Story arc idea: MANGE (Overview)(OOC)

  • I'll wait until the story progresses some more. I'll wait until the right moment. 😄

  • OK, Thanks Fate. I'm thinking I could befriend Titia at her Aunts apartments. If you do/don't want me to do that just tell me.

  • I think I'll be like Jet and wait until I think it's the right time to pop in.

  • Raen, please check my PM reply to you and Nam for details there. If you would take the 'just arrived ahead' idea, it would be delightful. 😄
    Yes, Nam, that's me. I connive and twist to my own advantage. Mwahahahaha…
    At least my chara has noble intentions, even if she is totally manipulating the rest of you. lol

  • OK, I replied already. Not sure if I sent it to both of you though. (still getting used to this site)  🙂

  • Sorry for the double post. Namaste, how 'bout while people are talking/spreading rumors about Harack's mange (in "Mange") I can be telling some of the older teenage girls about Lily and Thad's upcoming wedding? It would make it seem like there was a lot of activity in the room/a lot of people all talking about different stuff. Kinda show a little bit of Abbey dinner-talk.

  • That would be great Raen.

  • What threads are you using for the vermin band and eventually the army? I like challenges and something new every once in a while and RPing vermin would be really fun.

  • We haven't started those threads yet. We're going to wait until Harack runs away to start any… I really have my hands full already trying to keep up with like, 5 threads...  X_x  Besides, it's good to right at least partially progressively, since what happens now to Harack and everyone else will affect how they act/think later.

    Is that okay?

    If you want though, you should totally be one of the vermin in the band Harack chums up with originally.

  • Oh yeah, forgot about that, silly me!  Take your time Nam!

    I'm waiting for Fate to respond in "Someone to See You" and I won't be able to reply in the "Mange" part til tomorrow at least.

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