Talina Tansy Thripple Taskall

  • Songbreeze: Talina Tansy Thripple Taskall (hare)

    A brave Salamandastron hare, Talina Tansy Thripple Taskall is a very kind person, and a very fast runner. Usually just called Talina (due to her long full name), she's quick with her dirk and  a good battler. She prefers peace to battle, but fights when it is necessary.  She has emerald-green eyes, and a penetrating gaze, but she is quick to get angry, and can make terrible mistakes when she loses her temper. She also loves to eat, as hares do, and  is a little chubby, but usually mostly runs it off. A good comrade and, as hares themselves put it, "A dangerous an' perilous beast," you don't want to get on the bad side of Talina Tansy Thripple Taskall the Salamandastron hare!

  • I don't want to get on the bad side of most people, unless it is the only way to get on the good side of a debate. Lol!

  • Is it okay if i put the other characters I make into this thread, too? I don't want to clutter up the forum.

  • It is recommended that you put him/her in a new one. That makes it easier to find.

  • okay 🙂 thanks

  • I've already put all my characters into one thread. Hehe
    Nice character there, Songbreeze. 🙂

  • First question: what does she look like? If I'm to play with or against her, I want to be able to picture the scene in my head.

    Second question: what's her story? Obviously, she didn't just pop into Salamandastron one day as though she had always been there. I strongly recommend you put some time into writing her a good back story, maybe explaining why she's so fast despite an abundance of girth.

    One other point, you could go into greater depth with her personality. What I've gathered so far is that she's hot-headed with a wide streak for regret.  That COULD be interesting, but she likely wouldn't have the stereotypical hare's joie de vivre.

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