Raav's Level 1 Application

  • Level being applied for: Level 1

    Link: Last 10 posts

    Current Position(s): N/A

    Title: New member

    Have you ever been banned or restricted or received a warning?:
    If so, then why? - No.

    Write Two paragraphs or more Describing:

    • Two beasts locked in combat (Three para.)
      (Can't indent on Google Chrome, sorry)
      A large badger and a Wildcat stand face to face. Having just fought a long and grueling battle, they were both weary. The badger lifts up his club and grunts in pain as he grasps for a gash on his arm. The Wildcat smiles as he sees the suffering he caused the badger.

    The badger looks up as his eyes turn blood red. The smirk is quickly whiped from the wildcat's face as the badger charges headlong into him. He charges onward, with the wildcat flung over his shoulder, into a tree.
    They slam into the tree with resounding force. The wildcat laughs weakly, then stabs the pike into the badger's side.

    The wildcat slowly stands up as the badger stumbles back. The large pike, protruding from the badger's side. The badger falls to the ground, and the wildcat retrieves a small amulet from his foe's fallen body. He walks off smiling..

        I, Raav,  do solemnly affirm that I will maintain the example of my skill that is demonstrated by this application inside and outside of the writing level 1 boards and will always maintain the rules to the best of my ability.

  • Level 1? I thought that was what everyone started out as.

    I for one, think that you should have it. The only problem I see in your posts is that you sometimes change back into the second person(present tense) and it makes it a really hard read, but other then that, you do really well with the descriptions and such.

  • Yeah, I wasn't sure if you could skip the levels and apply for advanced, or whatever. I often times forget what tense Redwall is in, so I have to check other people's posts.

  • Actually, CQ, you start as a normal member and then test to be level 1. And Raav, I don't yet think that skipping levels would be a good idea, so that was good judgment on your part. Anyway, there's only level 1 writer stuff on the forum thus far, so a higher level wouldn't do much good anyway, lol.

  • Are we requiring applications then? Personally, I'd love to see nominations for level advancement. But, yeah, we're working out the details still. Way to move fast, Ravv. lol I can tell you are quite ambitious and will go far here. Looks like we need to kick this into gear, Seth, and work out the kinks. Oh, and clarify the current rules. People are getting confused. May I suggest a conference to make some decisions?

  • Sure. Good Idea. 🙂 I'll contact you and discuss this. Then this can officially go into action.

  • What's Level 1? I'm completely lost here.

  • Level 1 allows you access to certain boards and threads other people can't visit until they reach a similar level

  • Raav, I'm sorry that it took so long to Approve this, but approved it is. I was trying to work out some series of rules to find a way to make sure the criteria  was equal with every judging so no one would feel left out, but it's a nightmare to figure out.
        However, your application definitely passes and so, without further ado, I will upgrade your Profile. 🙂

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