Mabuya Skink

    A small lizard with black scales and no real body-build. He is about half the height of your average beast.

    A leather bag he carries around he waist where he collects trinkets he steals. Pearls, daggers, bracelets and such. He generally doesn't get much and some of the best stuff is just bartered for food. Anything really shiny or interesting, he stashes in his cave. Besides his bag, however, and anything he happens to be carrying at a given moment, he doesn't have much.


  • Great Swimmer
  • Very fast
  • Climbs trees quickly
  • Knows how not to get caught
  • Hides well
  • Master thief
  • Can see great distances
  • Very smart, though he doesn't seem to be on first impression
  • Knows the countryside extremely well


  • Cannot use large weapons and carry carries any weapon at all
  • Has a little trouble talking. He uses exactly three words in each of his sentences
  • Kleptomaniac (Steals because of OCD)

Other Attributes:

  • Uses exactly three words in each of his sentences
  • Mischievous

    Lizards rarely stay with their parents, so you really couldn't say he ran away from home. He just sort of up and left when he came to be old enough to live on his own. He's been a loner ever since, pilfering from the pockets of travelers and making mischief in the camps of local vermin, driving them nuts. His ability to steal has made him infamous among numerous vermin horde/wandering groups. They called him the "Ghost Thief" because not many of them have seen him and even when they do they don't dare attribute this tiny creature with the famed thief.