A thousand souls for KAEDE;;

  • Note: You need to read it all, especially the history, or else she will seem very common and like she is one of the 'bad guys.' I'm quite sure you will never find another just like her. :3 She is based off a song called 'Drowning Lessons' by My Chemical Romance. i can explain if anyone likes.

    Nickname: Fable

    Full Name: Kaede Melody Dawnshadow (First name is said 'Kah-eh-deh.' Japanese accent.)

    Species: Red Fox

    Age: 28 in human years

    Kaede was once a very pretty vixen, with features of grace and good breeding. She is short for her species, but is built solidly, her bones thick enough to take a bit of a beating. Her figure is purely that of a female, the curvy hourglass shape studied by artists showing perfectly. Her fur is red-orange, yet her stomach, chest, throat, and chin are all a delicate white of pale lace. Her paws and ears are a bark chocolate brown which is just a few shades off from sparkling candy eyes, which have long lashes. Her nose is small and delicate, and her lips are thin as well. However, since her birth, she has marred the body she was graced with. On one cheek, her left, is a bright sun, the other containing a pale crescent moon. Her left arm has tattoos running down it, all of them pretty things like ivy, flowers, and butterflies. Yet the other arm is a hidious scene of death and decay, swords and blood covering where the fur didn't. Yet she knows to cover them as well as she can. Over her body is a black dress, hugging curves yet giving her legs enough room to walk. The dress's skirt is cut off right about her knees. A cloak of midnight black is placed on her back with a thick metal star over her heart. The cloak is oddly made, however, as it also has long sleeves that cover the tattoos. It can be cast aside, but she normally wears it around humble and peaceful creatures. A belt is on her hip with a bag on one side, making it appear lopsided.

    Kaede's only possessions are her clothing, her little bag, and the bag's contents. In the bag are two daggers and three throwing knives.  She has a grand knowledge of herbs, and mostly uses it against others via poisons she creates. She carries a few vials for these, and a few bandages. Apart from that, she relies on the land.

       - Knows how to brew poison
       - Can use her ghastly appearance to spy
       - Knows how to survive in the wild
       - Quick in reflex and wit
       - Okay at combat, but not great

       - Is not good at fighting when she has to play fair
       - Is a bit insane due to old memories
       - Doesn't fit in well with peaceful societies due to her appearance
       - Cowardly
       - Fear of heights

      Kaede Melody Dawnshadow was not born as most heroes were. She was born into a band of roaming thieves, who often used violence to solve problems. She learned most her lessons from this school of hard knocks. In this limited culture, upon turning fourteen, she was considered an adult. While out gathering food for the rest of the group, they were forced to move camp to avoid a group of hares who seemed capable of harm. Upon seeing the hares from her hiding place in the bushes, Kaede was overwhelmed and fled into the forest. As night fell she countuined to run, but running in a thick, dense forest was impossible. Her feet became tangled in tree roots and she fell with a twisted ankle. Hurt and afraid, she hid herself as best she could, paranoia telling her the hares had followed her. She woke up to a small group of creatures in armour looming over her. She tried to escape from them, but collapsed due to her hurt foot. One of the creatures was a dog-fox whom introduced himself as Zane, who said in a pleased voice that he was training to be a warrior of the fortress he lived in. They offered Kaede medical attention and she took it, partly out of the trace the charming lad had put her in.
      However, six years passed. Kaede worked with medics, whom excepted her after her awful upbringing. She pooled over books that they taught her to read, and would study from them. She and Zane had become very good friends, and it was not shocking for her to find she loved him. However, after a great bit of illness, she and Zane hardly spoke for a long time due to the business of the vixen. When they finally spoke, Zane asked his best friend if she would help with the wedding - he was to marry another maid. Kaede was outraged, but swallowed this anger, telling herself she would have vengeance for not returned feelings. As Zane's blissful day came, Kaede dressed to the nines. At the end of the wedding, Zane asked her to bring the wine for he and his bride; the crafty vixen took their goblets, his golden one and her silver one, to the kitchens which were empty now. She emptied a vial of wolfsbane into the silver cup, coating it all with poisonous toxin. She filled it with the darkest wine to hide her crime, and brought back the cups. She stood smugly at the back of the courtyard as Zane kissed the bride and tried not to cry. As they raised their glasses, they did something unexpected - they traded glasses. Kaede jumped out of her seat, but it was too late, her beloved had already taken a large portion from the wine. Almost immediately he began to choke. The bride screamed and she as well as most of the rest ran off, screaming for a medic. Kaede used her status at one to make her way to him. Using adrenaline strength, she lifted him and ran out of the fortress.
      She lay him down as he spoke his last words to her. He told her that his work was not done. Kaede's mind was shredded to madness. She hid his body in that clearing, and then ran. She dreamed fevered dreams of his ghost whispering to her pleas. He pleaded that she would live her life to kill a thousand evil men and women and bring their souls to the clearing he forever would lay. She told him she would if he'd forgive her.
      The first place she tried to find souls was in an army. True enough, she collected the first fourty-six in her service, but soon after, a dictatorship overthrew the elderly leader. A cruel and harsh Warlord replaced them, and demanded that all members were marked. Kaede fought against them tattooing her, which lead for them to do it more than they normally would. After being forced to murder a child's father in front of young eyes, she turned on her officer and used her blade on him. Number 47. She collect numerous more and ended up joining up in a group called the Noonvale Patrol. She had ventured into the outskirts of Mossflower Woods. After adding myriad souls to her count while a commander of the Patrol, she moved on again. She joined numerous forces for short periods to rack up souls for her old deal. If she makes to stop her promise, her madness strikes again and she would go at with vigor.
      The crazed vixen now finds herself wandering to Redwall Abbey, with fewer than 400 souls to go.

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