Stella Camille Brighteyes

  • Name: Stella Camille Brighteyes
    Nickname: Ella
    Age: 15 years
    Weapon(s): Dagger
    Position: Wanderer
    Species: Mouse
    Gender: Female

    Stella can be described 'plain as paper'. Her looks aren't much to be bragged about; The only especially nice thing about her appearance has to be about her golden fur. It is soft and silken, cropped short and kept clean. Its shines in the sunlight and moonlight alike, acquiring a sort of shine to it. Flecks of brown and red can be spotted in Stella's fur, if one looks close enough. Her ears are rather large for her size, normally standing stiff to attention, always listening for a sign of danger. They tend to flick often, a strange quirk that Stella has had since birth. Her eyes are unusually large, almond shaped and slightly slanted at the corners, a warm brown/hazel color, with flecks of gold here and there, shining brightly. The lashes that fringe her eyes are light brown, long and thin, brushing her cheeks when she glances down-wards. A large patch of white sets apart from the golden fur across her belly and up her neck, ending in jagged ends underneath her chin. A small patch of white fur in the rough shape of a star disconnects itself from the larger patch, settling on the left side of her neck. When she smiles, her smile is crooked, creating a sort of diagonal line across her muzzle.

    She normally wears a light blue tunic made of roughly woven cotton, hemmed with gold thread. A pair of brown trousers cover her legs down to her knees, held up with a simple brown belt with a circular gold buckle. A blue bow sits about her right ear, clipped onto the short fur there. On the belt, there is hooked a dark brown scabbard for her dagger; Her dagger is a solid steel blade, etched intricately with stars near the hilt. The hilt is made of steel as well, covered with a thin layer of gold and set with a small emerald. She keeps this dagger on her person at all times, no matter what the circumstances.


    Stella's temperament is very withdrawn and quiet. She hardly talks to anyone, and has few friends because of it. Though everyone at the Abbey likes her, though she has no idea why. Even though she is very quiet, she always gives people tips and advice when she feels they need it. Some are loath to follow her advice, though, because she is so young. Stella keeps to herself, nearly always sitting by herself at meals or other such gatherings at Redwall.

    Along with her withdrawnness, she is very thoughtful. She'll spend hours on end untwisting some riddle or thinking out the mysteries of life. Even if she doesn't accomplish these tasks, she is content to accept that they are either too complex or just impossible to figure out. She admires great philosophers, and is a great thinker herself.

    In battle, her withdrawnnness disapears, replaced with fierce resolution shining in her eyes. She is a dangerous apponent, one to be feared by enemies and to be respected by allies. She has spent her last five years becoming a master of the blade, her dagger being her thirteenth birthday present and having been with her ever since. Many vermin lives have been slain with her dagger, her faithful companion Sev.

    "It's a baby girl!" Delia cried, cradling a tiny mouse babe in her arms. The little thing was crying something terrible, wailing and flailing about in her Mothers arms. And so, little Stella was born into the world.

    Since her birth, she has grown up in Redwall, safely cared for behind its huge sandstone walls. When she was six, her Father, Treja, took her on her first trip out into Mossflower. She remembered that as being one of the most memorable days of her life. She lived in Redwall for sevem years after that, and then she decided it was time to see more of the world. She journeyed all about Mossflower and even to Salamandastron, having many run-ins with vermin of all sorts. She is a wanderer to this day, roaming where she pleases and killing vermin when they oppose her.

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