• Please everyone check your personal messages. If there is anything that you want to discuss about these developments than please let me know here.

  • I like the general direction of improving the professionalism of the board, but I think by generating too many rules, we're squelching creativity and motivation. RPing is supposed to be fun, no a grammar rodeo. Also, the more rules you have, the more time-intense it is to join the board and the harder it is to remember everything when you post.

    I understand the goal we have as a community to write a book. I'm in on it. I just think there is a better way to accomplish this.

    I think we need to prune the rules to the basic necessities. Things like "gosh, guys, punctuate" and "write in ways that make sense so people can understand you" can be covered in a one-size-fits-all "Do your best writing. Pretend you are writing a book and plan on showing it to an editor, because you are, and we do."  A lot of newbies stink at writing. I did, and I suspect basically everyone else did too. We just have to have patience and inspire them.

    The chara profile thing is a little intense for me, especially the rule about "to start a thread, you have to have a chara profile for the guy." Problem: The guy in the first post is a throwaway that I plan on killing in the next two pages. Problem: I'm goofing off and bored because I'm waiting for people to respond, so I just started a pillow fight in the Cavern Hole. My chara has nothing to do with anything and clutters up the chara profiles board. I think we can take care of ambiguity on a case-by-case basis when it happens. People who have major charas will want to talk about them, so a chara profile is the natural thing to do.  Maybe saying the format is just a suggestion, too… shrugs People resent rules. Give us as much freedom as possible. Besides, maybe someone will have a better idea than you when they put their profile together.

    And um, I am very opposed to character approval prior to posting. That's just lame. Seriously, if I was in charge of the board, do you really want to have to come to me when you want to start a new story with a new character? Especially if you have all your ideas sorted out right now and two of our three mods just said "I'm going to be at summer camp this week, bye!", do you want to wait three days before you're allowed to post? Way to kill momentum.

    I don't know how I feel about upkeeping threads either. People naturally take charge of threads when they are doing something specific and if they don't, it doesn't matter. Sometimes I like to initiate things (like a pillow fight in cavern hole) and then let other people take over. It's fun to watch things evolve. Lamo threads that are cluttering are pretty easy to sort out and delete. Sometimes I start something that other people like, but I personally lose interest and float away, because my chara wasn't terribly important anyway.
    Also, In real life, I can't control other people. Part of what makes us better writers is the fact that we have to adapt to the unexpected. If someone has the whole scene played out and they are controlling the story arc, and right before the climactic moment a noob comes and brains the hero, obviously the hero's author is going to go to the noob and work it out. No one needs to get stomped on. No one needs to god-mod their own threads either. Sometimes a thread I started has gone a really weird way before, and if I had had the power to change it I would have. One in particular, I didn't particularly like it until months later, when another twist made the first part really cool. If I had changed the beginning, I would have lost the end. It's the way role-playing games are played.

    The nice thing about writing with the goal of writing a book is that we have a lot of leeway after the fact. We can tweak, even whole scenes if necessary. The extra effort is worth it if we can keep people motivated to post. If every thread starter has control over their thread, no one will want to post because half the time they do, they get told off or their post gets edited. That's no fun.

    People can already make requests that no one joins without a PM. That's a given.

    15 words is fair, as long as there is some flexibility and we're allowed to use some digression about when it is appropriate.

    I like the paragraph rule. That is one of the rules I think should stay.

    I also really like the writing levels. It's not a rule, just a cool opportunity to work together with people who have high-quality writing and encourage people to get better. I'm a little wary of having three levels (just because I'm nervous that it might hurt the board) but it might work out. It could definitely be a good thing when we get bigger. We'll have to see.

    Call things like the thread intros tools that people can use to make posting easier. If they look like rules, we'll resent them. If they look like time-savers, we'll love you.

    Not to be mean or anything. I think you've been doing a great job with the board in general, and I trust you to take my criticism constructively and use it in a way that will be good for the board. Thanks for listening to me.

    (sorry if I have typos here... It's long and it's late and I'm too tired to proofread right now. The ideas are all there.)

  • Oh, and can we update the board mods sometime soon? Seriously, Brome the Healer is in charge of Noonvale, but he hasn't been here since June 21, 2007.

