• -ooc- Actually, alchohol fires are very hot, bright and painful and will last a good amount of time. I have seen maltovs and cocktails before and they are incredible. That was a small halway back there and the fire would easily reach all the walls and burn them. What happened back there was, believe it or not, very realistic.

    -bic- Palsat went on for a very long time, towing the creatures behind. "Come on, we can be out in just a few hours. Just pace yourself. This is a very long tunnel."
        He saw Orion looking at the trough. "By the way; don't touch that stuff or let flames near it please. We don't want to let everybody in the tunnel know there are fugitives in the tunnel."
        As he ran, he saw a light ahead in the tunnels. somebody was whisteling. Palsat stopped and turned to Orion with a pleasant smile. "Do you think you could take care of him for us please?"

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  • "Do you think you could take care of him for us please?"

    Almost before Palsat had finished talking, Orion had released an arrow, sending it buzzing through the air towards the whistling creature. A split second later, there was a strained gargle before the light bobbed to the ground, accompanied by a heavy thud.

    Already, Orion had another arrow nocked to his bow, ready for future use.

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    -bic- Palsat nodded and started to sneak slowly dork the dark tunnel. When he reached the dead animal he picked up the light and searched around.
        He smiled pleasantly and started to move forward once more. He signaled to his companions to move onward and began to move forward himself.
        "Be careful of the other gaurds. There are a lot down here to make sure that no one gets through."

    -ooc- Do you think it might be fun to introduce Morg sometime or later as being one of the guards on duty?

  • Orion continued to follow along behind Palsat, eyes alertly darting this way and that. Indulging in a quick glance at the slain guard, Orion noted with satisfaction that it was a ferret. One less in the world…

    "Be careful of the other gaurds. There are a lot down here to make sure that no one gets through."

    Orion nodded silently, staring at the darkness ahead, taking care to not come too close to the trough on the wall.

    ((It might be. Your choice.))

  • Palsat noticed after some time that Orion was keeping a greater than nessasary distance fro the trough. "Don't worry about that. It just carries a flamible substance that is either used to light the way when large amounts of vemin are traveling trough. Or, in some cases it can be used as an alarm. It's a quite ingenious little invention, even if I do say s myself."

  • Orion nodded, and replied with a curt "I see", then was silent again, alone with his thoughts.

    As the group traveled through the tunnel, Orion dropping guards as they came to them, Orion noticed the air slowly becoming fresher. An hour or two later, Orion judged they were at least halfway through the tunnel. Nevertheless, he decided to defer judgment to someone more knowledgeable. "About how much farther do you think this tunnel goes?" he asked of Palsat.

  • Palsat rounded a corner. "About twenty more feet." He whispered.
        A very large door was set into the rock in front of them. it was slightly open, letting a cool fresh breeze through. the pine martin turned immediatly to his companions.
        "When we step out, whatever you do, keep a close lookout for Hisk and Rolvog. They patrol out here and they are about the only thing that I can think of that could be worse then Morg. They would kill you guys in a instant, so keep as quiet as you can…"
        He turned and jotted to the door. He peered around.
        He opened the door slightly more. A cool, salty breeze washed over Palsat, welcoming him to the outside world. He gave a pleasant smile of releif and opened the door wider and stepped out in the...
        Instead os Salamandastron's sunny beach he discovered himself inside of a beached ship. Then he remembered hearing the gaurds talking about something; Valmorg had placed what would looked like a wrecked on top of the entrance to hide it's presence. Palsat shrugged. It didn't matter; he could see the exit from where he stood anyway.
        He stepped back into the tunnel and truned to face the others and motioned for them to come.

  • Orion sighed with relief to hear they were so close to the exit. He had been stuck inside much too long for his liking. Nevertheless, he didn't rush out, instead following Palsat's instructions to be cautious.

    Unlike the marten, when Orion stepped out into the belly of the ship, he wasn't at all surprised. This likely stemmed from the fact that he had no idea what to expect. The tunnel had started in a building, so it made sense for it to exit inside another structure of some sort.

    Keeping his bow ready, Orion stood quietly next to Palsat.

