Quevora Amaranthe (is this much okay?)

  • Nickname:   Que to her friends, sometimes Vora  😛

    Full Name: Quevora Amaranthe

    Species: Mouse

    Description: Quevora is a lanky and tall for a mouse, with an easygoing and relaxed personality.  She is very social, and banters and jokes often. However, she can be intense if the situation really demands it; otherwise, Que's quite lazy and lax, particularly on schoolwork, which she almost never does. The mouse prefers to call her style of dress "independently unique" instead of the mess of stained and incredibly varied cloth it actually is.  Also, she rather dislikes her full name, because it sounds far too fancy and pompous for her tastes. Her parents really had it in for her when they added that "e" to her last name!

    She eats ravenously and was probably a hare in a previous life. ^^

    Possessions: Nothing much…her wardrobe and a few trinkets. She also has a sword that her parents gave her, but it remains untouched in the shadows of her closet.

    Strengths: SQuevora gets along easily with creatures, thus being extremely sympathic and understanding to their problems.

    Weaknesses: She gets along easily with all kinds of creatures, thus being extremely sympathic with their cause.  Also, Vora has no motivation to do anything unless she has a specific reason for doing so.

    Background: Born of warrior parents who were heroes from a past war, Que prefers not to follow in their footsteps, instead leading a simple, happy life without the threats of mortal danger that fighting brings. Redwall is her home sweet home, of course.  🙂 But, if the safety of the Abbey is threatened, Que just might step outside the gates…

  • That is great. Are you experienced in this at all? You have talent. You should fit right in here.

  • Well… I've made plenty of applications, but when it comes to the actual roleplaying... not so much. : /

  • She looks good to me.

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