• I'm not able to post complete profiles for the charas becaue it will ruin the rest of my story, but I can tell you most of what you need to know about them.

    Jake: Male squirrel.
                Aprox. Age:30

    Description: He has a great sense of humor (usually isn't destructive), Impulsive and grins a lot. He's slightly taller than medium height, has nutty brown fur (double-pun not intended), and has a good amount of muscle(not so much as to make him look fat or disfigured though).

    Strengths: He is a tracker and a trickster. He has a great sense of humor, he is also a great swordsbeast and he can always forage for his own food if he needs to.

    Weaknesses: Just like Rosen he is impulsive, but keeps it to a minimum level, he is also bad at archery, knife throwing and navigating. Don't let him into the kitchen either, he is a bad cook, but can eat a lot of food.

    History: Lives at Castle Floret. Was trained as a guard at age 15 and was trained as a tracker when he was 17, eventually he was made a secondairy captain of the castle guard. He lived there several years and trained Rosen when she asked for it. She got a lot of cuts and bruises and turned out to be more ambitious than him in learning. He is still better than her at swordplay, but not by much. He learned of her ambition when he discovered that Murva had trained her to throw knives and be an archer. He was yet again surprised when Belmar mentioned that Flora had taught her to cook.

  • Rosen: female squirrel.
                Aprox. Age:19

    Description: Not very muscular, red fur, green eyes. She is very impulsive, but takes jokes and pranks well and has a long fuse on the temper bomb if you know what I mean. Likes to run away from castle Floret and once retreated to Mossflower for a while, but has never left Southward again until recently.

    Strengths: She is a tracker, she is also a great swordsbeast. She never misses with a throwing knife, isn't wonderful at archery, but still manages it. She also swims, tracks, learned to cook in some random way.

    Weaknesses: Rosen is very impulsive and is prone to pranks, bad at navigating, but, ironicaly, good at tracking. Always burns casseroles and keeps a lot of secrets.

    History: The princess at Castle floret. She has run away from castle floret a good number of times, but once disappeared to Mossflower for a longer time than usual. When she came back she was more composed, but didn't say what had happened which was strange  because she always went on for days about her adventures. She also didn't go out again until the second time she for Mossflower.

  • Trok: Male pine martin
                Aprox. Age:25

    Description: A pine martin with very dark fur. Wears a black cloak and always keeps the hood up to cover his face. He doesn't have scars or anything on his face, but almost seems to think he does. He likes to keep his face hidden for his own reasons. He is introverted, gentle(if you're careful), quiet, and very sensitive to jabs about being a pine martin or not belonging. He maintains respect for other creatures, but none any for himself, even though he gets very mad if you are disrespectful to him. Don't get him mad. It's suicide.

    Strengths:He is good at hiding, disguising himself, running away unnoticed, hearing, seeing, is intuitive, and an amazing swordsman. Is a very good swimmer and hunter. He can be handy with a sling and a spear too if he needs to be.

    Weaknesses: Hasn't had a reason as of yet to attempt archery or knife throwing. Doesn't make close relationships of any kind.

    Possessions: A waterproof, flameproof and cut resistant cloak. A large conceilable halberd(hidden behind his cloak) made with a valuable and very strong metal alloy. He also owns a dagger, a sling and a staff.

    History: He doesn't talk about it.

  • I can't post about thier histories without ruining the rest of my fan-fic entry. Sorry.

  • F    20% grade for the cliffhanger  😠 😠 😠 😠

  • Well, if you liked the rest of the story than I have a purpose to continue. The cliffhanger tests the interest of your readers.

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