Russeta Treejumper

  • Name: Russeta "Russ" Treejumper

    Age: Equivalent of 14

    Species: Squirrel

    Description: A russet-furred squirrel with blue eyes and a nice smile. Wears a raggedy blue tunic- dresses and frills aren't her style. She has a longish tail, and small ears. Well-muscled, but kind of slim- which she hates, because it make people think she's fragile.

    A dirk
    A gem from her mother
    An easel
    Art supplies

    Efficient with her dirk

    Cannot use a a bow and arrows
    Russet fur makes her stand out
    Attacks enemies heedlessly in battle rage
    Not good at tactics- acts before thinking

    A charming, bright young squirrel, Russeta Treejumper is a loyal friend. Funny and kind, she loves her friends- and would do anything to protect them. She is ruthless to her enemies, and prone to fits of rage when she gets mad. She is fun to be around (she was a dibbun ringleader in her younger days).  She loves to swim, and has a lot of otter friends. She acts before she thinks, and this is constantly getting her in trouble. Her hijinks may someday get her into even deeper trouble- you never know these days.

    Russeta's origins are mysterious- even to her. Her parents, who lived in a small shack on the northeast fringes of Mossflower Woods,  didn't want a baby, so they cast her away, abandoning her in the woodlands. A berry-picking party from Redwall found her, curled up next to a blackberry bush, with juice stains on her face. She was brought to Redwall, and raised by a kind squirrel lady. She was named Russeta, because of her russet fur. All Russeta remembers is coming to Redwall as a babe.

  • What are her strengths? What are her weaknesses? In great detail, what does she look like. You did a good job with the weapons though. But what about background? you can't have a character truly be a character if there isn't anything to base what she does off of something. Just give a brief history and example of something in the past. Who knows, maybe that is how you put up your own RP. Just do it in writers format and we will go from there. But good job! 🙂

  • I edited it. Is her profile a bit better now?

  • You may want to see a fully constructed profile. Browse around in some of the older profiles. Might give you a good taste for it.

  • Let me shoot a few questions that should help.

    1. What does she look like? In your entire post, you've not described her an iota physically. Does she have russet fur, or is it more of a grey? What colour are her eyes?

    2. What actually DID happen to her parents? She may not know, but that does not mean we shouldnt out-of-character.  These biographies are not in-character pieces, but out-of-character details that help all of us role-play.

    3. How does she know which vermin "took" her parents if she cannot remember that age and an abbeybeast found after the event?

    4. If she was raised in the abbey, how could she have been a nomad before coming to it?

    5. Why is enjoying swimming so unusual?

  • Ta-da! Complete chara overhaul 🙂

  • There is an error 😧  in the weaknesses it says she acts before thinking.  Yet in here bio it says she thinks before she acts o.O

  • @flytermo:

    There is an error 😧  in the weaknesses it says she acts before thinking.  Yet in here bio it says she thinks before she acts o.O

    Ah, It took me a while to catch that. I think it's just a typo.

  • Most likely O.O

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