Milo the Mouse (A character I'm going to use in "Mange")

  • Name: Milo
    Species: Mouse
    Age: 17
    Height: Average
    Appearance: Average looking mouse, he does have sparkling blue eyes though.  😛

    Milo is very kind, likes to help others, and is basically you're typical abbey-raised mouse. He loves reading, and aspires to be abbey recorder sometime.
    But he also comes with a mischievous side. He likes to pull pranks on the other abbey-beasts his age, and usually ends up in trouble for it.
    He sympathizes with Harack, and is actually ashamed at his friend's behavior towards him.
    Part of him is also very adventurous, and he wishes to roam the woods for a while someday.

    That's pretty much it for now. xD

  • Even if he spent all his life in Redwall, he could stand to have some backstory written.

    Also, what is an 'average mouse'?

  • I dunno… >_> You know, this is one of my weaknesses here....And it shows. I guess there is nothing special about his looks, that's why I said average.

    And my lack of creativity said to me "HEY! Do a minimalistic backstory please. :3"

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