Maleficus Tyro

  • Nickname: Ralazere

    Character Name: Maleficus Tyro

    Gender: Male

    Species: Ferret

    Age: 28 seasons old

    Weapons: Two scimitars seen upon his person, but has a punching dagger hidden in his cloak.

    Physical Description:
    Maleficus is a tall, grey ferret of sinewy build; slender, but toned with muscle thanks to seasons upon seasons of harsh treatment within the forests. Standing at the tallest a ferret can grow, he appears rather formidible. Tattooes of terrible symbols cover his entire body, including half of his face, more specifically the left side. On his face is tattooed the sun near his eyes (so he may see) and wind towards his nose (so he may breathe) and water towards his mouth (so he may never thirst).
    He wears naught but black. Black cloak, black trousers of loose fitting so that he may move with great speed, and a black V-crested sleeveless shirt which also exposes more of his hideous tattooes.
    About his waist is strapped two scimitars, which are mere simple weapons. He favors these more than his other weapon he keeps in his cloak, his punching dagger.
    The one thing that beasts have spoken about that they say is more unnerving about this ferret than any other thing are his eyes. They are a cold blue, and constantly seem to send chills to those he chooses to look upon.

    He is evil. Pure and simple. His ideals are that of madness, a craving to see suffering wherever he wishes. He does not believe in mercy. Nor does he believe in differences between species, vermin or woodlander. He could care less. They are all naught but toys to play with…and eventually break.
    He has delusions of being the ultimate judge of the world, seeking out those who are "guilty of things seen or invisible".

    Smart--- This ferret is no dunce, by far. He is a master trapper and strategist. One of his favorite tactics to use is fear, which he does very well.
    Quick--- He is quick on his feet and with his scimitars.
    Cold--- He is not swayed by pleas of mercy, nor does he carry someone else's weight on his shoulders. This makes him even more effective.

    His insanity--- The ferret's messed-up mind often gives him flash-backs, which tend to be very painful. Refer to his history to find out more.
    Children--- The ferret will never harm a child. There have been rumors of him even comforting a child after he had accidentally bumped it. That is his true soft spot. Again, refer to his history to find out more.
    Cold--- He doesn't care if anybeast gets hurt. Period. He's certainly not above using torture until near death either.

    Maleficus Tyro was once known as Damascus Tyro, who was a well-known strategist and favored woodlanders' ally. He had a small cottage in a field of smooth, clean area of grassland. Damascus also had a wife named Lillium and a daughter named Accacia, both of which he loved with every inch of his soul.
    One day, a band of beasts charged through the grasses, towards the little cottage. Damascus didn't have any time to react before the cottage was overrun. He knew not why he was attacked nor whom, but he did see woodlanders among the numbers.
    He fought back as best he could, but was quickly taken down hard by the numbers.
    When Damascus awoke, he was laying on floor of his cottage and smoke was all around him. The marauders were burning his home. Blinking his eyes clear of the smoke, he glanced around and saw the thing that shattered his sanity for the rest of his life: his wife and his daughter, dead.
    From then, another personality altogether took hold of him. One that wanted all to make them all pay for the crime that they had done to him. One that opened his eyes to the dark void that is the world. And not one soul wasn't blemmished by all the black he saw. Flashes of his wife and daughter ran through his mind, justifying his craving for vengeance as a true justice.
    Maleficus was born.

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    Enjoy, and welcome!

  • All right!  Thanks a ton!

  • This is definitely a character I'll be keeping an eye on. Nice work, ralazere.

  • Oh, why thank you. ^^  I's flattered.

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