Ari Jenska

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    Basic Info

    Name: Ari Jenska
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Species: Wolf

    Physical Info

    Appearance: Ari is a tall, sinewy wolf. He is indubitably not inordinately muscular, but you can discern that he does veritably harbor much power in his limbs and torso. Though tall, Ari would not be considered 'giant'; He is only about a head taller than most other wolves his age, and he likes it. He is what one would call 'handsome', but not overly so. His looks are fine indeed, but not really to be bragged and boasted about, nor is he incessantly sought after by females, as some other wolves he knows. Even though muscular, Ari has been told on numerous occasions that he is exceptionally slim waisted. He doesn't mind the fact that this is looked down upon by most wolves, in fact he really doesn't care when it comes to looks. His eyes are two large, slightly almond shaped orbs of lustrous sapphire. Hidden deep within these irises of blue are flecks of silver hidden, only spotted by the careful observer. His ears normally lie flat against his head, giving him a sad sort of look. He has adopted this strange trait as his own, and it has become a rare sight to see Ari with his ears perked up. This happens only when he is incandescently happy.
    His fur is a grey color, a mane forming about his neck and spiking for a little ways down his back. He also has a little ruff of fur gathered at his collar bones, creating a patch of shaggy fur on his chest. His footpaws are slightly large for his frame, with deadly looking black claws protruding from them, while his other paws are of normal size.

    Normally he wears a once-white blouse, gathered at the front with equally once-white strings. Over this, a black long coat, trimmed in gold thread adorns his upper body. A simple pair of black trousers cover his legs, held up by a thick dark brown belt. This belt holds a black scabbard for his cutlass as well as a holster for his flintlock pistol. The cutlass is made of solid steel, the hilt bound in black leather, the steel cross-guard left bare. A single silver hoop pierces his right ear, dangling in a very piratey manner. A scar traces his neck, jaggedly making it's way up to his left ear, stopping before it reaches it. The scar is a faint pinky-red color, and little fur grows over it.


    Personality: Ari is not one to hold his temper. At the slightest insult, he will rallie against his opposer. Normally he first uses words and witty comebacks. If the opponent refuses to back down after this, he uses more forcefully methods of persuasion. Usually this ends up with him succeeding, for when angered he is a deadly component and one who does not give up without fighting with everything he has. His tempers have gotten him in such trouble before, you would think he would have learned better by now, especially after being scarred from one particularly nasty brawl with a wildcat.

    Though easily angered, Ari is one loyal friend. If you are fortunate enough to befriend Ari, he has your back. He will stand by his friends to the death. Ari has never been one to love anyone more than just a brother or sister. He doesn't quite understand it himself, but numerous times he has crushed a friendship because the other person thought differently about him. He grows very sad whenever he thinks of this, so much so he has even shed a tear once.

    Ari is not one to kill insesently; If he has the choice, he'd rather spare a creatures life than brutally take it from them. He is not blood-thirsty in any way. He thinks of creatures having more value than your ordinary corsair, and is loathe to render thier souls and bodies apart, each going thier seperate ways.

    He is actually a very sensitive pirate: His heart melts at the sight of a cute little dibbun, or at sad stories. He keeps this all inside of himself; For inside, he is an emotional wreck. He always has this feeling that he doesn't belong anywhere, and this makes him sad. He doesn't want anyone to know that he is an old softie, so he keeps up a tough and harsh exterior. Only those closest to him know of his emotional turmoil, but they would sooner die than tell anyone about this; That would be a betrayal to a friend.

    Past Info

    Somewhere in the southern regions of Mossflower, the night grows cold, frost settling across the ground and trees as winter approaches. A young fox couple sit in thier den, drinking hot tea by thier fire-place. Saih, the female, glances out of the window that is situated right by the door.
    " It's going to be very cold tonight." She points out, watching as frost begins to trace a webbed pattern across the outside of the window. The male, Sika, nodds his head in agreement. Suddenly, his ears perk up.
    " Saih, I think there is some creature outside. " He stand up and, setting his tea down on the little table to the right of the door, opens the door. A rustling can be heard in the brambles to the left, then silence. Sika is about to shut the door when a tiny sound made it's way to his ears. He looked around, then finally, looked at the door-step. There, wrapped in a slightly tattered blanket, was a baby wolf. It was waking from sleeping, and making small crying noises.
    " Saih! Come here!" Sika called back inside to where Saih was still sitting, drinking her tea. With a clatter, she set her tea down and rushed over to her mate.
    " What? What is it Sika?" She exclaimed, looking about.
    Sika picked up the baby, and a sigh escaped Saih.(>.<)
    " Oh my goodness!" She exclaimed, then took it gently from Sika's outstretched paws.
    Sika looked at his mate. " No, no, don't be thinking we are going to keep it! It's a wolf, darling; it's not one of us!" Sika tried to stop her, but Saih was already inside, fetching a new blanket.
    " Oh, hush up Sika! Can't you see it's helpless?" Saih berated her mate, then proceeded to wrap the baby wolf in a new blanket. Sika sighed, resigned.
    " Well, if this is what you want. You know it's going to be hard to feed an extra mouth." He warned. Saih ignored him, cuddling the little wolf to herself.
    " Ari..."
    And so, Ari was adopted by foxes.

    It was tough, living with parents that were foxes, while he himself grew and grew to be three feet taller than them. They loved little Ari, though. They treated him like a son, and taught him everything. Ari loved Saih, she was so kind to him. He loved Sika too, but Sika was a bit more stern with Ari. He taught him how to use a blade, a pistol and such things. Saih tried numerous times to teach Ari to keep house, but Ari was not interested in such things. He would rather be out in Mossflower, fishing and egg-hunting for the family. Not long after Ari was adopted into the family, Saih bore twins, each exact replica's of each other. The only difference was that one was quite a bit smaller than the other. Abica and Jade, both girls, were a mess. They fought constantly, and often times Ari had to literally pull them apart from each other. Abica was the small one, a cute little thing with large, round green eyes. Jade was a bit more naughty than Abica, with more slanted green eyes than Abica.

    They both loved Ari as a brother, but after the age of five, they figured out he wasn't really one of them. For Ari, this was always the one thing that made him feel akward; He wasn't truly one of them. He was a wolf, and they were foxes. He loved them for sure, but he still felt out of place. At seventeen, Ari left. Of course, he told Saih and Sika and the twins, who were each fourteen by then, that he was leaving. It wasn't in his nature to be deceptive about things. Saih cried of course, as did the twins. Sika and Ari kept thier faces stern, though Ari was crying inside. Part of him wanted to stay with the family he loved, but another part of him said ' I need to leave, find creatures of my own kind.'
    Ari traveled around land for a while, but eventually ended up pirating, a life-style he took up with joy. He has been terrorizing the seas ever since.

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