Writing Applications

  • Writing Levels
        There are three writing levels:
        -Level 1 Writer
        -Level 2 Writer
        -Advanced Level Writer
        Only writers of certain levels will be allowed in certain portions of the forum. For example: Emmeron and Ruddering are only available to level 1 Writers and higher. More of these kinds of boards will be opened soon.
        In order to gain a certain writing level, you have to go to the Writer Application Board in the Library.  Make the best quality RP posts you can or you will not be accepted. You have to submit your last ten posts along with a statement saying that you will maintain that level of writing from the point of submission and forward. Three posts in a ten-day period that don’t meet the standards and you may lose your writing rank. (You would be informed first)

    The Format for the Application is: (Copy and Paste this into your Application Thread)

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