  • I agree with you Namaste, but there are still some rules I do not agree with.
    First, the "fifteeen-words-long" rule. Sometimes people have no choice but to post something that's not fifteen words long, such as:
    "Shadowtail glared at her for a moment, then with the swishing of a cloak and pattering on pawsteps, he disappeared into the night."
    The answer: "Alina hesitated, then followed him into the trees." Alina doesn't know where he's going, and can only follow him. It's up to Shadowtail to decide where his destination is, and Alina can only follow.
    And the paragraph rule: Sometimes people are in a hurry, or that's just how they write. More often than not I seperate the paragraphs, but sometimes I'm in a hurry, or sometimes my post is so short I don't have to put it in paragraphs. And sometimes my post's just in one time period, and there's no need for paragraphs. That's what I think.

  • I find word limits to be constricting as well, even though verbosity can usually overcome it.  There's plenty more that could be posted by Alina there, regarding her thoughts and emotions.  Complete people do not run on actions alone.

    However, I do agree that a context-sensitive rule would be more appropriate.  Instead of a flat fifteen words, why not make it more along the lines of repeated itty-bitty posts should be avoided at all costs?

  • (ahaha… I just found a post by Seth that was two words. Eat it.)

    How about we establish a punishment for lots of short posts? Like, 10 infractions in a week, and we despise you, 20 and we hate you, 30 and we loathe you... more than that and we will pretend you don't exist.

    Honestly though, people could really do worse, right? I've seen some pretty dratted superfluous post before... Moderation in all things.  (hehe... pun unintended but applicable)

  • I don't understand about the posting threads. Can someone explain?

  • A new thread is a topic. A story with all the little posts inside.

  • The new rules are starting to make my head spin, though not literally. I think I'm going to take a break from RL for awhile. Maybe a week or two. It's hard to adjust to something so restrictive when RL used to be a free and flexible place to share thoughts and inspire one another with boundless creativity.

  • Yeah.. y'see, when the rules get strict, newbies feel overwhelmed and not-very-confident. ^^

    I think a good idea would be to prevent the post # of each user from being seen. Vulpine Imperium does this and it provides a wonderfully bias-free look at the role-player… you just get their basic details, nothing more, nothing less.

    Fun is rule number one, yo!

  • The new rules are starting to make my head spin, though not literally. I think I'm going to take a break from RL for awhile. Maybe a week or two. It's hard to adjust to something so restrictive when RL used to be a free and flexible place to share thoughts and inspire one another with boundless creativity.


    Especially since I've recently joined.  So these rules were basically a smack in the face, "better luck next time!" to me.
    My biggest concerns are the chara pre-evaluations and the writing levels.   Wanting to have things published and all is a great ambition but it's being taken to a bit of an extreme.  Why start a fun, free for everyone Redwall roleplay forum if everyone's ideas are being controlled by the (correct me if i'm wrong, im in a rush and can't check atm) five mods and therefore aren't our own?
    What you had going was good, so for the sake of the old members and the new, including myself, keep it that way.

    Thank you.


  • Isn't it enaough to just edit the posts when trying to publish the RPs here? I mean, why do we have to go through all this mumbo jumbo just for that? RPs are supposed to be the result of everyone's contributions with variation. I would have to disagree on the writer levels and the waiting for our new characters to be accepted.

  • LOL, this is actually very good. Don't worry, I don't feel bashed into the walls people.
        The fact is, I hoped I get some feedback on these rules. 🙂

    OK, so people don't like the fifteen words rule. I like what Cyber and Namaste said so why don't we just do that? "Itty-bitty posts must be avoided if possible. Use them with discretion." If need be, "Alina's" emotions could be described in that post. However, I an see uses for five-word posts every once in a while.
        Writing levels are not meant to restrict you to only one part of the forum and so far only Level 1 applications are being accepted. It's just so that there are one or two parts of the forum where only the better writers can go. If anything, it will boost the posts made in the rest of the forum simply because the level 1 writers will be more active because they have the option of posting in those special areas.
        Well JetFang, it isn't just because we want to publish and as far as that, you're probably right. However, try reading these two different posts by me to illustrate what I'm saying:

    Post 1

    he ran terror he didn't know why but he was scared even though he did not know what he was running from he just had to get away

    I have seen this kind of post a great many times. I'm not making fun of anybody who write like this, I'm just using it as an example of what could be better.
    Post 2

    Lauren ran as fast as his long legs would carry him. Ignoring scraping branches and lashing vines, he dove deeper into the dark woodlands. Purest of terror flooded through his feverish mind.
        Behind him the unseen foe loomed closer and closer, a lingering shadow amidst the trees and foliage, the glimmering fangs and glowing eyes of a monster, the cruel devices of death and horror.

