Stagnant Pond

  • In Jagh's Camp, The soldiers were milling about. Aside from a few attackers which were beaten and interrogated, the months dragged on endlessly. Some began to question their leaders mental integrity, However, quick lashing and removal of food rations for a week set bad mouthers straight. In Jagh's Tent, Jaart was receiving orders.  "I want the 2nd company armored and stocked with two weeks rations. Send squadron A to the West, and squadron F to the North. Have squadrons B,C, and Sweep the South-East Sector. Send Squadron D to South. Our scouts have yet to report back." Jaart smartly saluted. "Yus'sah!" "Dismissed" Jagh said to Jaart "And you," He said pointing to the guards "Get out of my sight." He turned to his servant, and said "Bring me something to eat." Jagh sat down at a small portable desk and began writing in an ancient pictographic language.

  • The scrawny rat scrambled out of the tent. He was new… Jagh's personal attendants changed every few weeks.

    The kitchen tent was kept on the outskirts of the army, for obvious sanitation reasons. Vermin aren't picky, but even an idiot knows food tastes better if it doesn't smell like a thousand vermin and their daily grime. Gunk ran all the way and slipped in through the back flap. He saluted the head cook smartly.
    "Dinna for the Masta, sah!"
    "I'm making it already. Take your sniveling snout out of my kitchen and wait in back for it."
    The advantage to being low-life was that no one cared where you went, as long as your destination wasn't in close proximity to them. Gunk exited the tent and sat down on a box. The only other beast around was an equally filthy ferret leaning against a tent pole, sharpening his claws.
    "You've lived to your second day, congratulations. How does Jagh treat you?"
    Gunk shrugged.
    "Like scum, the way he's sahpposed to. What else can ah 'spect?"
    "True. Is my squadron moving out?"
    Gunk nodded. "Companies A thru F, 'cept E, in all directions. The scouts never came back."
    "Huh. Weird."
    Gunk shrugged again.
    "Well I probably better get going before they miss my tail in the squad lineup."
    "Uh... Maggot?"
    The ferret's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "...what?"
    "Ah think ah left your sword by the stream... When we scavanged earliah. Remembah how you let me use it to cut down the--"
    Maggot kicked him. "Oil-pawed idiot. Now I have to go back for it and I'll be late and get front-row for a week." He growled. "That's the last time I let you borrow my stuff." He ran off into the forest. Gunk watched him go and rubbed his sore shin. He inspected the sore area. It would be a spectacular bruise and would match the greenish-yellow one on his other leg very nicely.
    Ah, well. Getting kicked around comes with the job, he supposed.
    "Gunk!" called the cook. Gunk took the tray food and began carrying it carefully back to Jagh's tent, dodging soldiers that were scrambling to meet up with their companies.

  • (Also, it's squadrons, not companys  I got bored, and I did like this whole thing like 10 soldiers per squad, 6 squads per platoon, 3 platoons per company, 10 companys per army (Taskforce))
    Jaart boldly marched into the barracks Tent.
    "Squadon E. Form up." Jaart said. A group of 7 particularly large looking rats, 3 scrawny ferrets.
    "Yah aur gunta go toder south an' watch squadon D. Dey is mastly a buncha green recruits. Go and watch dem. In aboot three hours, dey shalluld be to whar der scouts last reparted in. Whall? MOVE ET!"
    Jaart shouted as the Company scrambled off in fear. Jaart walked outside to see Gunk weaving in and out of the soldiers, carrying a tray of food. Jaart's stomach rumbled. He looked around and said "Ah' fink Ah'll go inspact der katchen."

    In Jagh's tent, he had written atleast 3 pages of the strange language. In a sort of trance he wrote, ceaselessly on end. At the sound of soldiers hurrying past the tent, he 'awoke'. He looked around, then looked amazed at the 3 pages. He scanned through them, and then crumbled them up. He sighed and stood up. He wandered around the tent for a while, then sat down on his large bed, which took up most space in the command tent. He began to grow extremely angry. He clenched his paws into fists. He was about ready to go outside and punch the nearest beast, but he stopped himself. He walked over to his desk, and took a deep swig of a bottle of medicine. His breathing slowed, and he calmed down. He unclenched his paws and looked at them, They were bleeding profusely from where his claws cut into his paws. He sighed and grabbed a large roll of bandage from under the bed.  He wrapped his hands, then threw the roll at the corner of the tent.

  • Gunk peeled back the tent flap and slid the food in, but remained outside the tent. He had seen Jagh get his ink and quill and knew better than to disturb him while he was in one of his moods. That's how the last servant had died.

