Sapphire Clearwater

  • Full Name: Sapphire "Saph" Clearwater

    Species: River otter

    Age: Equivalent of 14 in human years

    Description: A young river otter, with darkish brown fur and startling blue eyes. They are the strangest thing about her, piercingly blue.  She typically wears a water-blue tunic ( she never liked the dresses her girlier friends liked to wear). She has a small star-shaped birthmark on her neck, and tries to hide it with her fur by brushing it over the birthmark. She is tall and sinewy, well-muscled from constant play and walks with friends in Mossflower  woods.

    A necklace her mom gave her
    Her blue tunic
    Her otter javelin
    A gemstone she found

    A fast swimmer
    Very bright
    Proficient with an otter javelin
    Is good at surviving in the wild
    Good at tactics

    Is not proficient at using a bow and arrows
    Not fast on land
    Prone to blurting things out
    Can be "hungry as a hare"
    Can be a troublemaker

    Bio: Saph is a troublemaker. She is noisy and loud, but don't let that fool you. Underneath her troublemaker-ness, she is a kind and funny otter. She can lose her temper, and is prone to fits of rage when she does. She hates it when people mess with her friends, and if you're one of the people who did, you better watch out. She is ruthless to her enemies, but loyal to her friends. Though she is a troublemaker, Saph is surprisingly bright. She always was, doesn't know why. She is easily frustrated, and once snapped an arrow in half after she shot a different one badly. She is a great girl, but troubled by her past.

    Background: Saph was only about 3 when vermin invaded her home. She lived in a small house in Southsward, and her and her parents farmed the land peacefully. When the vermin came, her mother was killed, and her and her father were dragged aboard the ship and enslaved. The ship was the Bluddtyde and its captain was Slinktro Bligetip the searat. She has fuzzy memories of Slinktro, remembering him beating them and laughing with his cruel first mate. One day, the Bluddtyde crashed against rocks, and Saph and her father, now gaunt and thin, escaped into the woods- as well as Slinktro Bilgetip and his first mate. Saph seeks to destroy Slinktro to this day. Saph and her father made their way to Redwall Abbey, where they were able to build a new life.

    Anyone like it? I think this chara's better than some of my past ones. If anyone wants to be Saph's dad/Slinktro Bilgetip/the first mate, that would be great!

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