conscious and bleeding. The quickly rushed him back to the Abbey where he was treated as well as the Abbey could do. Afterwords, he decided to stay in the Abbey, and try to restart his life there. He hasn't found out where his brother has gone off too, and still has a slight limp from the battle wound. However, it is getting progressively better.

    Thanks guys, I'm glad to be a part of the website.  ::)

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