  • (( ooc - hope ya's don't mind if I join in ))

    Kiara smiled as she walked along the stream. She had just finished eating and wondered how far the stream went, and so headed down stream, following the water.
      Walking at a leasurely pace, the mouse-maid tilted her head as she came upon a sword. Looking around but seeing no one around she walked up to it and knelt down to inspect it.
      'Now why would someone leave this laying around…' She thought to herself as she eyed the blade, specks of the steel stained red, what she had to only assume was blood. What else could it be?
      Picking the sword up as she stood up and bit her lip for a moment. It was a bit heavier then she had thought it would be. Just a little too big for her liking as a weapon. At least she now knew why she had a bow and arrows as her weapon. Light weight and easy to carry.
      Looking around again and not seeing anything she sighed and dropped the sword. "Maybe it's owner will come back for it…" She said aloud to herself as she walked over to the edge of the water to look in. To her disappointment the water was not calm enough to see her reflection. "Suppose I should be going then" Kiara said with a sigh, and started to back up from the water's edge and continue on her way, down stream.

  • Maggot dropped from the tree, exactly behind her and held a dagger up against her throat.
    "You're not exactly the beast I was expecting," he chuckled maliciously, "But you're interesting. Explain yourself. Why are you here and what are you doing?"

  • "Ahhh…" Kiara hesitated to answer, leaning into Maggot as she tried to get away from the blade of the dagger as much as possible. "...I...I'm just passing by. Let me go...and I'll be on my way" She answered him, having nothing to do but listen to him until he releases her. "...Wh...Who are are?"

  • Maggot used the extra room she gave him to his advantage by bringing the blade closer to her throat. She was now pinned between the razor-sharp edge and Maggot's chest.

    "Where do you come from and where are you going?" He tickled her neck with the knife for fun. "And why would such an innocent-looking creature be wandering around directly in the middle of a battlefield, between two hordes of vermin that don't exactly have fondness for your kind?"

  • "…I'm not from around here. I...I didn't know." Kiara slowly answered, while trying to avoid any accidental cuts on her throat from talking to him. " just...let me go, I' on my way won't have to worry about again" She said not daring to move at least not yet anyway.
      Although not moving, the voice in the back of the mouse-maid's head was telling her to kick him or even trample on his feet. This however was risky. If successful, she'd get way, if not, it could mean death.

  • "Where are you from?" He pressed. His voice dropped it's pleasantries and became vicious. "Be blunt with me. I'm going to be blunt with you. Either you tell me everything I want to know, or I will kill you, right now. I can't afford to trust anyone, nor can I afford useless baggage, so I'm not likely to take you alive unless you give me a reason to extend mercy."

  • "A town….far from here...Evergreen" Kiara answered. Her heart sank, his voice echoing in her mind.
    ' I'm not likely to take you alive'
    "Please…I'm harmless. Release me" She pleaded with him

  • "Where are you headed and why? Are you alone?" Maggot's voice backed down to a tight, but conversational level.

  • "…Yes...I'm alone. I'm exploring....I have no heading. Though I would make a stop at Redwall Abbey....It is around here, correct?" Kiara asked, closing her eyes, imagining the blade not there and the two having a normal conversation.

  • A Redwall beast, then. Maggot grabbed Kiara's wrist tightly but sheathed his knife.

    "Come with me."

    ((Feel free to hesitate or resist.))

  • Well at least she was alive. For now, anyway.
      "Go with you? What for?" She asked him, turning her head to look at him, trying to pull her wrist free from him, not very keen on trusting him when he had a dagger at her throat only moments ago.

  • Maggot turned and looked at her. His eyes were no longer hard. He stared at her for a moment.


  • Kiara bit her lip, looking at him, still unsure, But seeing as he put the blade away she nodded slowly. Not wanting him to take it back out. "…is that your sword there on the ground?" She asked. Maybe if she were nice to him, he'd be nice back.

  • "Ah…" Maggot looked over at the streambank. "Sort of." Still holding onto her wrist, he walked over, picked the sword up and put it in a sheath on his back. "Thank you for reminding me."

    Suddenly Maggot's body went tense, and he listened intently to something in the distance.

    "You complicate things," he muttered. "Run quickly and don't trip. If you're absolutely dying for air, tap my shoulder. If we get caught, struggle wildly and pretend I just caught you and that I've been chasing you down."

    With that, Maggot ran aheadlong into the forest ((I'm assuming it's okay to say your chara followed, since I kind of have a death grip on her wrist and you've already assented to come?)).

  • ((ya it's safe to assume that :P))

    "Wait!…What!?" Kiara yelled at him as they both ran into the forest. "Wh---What's going on?" She said between breaths of air. "Where are taking me?"

  • "I can't tell you until we get there. Sorry," Maggot called over his shoulder. "Even then, you'll have to wait."

    After about an hour of mindless scurrying, in which time Maggot changed directions several times, the lush green woods gradually turned into a thick, inauspicious pine forest. The branches blocked out most of the light from the sun, and the few streaks of light that cut through the shadows were so dazzling that they made it difficult for Maggot's eyes to adjust to the dark properly. It was that much darker for the light. Finally they stopped running. Maggot, panting, glanced over at the mouse.

    "You alive?"

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