• Valmorg sat quietly in his golden throne as a messenger reported to him on the latest developments on Castle Marl.
        "…Rividar and Frolong were caught as they tried to escape the dungeons and then they were punished."
        "Did you find how they did it?"
        The rat was ready with his answer, "Yes Sir, the problem was fixed." He waited to see if his master wanted more on the matter, but there was no response so he continued.
        "Two more ships were completed as well. The construction on the Ravager is almost halfway completed and the crew is near complete with its final training and… OH! the tunnel was completed Sire!"
        The tyrant sat up sharply in his chair. "What?"
        "The tunnel Sire! It's complete! you workers fifnished it yesterday, but the oil troughs still need fixing." He waited for a moment yet again to see if his master wanted more.
        "Did they weigh too much and fall?"
        "No Sire, a section of the roof fell because the sand was too soft. The motar cracked of in plates and struck the troughs and crushing them. We put up reinforcement beams and new mortar in that area and the area around it."
        Valmorg restrained his temper and didn't kill the loyal reporter outright. He stayed in power that way and was liked and trusted by this within his rule. Those outside were somtimes killed or robbed by his minions to steal gold and gems for his treasury. The people who wanted revenge were often killed, but even those within hs trusted ring of friends sometimes betrayed him for power. But even though Valmorg was careful polite and kind to those in his organization he wasn't stupid. Rividar and Frolong were two that had tried to get at him and failed. He didn't kill them however. They were intelingent and could escape from thier cell somtimes. Valmorg would put them prison again and fix the problem. His jails were very safe.
        He looked around the room, pleased with himself. His worst and most threatening enemies were dead and his rooms were filled with soldiers and plans, his people were happy and rich wih promises that could be fulfilled a hundred times over, the first tunnel was complete with four minor ones to come, and then there was, of course, his army, lake(moat), ships and vast vaults filled with gold.
        How could anyone possibly manage to harm him?

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  • Rividar sat in the newly fixed dungeon cell. His long fox tail swishing behind himself in rhythm to the distant pounding as other beasts worked.
    "You fool!" he spat at Frolong, "We could have been out'a here a long time ago but you just have to mess it up every time don't you." Rividar glanced at the newly refurbished ceiling. "And now they've patched up the hole that I worked to hard on."

  • Palsat chuckled, "Too bad they didn't tell us about that cement wall overhead or we might have been able to get out. They're almost too insightful for their own good." He laughed again. "By the way, how're the whip marks do'in? I worked in the tunnels for five years and never got that many!"
        He was deliberately ignoring Frolong. Frolong was intelligent, but not very lucky, Palsat still begrudged him of ruining the last five plans.

    Palsat was new in the cells so he wasn't recognized as an acomplice to the other two animals in the dungeon though he most certainly was. The only reason he was in there was because of who he was. Volmorg was trying to get rid of anyone that was considered a threat to his position. There were four martins he despised and got rid of: Trok, Trok the younger, Renqual  and himself. All dangerous to him and his respect. Unless you were talking about Renqual; she died serving him. He clicked his martin teeth softly as he thought of his brother Trok. Where was he now?

    "If we get again they're probably just gonna kill us you know. They can't have us running around in the woods. They're worried enough about Trok being out there so  they can't worry about us too, we have to get out next time all right? No more mistakes." Then he sat back and started to think.

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    -ic- Rividar turned back toward Palsat. "That's fine with me. Any plans for the next one?" Glancing toward Frolong, he thought aloud, "Better make this one FOOL Proof"

  • Palsat sat up straight. "Wait! Don't they feed us food through the tray down there? Of course they do. That gives us contact with the…. oh. I forgot about the duel key mechanism and the one way food door. But lets think for a moment. We have cement walls behind on top and below, the door is iron and the walls are stone. What's weakest? The stones. The stones that lead to other, less protected, cells. They put their new improvements on us first because we are the most dangerous and they can't make the improvements for everyone at once. So they won't have the same protection. Get the idea?" He was really staring to get somewhere he felt. The stones had always seemed the most daunting and so they hadn't tried it yet. It was perfect now.

  • "How is what we're going to do going to be any different from when we tried the ceiling?" Rividar jabbed a finger toward the patched ceiling, "At least we had a hole then. Now we don't have anything. Stone is stone. Hard and cold, an' you can't dig through it with your fingers mate!"

  • The response was level and cool, "Rocks are rocks yes, but how do they make them stick together?" He stopped momentarily while a guard passed by, "Mortar. What eats mortar? Acid can. What is the most acidic food the people around here feed us?"
        A grin was graced by Frolong, "porridge?"
    Palsat struggled to keep from laughing, "Um, no, not the most acrid, the most acidic. Acid eats walls. How about the bitter wine they serve us? Do you think that has acid in it?"

  • "Bugs maybe, but not acid. Just a lot of alcohol." Rividar though for a moment.  "That may do the trick though." He turned toward Palsat and grinned, "Do we have anything that could start a fire?"

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    Palsat produced two peices of stone from tunic pocket.
    "Flint and steel. I found them out in the tunnels last week. I thought that it might come in handy." He grinned maliciously. "Time to make fire."

  • "Fire weakens mortar, but I don't know if it will be enough to crack it. I vote we try anyway, but we have to wait until they serve us the wine, they only serve it for 'dinners'. Even if that doesn't work than we can distract them with smoke. Who's game?"
        Frolong shrugged. "I won't do it if we might be killed if we fail. I want a solid, fool-proof way out or we'll end up on the rope next tuesday."

  • They were interrupted from their conversation by the jailer pounding his ax against the the bars of the cell. "Quiet in there if you know whats good for you! Don't know why they waste good vittles on criminals of your type. Here's your dinner." He started passing out the food on the tray he was carrying but accidentally spilled some wine on the hard ground. "Darn that wine!"

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    -ic- Lowering his voice, Rividar spoke very quietly. "I wasn't saying that we use fire to weaken the mortar." Grinning, he spoke again. "Quite the contrary. Think about it. If Valmorg really wanted us dead, then he would have killed us already. I suspect he is using us as bait for Trok." grinning, he continued. "If we put ourselves in certain danger, Valmorg would be willing to remove us from this cage to keep us from harm. Do you see what I'm getting at?"

  • Palsat shook his head. "He'll probably just let us burn ourselves to char, but if you're comfortable with the idea than I guess I'll go with it."

  • Then he sat up ridgid. "Hey! Wait a minute!" He snatched up the wine as he stood up and walked to the straw mattresses that they slept on. Hurriedly he tore a hole in one.
        "Hey, what're ya do'in?" Frolong glared at him. "That was my bed."
    "Sorry Frong, but this is in the name of freedom. I know how to get us out of here! Anyway, if we don't get out all today than I'll take your bed and you can have mine."
        He took some straw out laid it on the ground. Then he opened the lid on the wine bottle and poured some onto half of his little pile. After all of this he got out his flint and steel.

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  • Palsat eyed the flame for a moment and then stompped it out. Turning to Rividar he asked, "Hey, can you find me something hard?"

  • Rividar patted the wall. "Do you mean this?"
    Bending down, he patted the ground. "Or howabout this?" He said scornfully. We are surrounded by hard. That's the problem…"

  • Palsat swerved his shining fur head in the rude fox's direction, glaring, "Hows about something small like a rock please?"

  • Rividar kicked at the food that had been given to them. "How about this metal plate here?" He asked.

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