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    Palsat produced two peices of stone from tunic pocket.
    "Flint and steel. I found them out in the tunnels last week. I thought that it might come in handy." He grinned maliciously. "Time to make fire."

  • "Fire weakens mortar, but I don't know if it will be enough to crack it. I vote we try anyway, but we have to wait until they serve us the wine, they only serve it for 'dinners'. Even if that doesn't work than we can distract them with smoke. Who's game?"
        Frolong shrugged. "I won't do it if we might be killed if we fail. I want a solid, fool-proof way out or we'll end up on the rope next tuesday."

  • They were interrupted from their conversation by the jailer pounding his ax against the the bars of the cell. "Quiet in there if you know whats good for you! Don't know why they waste good vittles on criminals of your type. Here's your dinner." He started passing out the food on the tray he was carrying but accidentally spilled some wine on the hard ground. "Darn that wine!"

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    -ic- Lowering his voice, Rividar spoke very quietly. "I wasn't saying that we use fire to weaken the mortar." Grinning, he spoke again. "Quite the contrary. Think about it. If Valmorg really wanted us dead, then he would have killed us already. I suspect he is using us as bait for Trok." grinning, he continued. "If we put ourselves in certain danger, Valmorg would be willing to remove us from this cage to keep us from harm. Do you see what I'm getting at?"

  • Palsat shook his head. "He'll probably just let us burn ourselves to char, but if you're comfortable with the idea than I guess I'll go with it."

  • Then he sat up ridgid. "Hey! Wait a minute!" He snatched up the wine as he stood up and walked to the straw mattresses that they slept on. Hurriedly he tore a hole in one.
        "Hey, what're ya do'in?" Frolong glared at him. "That was my bed."
    "Sorry Frong, but this is in the name of freedom. I know how to get us out of here! Anyway, if we don't get out all today than I'll take your bed and you can have mine."
        He took some straw out laid it on the ground. Then he opened the lid on the wine bottle and poured some onto half of his little pile. After all of this he got out his flint and steel.

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  • Palsat eyed the flame for a moment and then stompped it out. Turning to Rividar he asked, "Hey, can you find me something hard?"

  • Rividar patted the wall. "Do you mean this?"
    Bending down, he patted the ground. "Or howabout this?" He said scornfully. We are surrounded by hard. That's the problem…"

  • Palsat swerved his shining fur head in the rude fox's direction, glaring, "Hows about something small like a rock please?"

  • Rividar kicked at the food that had been given to them. "How about this metal plate here?" He asked.

  • "Depends on how thick it is…"
    He took the plate and examined it. It looked good enough for the purpose.
    The took the plate started to slam it as hard as he could against the food tray door. He took the time meanwhile to glance back at Rividar.

  • Rividar rolled his eyes. "I'm sure that you'll manage to break through a steel door with a tin plate mate." He then chuckled. "And without attracting the attention of any guards…"

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    Palsat turned around and glared at his cellmate. "What do you think that I'm trying to do? Any way, all I need to do is bend the flap bakwards enough to reach through."
        He turned around again and continued his work. "I'm almost there anyway"
        "The martin paused. Then went back to work, "I can still use the other half of the plate anyway…" and continued pounding.

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    The guard outside the door was bored. Despite the fact that the prisoners he guarded had escaped numerous times, they had never attempted an escape through the front door, the only place the guard was entrusted with.

    Sighing, he sank further into his chair, relaxing his head onto his chest dejectedly. Why'd I 'ave t' get stuck on guard duty, anyways? This dead-end job is at the dead bottom of my list…

    A warm breeze blew gently down the corridor, caressing the guard's unprotected face. A sleepy pall fell over the guard, not at all helped by the fact that he had slipped a few gulps of wine off the prisoners' food. They're prisoners and they still get better food than me, his befuddled mind complained. Letting his leaden eyelids slip closed, the guard floated between the realms of sleep and wakefulness.

    Then, as if from a distance, an incessant pounding began to pervade the guard's senses. Frowning at this intrusion into his peace and quiet, the guard nevertheless did nothing more than ignore it, hoping it would stop.

    He was almost drifting off to sleep when a loud snap roused him fully. Leaping to his feet, he grasped his spear and stared suspiciously at the door he had guarded for uncountable days.

    For a moment, there was silence, then that dratted banging began again. Growling, he stepped forward and rapped his spear butt firmly against the solid door.

    "Oy! Pipe down in there, maggots!"

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    -bic-  Palsat launched his arm through the broken food flap and grabbed the lower end of the spear that the gaurd had been using. He pushed up as hard as he could, aiming for the beast's chin.

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