Scarlet Rose Songtree

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    Basic Info
    Name: Scarlet Rose Songtree
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Red Squirrel |

    Physical Info
    Scarlet can be described as an innocent, delicate beauty; with her large eyes and finely sculpted body, she is without a doubt a rare beauty. Her pride lies in her beautiful, long, and luxurious golden-scarlet coat; The texture of which is uncommonly soft and thick, the result of constant and meticulous maintenance, it flows over her body in silken waves. Her pelt posses a healthy sheen and is streaked with gold when certain rays of sunlight caress her body. She takes pride in her magnificent tail, which often elegantly half-curls around her slender waist, and other times hangs low behind her. Her long, black claws are filed down to neat tips and she polishes them daily to keep a healthy shine and sparkle to them. Her voice is sweet and soft, higher pitched than most warrior squirrelmaidens, but has a fierce tone to it when she wants it to. Scarlet's figure is extravagantly curved, eye-catching and something that is looked upon with envy; with pretty, sweet features and large green eyes, her looks are deceiving of the fierce creature that lies within. Her frame is narrow, though not fragile as some might think to look at her small figure; her waist is slim, but not underweight, though she is very light and agile. Hidden power lies in her muscles and her shoulders hold the strength to swing a blade with force. Because of her active life, Scarlet is very physically fit; her torso is powerful, and has some muscle mass, not all that noticeable on the outside. She would be considered rather tall, and she carries herself with ease, but there is something innocent about her. Her lips are usually curved into a sweet smile, and her eyes are often shining fiercely. Set evenly into Scarlet's perfect features are two emerald orbs, huge and startling, a vivid color contrast to her golden-scarlet fur, her irises reflect the determination, love, and confidence that pulses through her entire body. Her pupils are two drops of midnight black liquid and her beautiful eyes are fringed with long thick lashes, the same color, that curl upward prettily.
    Scarlet wears a plain white poets blouse, gathered with a touch of lace at the cuffs. Over this she wears a red vest, lacking buttons. She also wears a pair of brown trousers, held up by a black belt which is weighed down with weapons; a pair of long/throwing daggers, an intricately etched design of roses on the blades, the bronze hilts bound with dark brown cloth for grip; a simple sword decorated with an intricately etched design of roses upon the blade, its sheath made of thin wooden strips bound in dark brown cloth. On cold nights, Scarlet often wears a dark brown cape, knee length, fastened with a thin red satin ribbon. Over her shoulder is strapped a bow made of yew, with a well waxed string, and a quiver of arrows, each one straight and fletched with white feathers from gulls. As for jewelry, Scarlet wears not but a pair of earrings and a pawring; The earrings are a pair of small red stones and the pawring is a simple bronze band with her name and roses etched into it. |

    Scarlet has a sweet, bubbly temperament, and gives to those in need with a gentle smile on her lips. In battle her personality is quite the opposite. When in battle she is a fierce opponent, her sword swinging mercilessly at the enemy, her eyes filled with green fire, hate boiling up inside her heart for the same kind of vermin that killed Bali and Ganh. She loves to help out when on retreat at Redwall, and is often found helping out in the kitchen or gardening. Scarlet is a lovely person to be around, but she is stubborn as a mule. She will stand up for other creatures, and has gotten into trouble in the past because of this. She laughs a lot, and smiles even more. Her smiles are bright and fun, and her laugh is sweet and sparkling, with a unique little ring to it. Her laugh is but a taste of her voice when she sings which has much the same qualities as her laugh, but each is magnified to brilliant clarity as soft, glorious notes fill the air, flowing smoothly from between her lips. Though shes not perfect, she understands her flaws and tries to control and fix them. Sympathy is one thing that Scarlet has never lacked. Any sad story, or moment there is, Scarlet is always there to sympathize. She loves everyone, but can get upset with someone she loves. Yet she knows that everyone is not perfect, and trys not to hold grudges.

