The OMEN of downfall;;

  • Nickname:  Fable. Also Crystal Rosepaw on numerous sites, including DAB and GoM. Just trying a new char.

    Full Name: Omen. Doesn't remember his 'lesser' name. He also responds to his number, 0444.

    Species: Red Fox

    Omen's eyes are dull, lifeless pools of muddy brown, and always seem to hold no emotion. His fur is also dull, but this might be due to poor diet. His ribs stick out oddly due to constant hunger, making harsh angles. His muscle is obvious from far off, and the twisting tribal tattoos show a feral side before he even speaks. His voice is deep and a constant monotone. He holds a few scars but not many. Apart from when he goes into battle or in the winter, he normally does not wear a shirt, not due to overconfidence, but simply because he feels confined by it. He dons mail before battle, and carries around his weaponry at all times. His face is sharp, his cheek bones sticking out of his sunken face like razor blades. His fur the the normal oranges, browns, and white. His weapons are odd, two thin swords with odd hilts - one has a screw-like surface, the other a hollow tube with grooves, and can be put together. The combination makes a weapon with a grip in the middle, a blade sticking out from both sides. His 'shield' is carried on his back under his cloak and bag, and his sling and stones are carried in his deep pockets.

    His oddly made swords, his sling, and his shield. the shield is a thick piece of metal that comes together in the middle, but has three prongs of sharpened metal coming off of it. He can pull the handle off and throw it like a boomerang, but he cannot catch it without is gloves on.

        - Good sense of smell
        - Not often troubled by emotions
        - Good knowledge of battle
        - Knows how to take care of himself
        - Will be very loyal to his allies
        - Unless he sees flaws, he will obey without question

      - Has a blood-lusting side
      - Cares mostly about himself
      - Can have his loyalty 'bought'
      - Lack of emotion causes him to not understand others
      - His not very fast; prefers force

      Omen was born in an island off in the sea, the child of two in an army. To the warlord, children were a blessing in which the couple had not earned. To spare their lives, Omen's parents gave their son to their lord's elite force to be trained. When he was very young, he has like any other child, asking questions. However, he was hardened and had these freedoms taken. In this force, until they had become 'true' warriors, they had no names, only numbers. Omen's number was 0444. After earning his name at the age of 14, he flew through ranks. As a higher guard, he was taught to read and write. There, in the lord's library, he found out about a prisoner from a distant land. He met with this creature, whom turned out to be a gray and frail mouse. The fox questioned in his normal monotone about where he had came from, and found out about the mouse's homeland. Apparently, he had once been a warrior in the land of Mossflower. He wove enchanting tales of his homeland, and the fox soon became disenchanted with his home. The young fox hid himself in a ship preparing to had off to this place years later that was trying to see if they would conquer Mossflower. He stole away into the forests and promptly set himself up as a mercenary. Omen is preparing to find the place that the mouse told him about - a huge place with walls of red stone, where gentle animals would tend to his hurts and not judge him.

  • Very nice, Fable! This is definitely one of the better profiles I've read. 🙂
        Post soon!

  • Thank you much. ;3
    I've written quite a few. Decided to try something new. Yay for chaotic neutral characters.

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