    Ok, not first class but you get the idea. A huge difference between those two posts and the second one only took me about two minutes. That's the sort of effort I'm looking for. If some newbies can't write like that then at least try to or you'll never be able to. Skill takes practice.
        This isn't a prime example, but there are lots on the forum. There is one prime example I can give that you can all relate to, however. Have you ever noticed that the first post in a thread is easier to read than the rest of them? That's because there's more effort put into it, making it more enjoyable to read.
        Does anyone disagree with that? I'm not saying that post should be perfect, but I am saying is that the more effort put into it, the more fun it is for everyone else and the more you learn from writing it.
        I have heard from a number of you that you want to write professionally when you get older. OK, so why not practice here? If you don't put the extra effort into your posting, you won't learn much.
        As for super-quick posts, they should be OK on a temporary/edit later/emergency basis. Just my opinion, but it's your decision.
        With Character approvals, you guys are right. That will be removed. I think the requirement or at least the suggestion of reading those two threads should remain, though. It vastly improved the profiles of all those members who read it and they all appreciated it immensely.
        As far as the number of rules, I don't really think that's a problem. There are already a lot of rules on this forum and these new rules equal about on tenth the size of the ones we already have. I'm sure you can all remember that it didn't take long to adjust to these rules when you first joined a forum. Within twenty posts, you had the basic idea. 🙂
        And these extra rules can be sent automatically to new members, just like the ones I sent to you all, so that isn't an issue either. Furthermore, I think the messages will actually be read and not just deleted due to the fact that they are rather short and organized.
        OK, so perhaps Namaste is right about the thread managers. perhaps they should not be given this kind of power. On the other hand, it may prevent threads from dying so quickly in the future. What do you all think?
        Hmmm, I kinds like Saffy's addition here. Maybe we should hide the post numbers for the sake of unbiased judgment of an RPer. What is your opinion of it, folks?
        Lastly, I'm sorry about that, Flytermo. It wasn't my goal to slap you at all. It was just a way of getting people's attention with a few temporary rules until we fix this. In response to your remark about the controlling of posts and threads, that's not the goal. It is only that we don't want a "Best is all of Mossflower at Swordplay, swimming and archery. Also immortal. Can use any weapon like a pro. As hot as Orlando Bloom. Weakness: Has a case of Bloodwrath to make badgers look like they're throwing temper-tantrums." lol

  • Thank you for nixing the chara approval requirement.

    For the record I LIKE the idea of different writing levels. When I post in RPG forums, the first thing to irritate me is immature writing. When I have buddies that are really good at writing and we can work together, it gets super fun and I'm on the site WAY more. Right now I'm looking at that next level up as a haven from the general mush of the newbies (no offense intended… it's just true).

    I'm not at all concerned about threads dying. When a forum starts to really fly, the biggest problem is too many threads. We're healing from some nasty scrapes right now, so everything is slow. That doesn't necessitate new rules.  The truth is that good, interesting threads will stay alive, and lame ones will die. Call it natural selection. 😄

  • I think the writing levels are kind of discriminatory.  Thats the point of you being a higher writer, to HELP the lesser to get better.  Keeping them from RPing with the best keeps them from BEING the best.  What good is it if someone who can barely form a sentence rp with just others who can barely form a sentence, how will that help him/her?

    And a question, is someone's writing level determined automatically how well they write on average, or is it determined by how long they've been in the forum/how many posts they've made.

  • Please forgive my double post, I forgot to mention this

    We're these new rules sparked by someone doing something to have caused them to be put in place, or are they just new rules that were thought up out of the blue and then put into affect.

    Because if it's the second one, things were good as they are *as far as I've been a member, which isn't long, so excuse me if i'm wrong ^^; *

    which isn't long, so excuse me if i'm wrong

    lol, I subconsciously rhymed :3

  • @flytermo: Just modify your previous post to avoid double-posting.

    Well, I agree that the Writer Levels might be useful and it will inspire more writers to become better. However, I also agree with flytermo about it being discriminatory. Also, some people of a higher level writing class might look down on the newbies and might make the newbies feel out of place, resulting in them leaving RL.

    How about this: when a newbie writer joins RL and if their role-playing needs help and motivation, a higher-ranking writer can be assigned by the administrator/moderators to help that particular person in a private teacher-student session. If the student succeeds, then he/she will be promoted to the next level and the "teacher" can receive some kind of reward from the administrator/moderators.

  • I agree, that seems like a better option in this case.

  • This forum did fine before all these new rules were posted. Why improve when everything's all right?
    Why can't Redwall's Legacy return to the way it was?

  • Because of the economy 😧

    /jk ?

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