    Sweet as Scarlet is, she is prone to anger as is everybeast is and will often get angry and let her temper slide out of her control. Scarlet, though her sweet demeanor states otherwise, is very loud and outspoken, a colorful sort with a wide vocabulary. Many times she is complained of being to loud, and Scarlet just says " I was born like that." and she was. Scarlet is not the sensitive type, and is hardly ever found crying, even in the toughest situations. Scarlet is extremely kind; she will listen to anyone's troubles, and whenever she sees a stranger that looks upset or down, she will not hesitate to walk over to them, and with a bright smile, sit next to them and talk to them. Even if they will not open up to her - she is a stranger after all... but then again, and stranger is probably the best creature to talk to - she will just talk to them, find out what they like, and at least try to take their mind off what's bothering them. Scarlet is deeply afraid of being betrayed by others, or she herself betraying someone - this thought is as unbearable as being erased, and these two fears are nestled deep within Scarlet, who keeps herself from revealing them. |

    Past Info
    Scarlet was born far up in the North and her parents, Selina and Ganh raised her in a large village of squirrels. Scarlet had an older brother, Bali, who was her closest friend and companion. When Scarlet was born, her older brother was only eight years old, and was thrilled at the thought of having a baby sister. He took care of her when her parents couldn't,  helped feed her and helped Selina to teach her words and how to write. As they grew older he soon helped to teach her how to defend herself, forage for food, build a fire and cook. Bali was always there for her and Scarlet loved him as dearly as any sister would love an older brother. In the worst situations he would come and bail her out, and saved her life uncounted times. Her parents were there for her too, though. They gave her what nothing in the world could replace; love. They loved her, and though they were tempted many times, never spoiled her. Scarlet is forever grateful for them. By the time she was five, Scarlet would often go fishing with Ganh and Bali, and remembers scrambling down from their treehouse, her mother calling after her to be careful and stay away from the pools in which the pike lived and to make sure to rub some lemon oil in her fur to keep the bugs away.
    Scarlet was little more than 5 years old when catastrophe struck the village. It was a quiet afternoon when the squirrels on watch sounded the alarm. It sent the entire village scrambling, and Scarlet was scared, oh so scared. The terrible fox Gazada was coming to destroy their village, and Ganh and Bali were fitted out in warriors clothing and sent to battle along with the other husbands, sons and brothers of the village. The mothers, sisters and daughters were sent to the secret cave behind a huge waterfall far away from the village. Scarlet remembers running as fast as her young legs could carry her, a bundle on her back filled with food, precious items and other provisions they hurriedly packed back at the house, and Selina running ahead, her paw in Scarlet's, tugging her along faster. They were jostled around a bit in the frantic crowd of females all heading to the secret hideout. The battle lasted days, and while Scarlet and Selina prayed that Ganh and Bali would come home safe, it was not to be so. Little more than 4 score of their warriors returned, declaring they had won the battle and sent the remants of Gazada's army and Gazada fleeing for their lives. Bali and Ganh were not among them. Scarlet and Selina wept over this loss for weeks, when they decided to move from the village and live at Redwall. They packed their belongings and supplies, trekking south with a group of travelers and warriors from the village and surrounding communities who also wanted to seek out Redwall. Th way was long and wearisome, full of aching bones, sore paws and the weight of their belongings seeming to crush them all the way. When they arrived at Redwall, they were a ragged lot, hungry and tired. Scarlet lived at redwall for ten happy years with her Mother, training under the Skipper and Logalog to become a warrior. Up to last year, Scarlet had been living with her Mother, but she decided to leave her home and wander, learning what she could and defeating small bands of vermin, helping to cleanse the earth of evil. |

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  • That is amazing! Truly the most beautiful, detailed, and heart-felt profile I have ever seen. Thanks for posting it.

    When you get back from your exciting recital and everything, you should post here:;topicseen#new Your chara is one that the Abbot would have specially invited, and we're fishing for a good argument.

  • Awesomeness, okay! And thanks! This is what happens when you have the same character for years; you have plenty of time to keep adding and correcting things! 🙂

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