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  • If anyone wants to inform the public about their thread, here is where to do it.
        If your Thread is more than two pages long (And it doens't have more than twenty purely ooc posts in it, LOL) and you want people to join then please post a summary here so they do have to read all the way through if they don't want to.
        So not post anything in this thread unless you are posting the following. If you have comments, Message me personally. Message me:;sa=send;u=8

    Here's how to do it; Post the…

    Name of Thread: (Please also title your thread with it. It's easier to search for it)

    Location of Thread:

    Summary of Thread:

    Writing Level Restrictions and your additional thread Rules:

    Members involved in the thread:

    Remember, you may only make this post if you are the Thread Manager. Also, you may only make this post once. After that, you have to go back and edit the post to make changes. Furthermore, if your thread has been inactive for more the two weeks, the post will be deleted unless you have special permission from me or Cyber to keep it up. Please delete it yourself to save us the trouble.
        One final rule: Now more than two of your own posts may be active in this thread at a time.

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