  • Palsat put a finger to his lips, telling them to walk slowly, then he stepped out the door and through the ship to the exit. He peered around once more and gave a sigh.
        -good- He thought -we've done it-
        With a new feeling of confidence he seached the area with his keen eyes and found that no creatures lay hidden and waiting. He signaled to the others to come out and began the chort trek up tha beach.

  • Orion followed Palsat outside the shipwreck, and stopped in disbelief. The idea of emerging into the interior of something hadn't surprised the squirrel, but the location of where they emerged certainly did.

    Gazing around, the squirrel's gray eyes widened as he took in his surroundings. The bleached sand was nothing new. That might very well have been the sand by the Isle of Marl, but Orion instantly knew this wasn't the case.

    The sound of crashing waves nearby had him turning his attention to the vast expanse of water. This was the reason Orion knew they were far away from the castle he had been imprisoned at. The salty-smell, the warm breeze, the soothing sound…Yes, this was most definitely the ocean. But why build a tunnel to the ocean?

    Shaking his head in silent puzzlement, Orion trudged after Palsat.

  • *                              *                              *

    As the five beasts continued up the beach another creature watched from the shadows. He looked after them carefully, making sure that they were who he thought they were. He knew that they had finally done it; they had escaped.
        He sniggered under his breath when they were too far away to hear him. "Fools."
        He turned to a beast behind him and whispered. "Go report to Valmorg. Tell them that the prisoners have made it to Mossflower."

  • ((I think there are only four of us. Could be wrong though.))

    Orion continued walking behind Palsat, digging his paws into the sand to gain purchase. I've forgotten how taxing it is to travel in the sand…

    Nevertheless, despite this small inconvenience, the squirrel reveled in the open air, a warm breeze brushing against his whiskers.

  • Palsat gave a sigh of refief as they walked on, Mossflower only about twenty feet away. "It's a relief to be outside of those caves. I have never been entirely sure about their safetly as the travel underwater."
        Frolong's eyes went wide and he let out a whimper. "What? You mean that we were underwater that whole time?"
        Palsat laughed. "If I'd told you that beforee than you would have chickened out Frol. By the way, how's your arm doing?"
        He shrugged. "It's doing okay, but I would be careful about touching it. It still stings and it hurts to move."

  • Orion wasn't quite as surprised at the revelation as Frolong was. It made sense, considering they were no longer on an island. Catching the tail end of Frolong's statement, Orion nodded.

    "Aye, I was able to staunch the bleeding, but it's a poor substitute for a skilled healer's work. You'd do well to find one as soon as possible."

  • Palsat smiled back at him. "That's okay. You did well enough to do for now. If you hadn't done that for him than he likely would have passed out by now."
        Under the cover of the trees Palsat closed his eyse and let out a gentle sigh as he entered the cool shade. "Ooh, it feels so good in here. I think we'll be at the site in about an hour so after we get there we can rest our sore feet and sleep awhile if you like."

  • ((Wait a minute …. you guys escaped from the castle ... but where did you end up? Near the beach of the western shores or somewhere still near the island?))

  • ooc- I will join in here. btw jet they just escaped near salamanderston and just entered mossflower
    *                        *                    *
      bic- Bandit the raccon was out for his evening jog. He started to get a little pudgy a few months ago so he took to the idea to start running. once he lost weight he just couldn't stop jogging. Huffing and puffing from the 5k he just ran as basic streach he was just about to stop for a short brake when he spotted the figures up ahead. "Ahoy mates!" he shouted In a strong astralian accent while waving enthousiasticlly.

  • Orion accepted the compliment with a small smile. "Well, you generally learn at least the basics when you've been on your own as long as I have."

    When the four creatures reached the shade, Orion had much the same reaction, nodding in agreement to Palsat's comment. The shade certainly was a nice change from the sun's burning rays.

    "I think we'll be at the site in about an hour so after we get there we can rest our sore feet and sleep awhile if you like."

    Orion shifted uncomfortably. "What camp would that be?" The next moment, Bandit's greeting had Orion whirling, an arrow on his bow, eying at the strange creature suspiciously.

  • Bandit jump back suddenly and shooting both hands in the air while thinking that he had just chosen the wrong company. "Steady with Bettsy, mate. Just a quick greetin'." Then he knoticed the pine martian and ferrets. "mighty strange comp'ny to." he added with a quire look. "Can I lower my hands now?"

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