• Phil, the crazy old hedgehog who was under the impression that he was a hare, was resting beneath a tree. As he watched the birds and bugs, welcoming the Spring, he started to feel drowsy under the midday sun. He yawned, and said quietly to himself, "Ah, well… I s'pose a spot o' rest wouln' do meself any 'arm, wot?" He put his paws on his belly, slumped forward, and closed his eyes. Within minutes, the creature was asleep. For his peace and age, you might think he had died, save for that his snoring would wake up a rock.

  • Suddenly someone dropped a pear into his mouth while his mouth was wide open, mid-snore.

  • -ooc- LOL  😄

  • Phil snorted, and spluttered, and awoke. "Phwaw!" The pear shot about 5 feet. Phil got up, blinked, and called, "Arigh'! The blighter 'oo jus' dropped a pear in me bally food 'ole'd better show themsleves, wot!"

  • Lily wasn't the one who had done it, but she sure thought it was funny.
    Lily tried to cover her laugh, but failed miserabely…  😄

  • Phil whipped around, and pointed a finger at Lily. "You there, y'impudent rascal! Did ye put that bally pear in me food 'ole, wot?"

  • Scheitter threw a strawberry at Phil from the pear tree above. He kept throwing them at him continuously and watched them go Splat! on The hedgehog's back spikes.

  • Phil looked up at Sheitter, and blinked as a strawberry hit him between the eyes. "Well, I say, y'li'l rascal! Cease an' desist with the throwin' of the bally strawberries, wot!"

  • Sheitter looked horrified for a moment. He hid his projectiles behind his back guiltily. "I won't do it again sir! I promise I won't!" He just hoped that the hog didn't know that it was him who'd dropped the pear in his mouth.

  • Phil calmed down, and said, "Well, since y'promised… I f'give you, wot! Now, 'ow's about we go see what the bally Friah Whatsisname 'as cooked up?"

  • As soon as the hedghod had turned his head away however as huge barage of strwberries pelted him on the back. Scheitter wasn't the only one having fun with strawberries.

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