Lurking Dangers

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    A squirrel lay slumped on the ground, with his arms tied to to a sapling.  The bruised and bloodied squirrel breaths heavily as a large rat swiftly and skillfully kicks the squirrel hard in the stomach. The squirrel coughs up a small puddle of blood. A large, fit, weasel walks up to the squirrel. He crouches down and whispers to the squirrel, "Yer can make all dis' stop. Jus' tellus whar yer' hid der wepons." The squirrel looks up at the weasel and spits in his face. "You cannot make me betray." The weasel stands up and nods to the rat. The rat takes out a rod and begins to mercilessly beat the squirrel. The weasel heads into a large tent, set up in  a small meadow.  After two hours, A large wildcat, wearing a cloak, steps out. Following close behind is the weasel. The weasel looks around and whispers to the wildcat. A small acorn hits the wildcat on the head. The wildcat calmly walks over to a soldier, rips his bow and arrows from him, and fires into the forest canopy. A painful moan comes from the trees, and a small female squirrel falls out, with an arrow in her leg. The wildcat throws the bow and arrows on the ground and speaks to the weasel in a gruff, raspy voice. "Jaart. Deal with this…thing." The weasel nods, and grabs the squirrel maid by the throat. He yells at her "Whar iz der rest of yeh?!" He suddenly turns around as he hears a rustling in some bushes. He hurls the maid to the ground.

    (Anyone can be the beast rustling the bushes.)

  • And an otters javelin comes flying out. The squirrel maid saw a javelin protruding from the weasels back.The weasel fell with a gurgle.The wild cat did not turn around because he thought that it was the weasel choking the squirrel maid he said without turning "don't kill her yet jaart"
    then he went into his tent.Two otters emerged  out of the bushes and ran to the squirrel maid without a word they carried her into the bushes where there was a dozen other otters.A mate of jaarts saw the back of one of the otters retreating into the bushes grabs a spear from a stoat passing and yells "prisoner escaping"and starts running towards the bushes!The wild cat dashes out of his tent grabs a sword and runs toward the weasel then the weasel trips over jaarts body the wild cat was going so fast he couldn't stop and he trips over the weasel curses gets back up and starts running.The otters kept running supporting the squirrel maid they came to a stream and without hesitation dived in with the squirrel maid.It was dark and cold in the stream she had lost her breath with running she started to struggle but the otters kept their hold on her.They emerged upstream on the same side then they went under again into a dark hole at the bottom of the stream one of the otters covered up the hole so no one could see it.The tunnel they were in sloped up out of the water they started to walk down the tunnel they walked for a long time with the otters chatting all the time.Finally they came out into the sunlight they were surrounded by trees and bushes.One of the otters said to the squirrel maid "welcome to holt summerdall  i am skipper Rorgus".

  • (Hold on a second. When roleplaying, you can only control your characters, or character people allow to be others. Jaart, the rat, the captured squirrels, and the Wildcat (Jagh), and his army are my character. Rorgus is yours.)

  • oh i see i did not know so i can only use Rorgus?

  • (And any other characters you create. Or Characters people let you use. Like for example, two redwallers are walking in the forest. One is my "main" character. The other is one I let anyone be by saying "Anyone can be the other beast")

  • ooc- Also, make sure you re-read your posts and be sure that the way you understand it is how the reader will understand it. And separate all character speech into different paragraphs. It makes for an easier read. Please also try to avoid run-on sentences. 😉

  • OOC:Oh ok i am new to forums and haven't had much practice well thanks for telling me if there is anything else stupid that i do maybe you could tell me ;D.

  • (Lets try this again)

  • Wow. o_O That was the most spectacular Auto-kill/play I have seen in this forum! When you first joined, did you read the rules of conduct? If not, you can check them out in the navigation bar just above the shout-outs. They are pretty straightforward.

  • I pretty well explained it to him over PM

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