• Nickname: Loreli or Lore

    Full Name: Loreli Trubare

    Species:  Squirrel

    Age: 17 (Human years)

    Description: hazel eyes, dark brown fur, a little bit smaller than the average squirrel. Usually wears a dark green tunic as an everyday outfit, but wears dresses for special occasions. She is a bookworm, and is often found with one or two…or three books with her, so naturally her place, other than the kitchen, would be the Abbey library. Loreli is a relatively cheerful squirrel, but her expression is often mellow. Even so, you could tell her mood by the look in her eyes, from sparkling when she's happy to "melting everything in sight" when she's angry, or looking dead when she's tired. Loreli can also switch moods faster than anyone she knows, so she could be hyperactive one minute and morbid the next. Don't give her too much sugar. Loreli was trained to fight, but she hasn't been in many so she doesn't have too much of noticable scars or anything like that.

    Possessions: An oak staff and a small hoop earring on her left ear.

        - Can read basically anything you put in front of her, unless in a language she doesn't know
        - Pretty decent at close combat for her age

        - Deathly afraid of water
        - No help at all with long range attacks
        - can't cook for beans, but has great taste!  😛


    Loreli comes from a small tribe in the far north of Mossflower Woods, and is the youngest daughter of the chief. She has an older brother, Ryak, and since he's the one who'd be inheriting the title from their father, and since she thought it was rather boring in her tribe, she left to live at Redwall, where she read about all their adventures and such. She just took her staff, a few clothes, and whatever books she had in her possession. Oh, and also survival provisions, of course.  😉

    That's really all you need to know. She's not very interesting.

    And i LOVE this bunny.  &=)

    • Pretty decent at close combat for her age

    How old is she? That doesn't tell us anything.

    That's really all you need to know. She's not very interesting.

    Just because YOU don't think she's very interesting doesn't mean it's true. Books in this setting aren't an easy-to-come-by item; they take many, many months of preparation just to prepare to write. How did she come by the ones she left home with? Did she leave without permission? Was wanderlust a factor, considering the tales she no doubt saw?

  • Oh wow. Completely forgot the age.

    If we are going by seasons = years, then she's 17.

    Er…she didn't leave without permission. Like I said, her brother would inherit the responsibilities of chief, so if she left it wouldn't be that much of an issue. Her parents were all for her going to Redwall (they rather like the place. I mean, who doesn't?). Reading and hearing of the feats of Redwall did rouse her blood enough to the point of wanderlust, I guess, which basically pushed her to go.

    I might not be reading the first question correctly, but if I am, she didn't leave home with anybody, she left by herself.

  • BTW, as you make changes to the character or add info, you should edit your original post. People don't want to have to read the entire thread to know about your chara's age.

  • Oh yeah. You can do that…

    Sorry, it's a habit I have. First forum I was on didn't have that option.

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